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TOWN - 9/14/2016
I have live in quincy il since 2003 till now and it really is a nice place to raise your family no matter where you go, you going to have crime. but other than that it's OK the only thing they need to change is add more college with different course. Things for people to do, pretty bore,they need stop building stuff that's already in this town like banks, MC Donald,etc Job is hard to get unless you know somebody are you just get lucky. If you got money you can live here peaceful. I never had any problem with no one at all little racist but that every where. keep to your self don't spread your business around you be alright here. The school is good all four of my kids graduate from Quincy IL high school  Read More

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If you're not from here, you are not welcome - 4/27/2016
I lived in Quincy for 15 years. I owned a house and participated in the local economy. My kids went to school there. The kids have fond memories of Quincy. I do not. Charming looking town. But if you did not go to High School there, do not expect to make many friends. Quincy has been 40,000 people since 1860. Time again they have driven away business and manufacturing that would have increased the population. They are an island. 2.5 hours from anything else. The cops are power mad and likely so bored they look for people to harass. When I left Quincy, there was literally nobody to miss or contact after the fact. I am educated, friendly, successful and have never intentionally broken a law. I have lived many places and Quincy is by far the worst of the lot. I never met so many awful people in one place in my life. Read More

You don't want to be here - 10/29/2013
I haven't always lived in Quincy. I'm originally from the St. Louis area, but have moved around many times, and have also done a lot of traveling. My husband & I thought that Quincy would be a nice place to raise our children; away from the traffic, crime, and craziness of a big city. We are now hoping to move back to STL someday. There is definitely something lacking from this place. I totally understand that it is a lot smaller & therefore will be less to do, but there is absolutely nothing to do! Nothing.

The 'architectural' district is maybe 10 houses on a street that you can drive by and look at. Takes about 5 minutes. The Blues in the Park concert series over the summer is only every other Friday. Their mall has maybe 20 stores, all very tiny, so that doesn't help out much if you're looking to shop. If you want to eat though, Quincy is the place to be! They have plenty of restaurants, (including 2 donut shops, 2 McDonald's, 2 Hardee's) and are always Read More

Quality of Life in Quincy, Illinois is superb - 8/29/2012
Quincy, Illinois is a great place to live and raise a family. It is a beautiful city. It has great older homes and an abundance of large beautiful trees. It is safe and low in violent crimes. Everything you could want to do is a 2 & 1/2 hour drive to St.Louis. It is a relaxing place to be. If you want Chicago or a big city, then you do not want to live in Quincy. Quincy has great art, community theatre and of course the great Mississippi River. The parks are fantastic. People in Quincy are nice. The schools,public and private, are excellant. They prepared me and my siblings to succeed in graduate school and our careers. The cost of living is very low. Housing is reasonable. Sports and fun activities for kids are excellant. I lived there 22 years. I have lived 54 years and in 4 states. I have travelled extensively. I have never seen a city so beautiful, freindly or safe. I still have family there and visit as often as Read More

Nice, family place - 7/14/2012
Well Quincy is a town of roughly 40,000. There ia a wonderful section of town around Maine street of older, big, mansions and smaller homes that is mapped out by blocks. One of the most beautiful streets to drive down. Starts at the Mississippi River all the way out to the newer end of town where they are building new construction homes, condo's, and restraunts, shops, etc.
It really is for the most part a very safe place to raise a family. The schools are very good. Public or private there is not one school in this town I wouldn't feel comfortable sending my child to. My son is 20 now but we had a good experience with the public schools.
There is pretty much one or two small parts of town I would not live in and really they are not that bad.
Probably the worst crime would be drugs, dui, some burglary, vandalism, etc. really nothing too bad. I feel very safe living here.
Problem - nothing to do. There is a bar and a church on every corner is what I always Read More

Quincy is a great place to live - 7/23/2011
I totally disagree with Clint from Barry who said Quincy is trashy. It is a charming small city with quite a lot of historic architecture and many more good points than bad. Kids who leave Quincy for college and the early years of their careers often return when it's time to raise their families. There are many festivals, free summer concerts and a vibrant Arts Read More

Air Quality - 3/21/2011
I dont understand why the air quality is ranked so high. According to USAToday special report of the Smokestack Effect, the air here is polluted. They state toxicity assessments for each school are based on emissions data collected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as part of its Toxics Release Inventory program. They have a large Soybean oil mill releasing over 600,000 lbs of toxic chemicals in the air and a couple other manufacturing companies releasing (burning) toxic stuff in the air. Read More

Learn to find what you are looking for - 11/17/2010
re: The Ugly Truth About Quincy--Part II- 4/13-10/22/2009
To Clint: I have only lived in Quincy less than a decade, but what I have discovered is that it has all of the opportunities and pitfalls of most other cities I've lived in. When I was looking for slumming it was available, but when I decided life was meant to be filled with new experiences those options were available too. Quincy offers the opportunity to receive a great education, theater productions, Friends of the Library events, Blues in the park, Art fairs, etc. Know what you are looking for is the key! This is the only town I have ever lived in where I have spotted over 50 bald eagles in one sitting. Really, lighten up and try to open yourself up to the opportunities available Read More

Quincy life as a youth - 3/31/2010
Being very young in Quincy was pretty easy. Being a teenager on the other hand was not. There simply isn't enough to do to keep people out of trouble between the ages of 13 - 20. Of course, once you're 21 there are plenty of bars and clubs to get into trouble at. Activities mainly include: seeing movies, sporting events (seasonal), swimming pools (seasonal), the YMCA, and plenty of parks. Parks being the only place to go that doesn't cost money. I suppose that the children of wealthy parents aren't so bad off, but what about those that are not? As far as I'm concerned, Quincy is a place for the rich and the retired. Other than that all you will find is trouble. I'm very glad that I got away from Quincy and hope I never find myself living there Read More

Reffering to views from Cliff from Barry. - 1/14/2010
Hey! Why do you attack the city of Quincy so badly. Oh I lived in Barry for about a year now thats a bad place everybody is a busybody there. I could not wait to leave. I love Quincy and I want to move back there. I live in a big city. San Jose,CA 927,000 people you want a to see bad come Read More

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62301 62305

2319 Adams St
Bed 4 | Bath 3

528 Jackson St
Bed 2 | Bath 2

724 N 4th St
Bed 1 | Bath 1

720 N 3rd St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

3213 Harrison St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1000 Duxbury Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 5

700 S Hilltop Dr
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