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Hows' the Weather - 8/11/2008
The weather here in Fort Wayne/ New Haven is pleasant. Granted this is my first year so I could just be hitting a deceptively nice summer but thus far it is enjoyable.

The temps this summer have not gone below 70. But we did have a few tornado warnings and a couple of tornado watches also. And when it rains it Pours.

During the winter I have to warn you the snow comes when it comes and the Road crew is not so swift on clearing off the roads and if you live on a back street I recommend putting snow chains on because the Ice gets Read More

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Lived here my entire life... - 7/14/2008
Like any city in America, Fort Wayne has many positive and negative qualities.

Starting with the negatives, there is a noticeable lack of sidewalks/bike lanes along city streets, though recently, there has been a huge movement for recreational trails around the region. Another negative is the suburban sprawl, mostly on the west and north sides of the city, which has taken prospective businesses and residents from the core of the city, contributing to some urban blight. Also, the local economy has been hit hard in the last twenty-five years, with scores of manufacturing jobs leaving overseas, making high-paying jobs in the vicinity harder to find. Fort Wayne also lacks many museums or cultural centers, with the exception of The History Center, Science Central, and the museum of art. And, as many have mentioned, the winters are long, cold, dark, and gloomy, with summers usually hot and humid - not ideal for most people.

Educational opportunities along with Read More

Fort Wayne is OK - 6/26/2008
I moved back here about the time we were having our children. The schools are great, the housing is great, there are lakes nearby, plenty of festivals, within driving distance of skiing and big cities, and we can always find something to do. I think it has a bit of a bad image because it really isn't a hot spot for the young 20 year olds. Not many entry level jobs, but mid-level engineering and insurance sector jobs here, and that is probably one reason people, like us, move here in their late Read More

Fort Wayne has nothing to offer. - 4/11/2008
I moved from Fort Wayne 25 years ago to Springfield, Ohio. I was planning on relocating back home after I retired from my job. I am retired now but there is no way in hell I will live in Ft. Wayne again if I can help it. It offers nothing.It is depressing.It is old-fashioned.There is nothing to do.Wake up leaders of Ft. Wayne. It's time to do Read More

Living in Ft. Wayne/Dante's 9th circle of Hell! - 4/3/2008
Ft. Wayne is one of the ugliest cities in the United States. It doesn't matter which road you enter on, it looks gray, dismal, and depressing. I have lived in and around (New Haven,Monroeville)Ft. Wayne my whole life and can truthfully say that there are very, very few redeeming qualities about the city. The "nouveau riche" are sequestered in their $250,000+ homes in either the Dupont Road area or the West Jefferson Street Area. The downtown area is dead, even with the construction of the new convention center, etc.,there will probably not be a significant rise in revenue or shopping.What kind of culture does a city who "welcomes" a Honda Gold Wing convention have? HAHA The lower income, inner city neighborhoods like Pontiac/Creighton Streets and Wells/Spring Streets are drug and crime ridden and increasingly becoming inhabited by Hispanic immigrants, not to mention the existing poor,white trash inhabitants already implanted there since the 60's-70's. Only on or around Wells/Broadway Read More

Not bad - 3/13/2008
The cost of living here isn't bad at all. In fact, I'd say housing is pretty cheap. One of the chief complaints from people around my age (25) seems to be that there's nothing to do. I don't think that's exactly true, but I guess if you're on a budget, it does limit things quite a Read More

Stuck in the 80's - 11/28/2007
Having lived in the "Fort" for almost ten years, I feel I have gained crucial experience on what Fort Waynians are really like. It has, quite frankly, been a struggle to live here. Although the cost of living is very low, the people here are extremely conservative and very resistant to change. There is currently a movement to bring back to life the downtown, but it has been met with fierce resistance. It seems as though the majority of people have a difficult time thinking outside of the box. In fact, a majority of people are quite content living in the box, or being stuck in the 1980's. A typical night out on the town involves going to one of the town's night clubs and rocking out to AC/DC or Quiet Riot. You'll more than likely bump into someone sporting a mullet, wearing ripped up jeans and high-top sneakers. Also, if you love Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Fox News, NASCAR and the Blue Collar Comedy Hour you should fit in just fine.
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Don't move here and leave if you can! - 11/19/2007
Fort Wayne is a boring place to live. The only thing to do is eat out and go shopping. If you want to walk anywhere forget it, there are no sidewalks (everyone is overweight). The winter is long and brown and it's cloudy for half the year.

It is a nice safe place but unless you have family here don't even consider moving you will be Read More

I like it! - 11/15/2007
Fort Wayne, is like a small town....wrapped into a city! There are lots of great places to eat and the the people are always Read More

Crime Rate - 9/21/2007
1984 in Fort Wayne was a year filled with crime. Now, the law enforcement have been working hard to limit the activity in the Read More

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