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Why - 6/14/2018
Why you vote people in that hate us. Illegals kill us poor. Illegals they don’t even arrest here. Rich or rich and used to just keep the poor poor...they we afraid for our Read More
Greg | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

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Calm down - take a chill pill - 12/30/2017
Chicago is a world class city with economic and political challenges like nearly every other part of the United States. If you can get your mind to accept that reality, then maybe you can move on to embracing the cultural and historical impact this city has had and continues to have on the world. Universities with Nobel prizes, architechectural leadership, ethnic diversity, musical and theatrical excellence, numerous athletic accomplishments, world class cuisine, and many other things to get excited about. All of this wrapped in a neighbor friendly, humble, midwestern environment.

Some other comments.

Weather: The legend of the Chicago winter is far worse than the reality. Yes the entirety of the Midwest has some tough winter days, but Chicago is far from being America’s Siberia. The sun shines 54% of the time in Chicago, which is consistent with most major cities (typical range is bewtween 50-60% for cities outside of the Southwestern US). The average Read More

Hidden Gems of Bronzeville - 11/4/2017
I'm from Chicago and I love Chicago. We have our hiccups in the road, yes its a lot of division here, but there is a huge amount Chicagoans who support one another. In some way shape or form. The Absolutely Anything Essential Gift shop is a retail incubator of artists from across Chicago. We welcome those with Positive Vibes Only. 3521 S. King Drive. Read More

Urban and culturally rich, not for everyone - 10/22/2017
Move to Chi if you want:

* A walkable, urban environment with distinctly city-like streetscapes
* Coffee houses, jazz joints, blues bars, comedy pubs, greasy spoons and similar that are open till 4AM
* Bookstores and so on that are open till midnight or thereabouts
* Other stores open till ten or thereabouts
* Great symphony, opera, ballet, galleries, museums and theaters all concentrated near each other, or located in convenient, walkable parts of town
* Grand and beautiful architecture
* Metro transit running twenty four hours (busiest two lines) or twenty hours (the other lines)
* A decent, second-tier concentration of creative culture
* Decent professional-class opportunities
* A city with immense civic pride, fascinating history and a strong, unique, cohesive sense of place. There's no mistaking you're in Chicago -- this ain't Anyplace, USA.

If you're seeking these things, move into a loop-adjacent Read More

Best City - 9/27/2017
Awesome city w/ the most friendly people Read More

Stay away from this school - 6/5/2017
Stay away from this school. It is run by a bunch of people whose main goal is to make money. My son is currently in 8th grade and for high school, he will be going to Walter Payton. The British school made us sign a contract 3 weeks before the results of the magnet school comes up, to secure your place at the school. Now that my son is not going to the British school, not only do they keep your downpayment ($2k), we now have to pay for the full fall semester which is $10k.
I understand this was stated in the contract but the British school purposefully made us sign the contract before the magent school results because they know some students will leave. Now that I am doing my research, I found out that this has been going on for years now and a lot of parents have tried suing them but they all failed because of the contract. And if you don’t sign the contract, you lose your spot so we had to and we were ready to lose the 2k but to pay for the full fall semester is just so Read More

Fun city. High crime rate and cold winter - 2/13/2017
I've lived in Chicago for about 3 years.
It wasn't bad at all. The city as pros and cons.

Good public transportation. You basically can survive without a car.
A lot of opportunities for professional growth.
A lot of fun places to visit.
Beautiful downtown, Lake Shore, Boystown.
Gorgeous Fall.

High crime rate and a lot of shootings.
Cold, long, gloomy winter with a lot of snow.
Parking during the winter almost doesn't exist.
The city is pretty expensive.
Lack of nature.

After living there for 3 years I can't say that it's quite my place to live. I had a lot of fun there, yes but the lack of sunshine and the nature affects you in a negative way.

The city left a negative impact on my personal life but it really no the city's fault.

You can save a lot of money on not having a car and using public transportation.
 Read More

A city bent on destroying itself - 8/22/2016
I am a 52-year-old professional. I was born and raised in Chicago, have lived and worked here my entire life, opened a business here 30 years ago, and have operated that business ever since. I also have many clients who are city business owners.

Chicago was always 'rough', a vestige of its frontier origins. But it was, traditionally, also an excellent place to do business. The one-time 'City of Big Shoulders' had a wide and diverse economic base, a multitude of cultural accouterments, and was generally well-managed.

No more. The last 30 years, and particularly the last 15, have been disastrous for Chicago. During the dot-com 1990s and the early-2000s real estate boom, the City was awash in tax revenue. The city squandered all of this revenue on sweetheart deals with well-connected political cronies, and vastly expanded public commitments. No debt was retired - much more was, in fact, taken on. And no funds were retained for a rainy day. Politicos Read More

Lakeshore East - A Gem to Consider - 2/4/2016
There's a lot to say about the general quality of life in Chicago, but after living here 11+ years, I think the secret to the best possible quality of life is to live somewhere with a south-facing exposure, with a view of the lake and Grant Park/Millennium Park—preferably a higher floor.

To those moving to Chicago or even neighborhoods within Chicago, I'd take a serious look at the Lakeshore East neighborhood just north of Millennium Park—a truly hidden gem. A bit "sterile," yes, but also beautiful and quiet, and oh-so-close to the Loop. I think your quality of life in Chicago is very much impacted by your access to the Loop/downtown. LSE is pricey but I think living in a smaller place is worth it in this case. Where else in the city can you walk through a gorgeous park on the way to the grocery story every day (the Mariano's in LSE is amazing!)?

I've had a terrible experience living in the middle of the Loop. The noise is incredible and nonstop, and there Read More

Chicago - Don't Move Here if You Like Nature and A - 1/9/2016
After living in Chicago for 11 years, in a variety of neighborhoods—Gold Coast, Roscoe Village, Lincoln Park, South Loop, and the Loop—I can definitely say I have a pretty good grasp on the city. I'm a thirtysomething business owner.

Speaking for myself, I find Chicago a very difficult place to be happy in, so hard, in fact, that it's had a negative impact on my health and actually triggered real depression!

This message is mainly for sensitive people who might be affected by climate and the lack of access to nature. I find that there aren't too many of "us" in Chicago, that those who are here moan about it but they're just the type who aren't "affected" by these things as much. I get that.

For the rest of us, consider the fact that there are whole months where the sun sets before 4:30 p.m. Speaking for myself personally, as soon as daylight savings time kicks in, something goes haywire in the brain and my sleep starts getting affected. Read More

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