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Reviews for Freeport  based on 9 Reviews

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Freeport... The Sunny Valley Town!!! - 5/1/2021
I bought a house here in 2018. It was the best decision of my life. My life is so much better. Freeport Is a great town. The best way to sum it up is, if the town from Gilmore Girls and the town from King of the Hill met up, liked each other and had a baby it would be named Freeport IL. I love it here. I will be here for a while. If I do move, it will be down the street. The people are great. The houses are great. To me its one of the best places in the world. Read More

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I like Freeport I just don't like what it's become - 1/9/2019
I've lived here since the mid 1970's and only moved away for a short time before returning. We love the fact Freeport is close to many great midwest attractions. Unfortunately Freeport has been in a state of decline for many years and probably hasn't reached bottom yet. The large companies that once called this home have left or been reduced to almost nothing. There are many empty factories, buildings and homes. Retail has left as well leaving empty buildings that have sat for years and decades. Property taxes are rising we paid low 30's for our house and pay $3500. in taxes that they say is worth far more than we can sell it. Our water bills are in the $100 a month range. They want to raise the tax on all utilities as much as they can. Our local government pension fund is under fund by $40 million dollars which has to be funded somehow. Borrowing by a bond sale looks like it will be done to fund it but, that money still has to be repaid. Virtually all of our streets are in need of Read More

Love it! - 12/8/2017
Freeport is a nice small city. Some people call it boring but I like quiet and peace. People seem to keep to themselves here in freeport and I don't mind that at all because I am like that myself. Read More

Very Affordable - 4/15/2016
Having lived in cities many times this size, Freeport offers a very affordable lifestyle. Not only is the housing stock of high quality and very affordable to own, numerous rental propeties are available, detached and multi family.

City services including water, sewer, traps are petty average.

There is quality access to grocery stores ranging from quality budget like Aldi's to more specialized like Cun Foods or stores like the Cheese Market. If you're looking for gluten free or Hispanic or specialty in Freeport you can find Read More

Exciting improvements being made! - 3/9/2016
This is an exciting time to live and visit Freeport, Illinois! With one of the most beautiful park districts in Illinois, the completion of the Jane Addams Trail, Tutty's Crossing, the Wetlands, and Oakdale Nature Preserve, recreational wise, you couldn't ask for more.
The downtown area has over 100 buildings over 100 years old. There is a unique history of the Lincoln/Douglas debates as well.
Violent crime is down in the city. The school district is working hard toward improvements.
I am so happy we chose Freeport for our home. The people are so kind and so many are working toward making it a better place for everyone. Read More

freeport was once a rather nice place. - 2/8/2014
I have to agree with the other postings on here. Freeport is great decline. I have never seen such a small city with slum areas in the town. There is no jobs. We had a sonic move into town but ended up closing it's doors within a year,1 wendy's down from 2,1 burger king down from 2 and many business close up many of the better paying jobs gone due to plant closings. Taxes out of control. The last year I lived there my house taxes went from around 1200 a year to 3000 and this house was in to put it bluntly a crappy area of town. The town mayor ran on JOBS,JOBS,JOBS. What a joke. To top it off not only we loss a ton of jobs on his watch (maybe that's what he meant)he ran for a higher office to represent northwest Illinois saying he was going to bring jobs to northwest Illinois,lol. To bad Freeport was once a nice town.  Read More

Look elsewhere! - 11/29/2012
Freeport has really declined in many aspects. The "ghetto area" only grows along with the crime and drugs. The economy here is not great. No jobs unless you like working fast food. Sales tax rates are high, and the poverty level is through the roof. The winters here are terrible, making the roads rough on your vehicle. Two big companies(Honeywell and Titan tire) are on the edge of leaving the area, where many of the jobs are. There really isnt much to do here, unless you like to eat fast-food and shop at walmart for fun. There is an over-abundance of banks and fast-food chains here. One nice thing Freeport has is Its parks, Krape park is pretty nice and has a few amenities, and Reed park has a decent little waterpark. Overall, I would not recommend moving to Read More

Dump! - 5/10/2008
I will have to agree. I have lived here for 10 years and it has gone downhill quickly. City leaders did nothing from about 1960 on and now the empty buildings and crime rate is unreal! People are sleeping on floors because the $8 an hour job they have is not enough to afford a bed. I am leaving to accept a job in Iowa and will never come back to this Read More

In Decline - 3/20/2006
Freeport has undergone a lot of changes over the past decade....none of it good. The economy is terrible, with high unemployment, a rapidly escalating crime problem (due in large part to increasing amounts of drugs) and high property taxes.
The one good thing about the town is its excellent parks system. Krape Park is one of the best parks I have seen in my Read More

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