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Crime increasing - 8/27/2013
I have lived here for 12 years and in a smaller town 20 miles away for over 35 years and like the people. But crime is on the rise, more arrests lately related to people making meth in their homes, it's so shocking. A small presence now of gang activity as more people from Chicago have moved into the area and they are not the type you want in your community. Lafayette and other cities need to make it mandatory that if one wants social services you must agree to drug testing first and if you are positive for drug use then no food stamps, HUD etc. We still have time to turn this around in our community. This is still a nice small town atmosphere and we can keep it that way with some changes. Read More

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Home of Purdue University - 10/19/2012
Lafayette still has a small town atmosphere. It is a wonderful place to raise children. There is a strong sense of community. Unfotunately in recent years Lafayette has seen the impact of people moving into the city from Chicago. While this wouldn't necessarily be a negative. It is in large part due to the closing of HUD housing in Chicago. The biggest influence has been the increase in crime. Read More

Lafayette, going downhill due to crimes and drugs. - 4/12/2011
I can say I have lived in Lafayette Indiana for 25 years. I'll say that home is home...but I would honestly say in less your a college student at Purdue, I would never want to truly live in this town.

The quality of life in this city is not as great as one could hope. The city does have some interesting places to check out and great old buildings, but on the other hand the people in this town are not the best. I would never want to raise a family in this town. There is a lot of drug use, and a lot of it is preteens and teenagers who are introduced quickly when entering middle school and high school.

Jefferson High School had a major meth problem less then 10 years ago when I went to school there, and also a high drop out rate. Now I know that this city has a lot of heroin users starting the past few years.

People may come across sometimes friendly, but most are the compete opposite. The friendliness is short lived, and is followed by a lot of Read More

Love the Outdoors? - 3/3/2010
Living in the Lafayette area for over 25 years, I can tell you that if you like water sports, trail walking, or just being at peace and feeling like you are one with nature, there are a multitude of activites available to you in this area. The Wabash and Tippecanoe rivers both offer extensive trail systems as well as opportunities for canoeing, kayacking, and fishing. There are many historical sites that go hand in hand with the city, for example the Tippecanoe Battlefield in Battle Ground, IN. There are many festivals throughout the year offering up something for everyone--the Covered Bridge festival is within an hour's drive and is a much-loved week-long celebration located in Parke county. Warren and Fountain counties-both also within an hour of Lafayette, offer amazing cliffs with little babbling brooks to larger waterfalls. Rock climbing, horseback riding, camping and canoeing await you at Turkey Run State park and nearby Shades State park. I have barely scratched the Read More

Look closer at Lafayette - 11/24/2008
My wife and I, both in our late 20's, have lived in Lafayette for two years. We can attest that the praise for Lafayette family-friendliness is well-founded. The schools are good. Purdue provides a nice collegiate atmosphere. Cost of living is low. Relatively good economy. Blah blah blah. Take a closer look...

You will never hear about Lafayette's appeal for young adults who don't have children, whether they're single or married, and especially if they were not born & raised here. Very few of Purdue's 8,000 or so graduates each year stay in the Lafayette area. Some of them will even move to Indianapolis while commuting to their job in Lafayette simply because the social scene for people in their 20's is pathetic. Even worse, most of Lafayette's churches offer next to nothing for young adults; instead, they ask incessantly when you're going to have babies.

You also will notice praise for the low cost of living, but you also must notice that the appreciation of Read More

Lafayette is a nice place to raise a family. - 4/26/2008
Lafayette, Indiana is across the river from Purdue University making this small town slightly more interesting. There are many opportunities for a young family, great parks, family friendly restaurants, good schools and a thriving community. There are many, many activities for your children to participate in. Purdue brings in a variety of shows that adds to the culture of the area. There is a variety of employers, which helps if one plant closes, there are still other employers in the area. Recently there has been a influx of unemployed people to the community, which has weighed heavily on our economy and social services. I expect crime to go up significantly due to this Read More

bad city - 1/22/2008
don't move Read More

Move to Lafayette - 8/7/2007
Having lived here near Lafayette for a long time, I can tell you without prejudice, that this is a place to be. Would I live in the Lafayette area if my husbands job wasn't here and he has been with his company for over 30 years? If you are lawyer, come to Lafayette and rub shoulders with a lawyer on every street corner, poised to sue but not to go to court. If you are not too ambitious and don't mind eternal poverty, go to Lafayette, they are fat and need plenty of cooks. The police are first class and never miss a hostage. If you are a hard working, intelligent person, stay the away, we have a job deficiency in that area. Taxes are not low. We have 3 nice big Wall Marts, so there is no shortage of low paying jobs and cheep products from China. Don't worry that the products might kill you. And traffic on US 52 is nice and busy(watch out for cars with spinners on the wheels.) Once upon a time, Lafayette had a downtown, with department stores with escalators, 3 movie theatres, 5 Read More

CH CH CH CHanges - 3/17/2007
Ive ben here all my life.... and change is inevitable.
However if you want to see urban sprawl its here. We used to be decent clean appealing, now were just over run with colege kids and the filth that ppl looking for a smaller town have brought. Crime is up, more violent by eah passing year. Theres also nothing to do here anymore, everything seems to be so cookie cutter from the subdivisions to the restraunts and stores. Now looking for some place with manners and the slower life to raise our Read More

Things about Lafayette - 1/3/2007
Let see Lafayette there's a lot of things I hate about it. Traffic here is out control especially for a city this size. I live in the wea(southside)side of town and I commute to downtown each day and it takes me 20 minutes where it could 10 min. The schools here are great most likely because of the Purdue university, but a lot of these schools are overcrowding because its growing so fast which leads me to my next topic. This area is growing so fast that you pretty much see something new each day it sounds like a good thing but its not, becasue they keep on sprawling this city out so far that your commute time gets more worse and worse. The cost of living is excellent over here unless you live in westtown where housing is a lot more expensive then rest of town.Really Lafayette is an OK place to live in but just think twice before you move here. I recommened that you live on the South or east sides of Read More

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771 Topsail Trce
Bed 3 | Bath 2

643 S 24th St
Bed 4 | Bath 1

26 Jester Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 4

40 S 550 E
Bed 2 | Bath 1

511 N 7th St
Bed 4 | Bath 3

1305 Morton St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

5506 E 430 S
Bed 5 | Bath 4


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