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How often does the EPA test the air quality? - 2/3/2018
We visited Overland Park and a very nice place. I was also told that Overland Park is also one of the most expensive cities to live in the US. In looking at the water and air quality, I'm thinking wow! What happened here? On the air quality...how often do they assess the air...every day? Doubtful. With that said, if they check it once a year or so, isn't that only a snapshot of the air quality at that specific time? To post the chances of getting respiratory diseases and such, is that really an accurate assessment? And the water...what happened here??? Really? If Overland Park is one of the most expensive places to live, why don't they have better water or is that not an accurate assessment Read More

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Life in Overland Park is what you make of it - 3/24/2016
I have lived in Kansas/Missouri my whole life. I have lived in Wichita KS, St. Charles/St. Louis, MO; and the last 22 years in Overland Park, KS (which is like living in KS and MO at the same time.) Kansas and Missouri are quite similar so I can honestly say that I know the area.
They say that the USA is the "melting pot" of the world. I would say that the Greater Kansas City area (Kansas City and the 30 or 40 towns around it that combined make up the area) is the "melting pot of the melting pot". Since we are in the center part of the USA, many large businesses have made this area their headquarters. We have people from every state and a lot of people from many different countries. Some have been transferred here and are just working here. Some are citizens that have lived here their whole lives. Some hope to become citizens and are working here to make a better life for themselves. I have read previous comments about Overland Park and from those comments I could Read More

Big beige houses, for you and me...(and soccer mom - 4/26/2015
We have lived in Overland Park for the better part of 25 years. In my job I travel the country, so have a basis for comparisons to other places I have been, or lived. OP is your typical large suburban city, with the older core to the north (more middle class) as development moved south. The part of the city south of 435 is more upper middle class.

For the most part, people here are Midwestern nice. You can strike up a conversation with most strangers and if you make an effort, it is no hard to meet people. Like any affluent suburb, it has its share of new money, self-absorbed jerks (like Scottsdale or the NW Dallas burbs) and people trying to keep up with the Joneses. There is very little diversity in OP. The largest "minority" is Asian (8%) with the largest portion of that group coming from India. African-Americans and Hispanics are hard to find in OP.

OP has easy access to attractions in the KC metro area by car. There is also bus service. No light rail. Read More

Overland Park has lost its charm. - 8/15/2014
My parents moved to Overland Park in the mid 80's and the area has lost any small town kansas (heart of America charm) that made the area such a wonderful place to live to begin with.Its become a area that has become over run with elitist pompous upper middle class citizens.I swear the people of this community act like its Orange County California.I worked at The blue valley school district as a janitor.I was amazed how the teachers and custodians where treated like servant's to over privileged high school children and patrons who only care about their own selfish obsession with blue valleys image.If you're a pompous millionaire wanna be,and the east or west coast is to expensive then Overland Park is just for Read More

BV schools - 3/23/2014
Can't beat Blue Valley schools - the dedication of the teachers is second to Read More

Housing can be affordable - 10/25/2013
Overland Park, KS is a burdgeoning suburb just south and west of Kansas City, MO. Housing is affordable, depending on where you live and your buying power. First location: Lots of value based property exists in OP north of the I 435 loop that encircles the Greater Kansas City area. by value based I mean existing homes that are turning over to young families and people looking to buy their first home. You can get into a nice but modest 3 BR 2 bath home around 200K. There are plenty of "McMansion" neighborhoods in the sprawling suburb, especially south of I435. But if you're looking for "good value" and don't need to impress your relatives, like the idea of less congestion, good to great schools, shorter commute times and great parks, North-Central Overland Park can be great Read More

OP, Kansas - 6/1/2013
Good place to live in regards to infastructure. Safe, clean ,neat, good zoning. Boring & very homgenious in looks and Read More

Great Place To Live!!!! - 11/1/2012
I grew up in Kansas City, KS and have live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and San Diego; and all of these cities are substantially more materialistic and unfriendly than Overland Park. Obviously in every city there are people that take themselves way to seriously, and there are some people in Overland Park that are centered around money but the majority of people are hard working, honest, and great neighbors. The schools are phenomenal, there are parks and bike trails everywhere, and plenty of resturants and shopping areas. I would agree with Tony's opinion on transit, as most large cities have a public transit system and it's one thing that is really stopping OP from getting an A+ grade. If you are one of the people that has met nothing but materialist people in this great city, you're simply hanging with the wrong crowd and need to find your friends elsewhere! There are a ton of us out here who just enjoy having fun and have no desire to "keep up with the Read More

Looks good on paper... - 10/11/2012
My husband is a consultant, and we can live anywhere in the midwest we choose. In 2007 we moved to Overland Park for the great schools, inexpensive houses, and proximity to KC. It seemed perfect - but then we met the people! It truly is a mecca for materialistic and the close-minded. Our neighborhood had a high-school-like pecking order. No one was interested in anything but money and showing off. We have lived all over the midwest (WI, MN, IA, IL) and never experienced anything like it. Of course we met some nice people, but the overall feeling was so empty. It doesn't feel like a cohesive town - Just a bunch of suburban neighborhoods scattered about. We couldn't bear for OP to be our daughters' hometown, so we moved to the twin cities in Read More

OP Truth - 5/23/2012
I completely agree with Robert. My family has lived in other cities/states and have never encountered meaner, more materialistic, money grubbing, two faced people in our lives. OP people really do teach their children that money is the most important thing in the world. When you meet someone new, the first thing they will tell you about is all the things they own and how much money they have. My opinion, don't move here if you want your children to grow up well balanced and adjusted to the real world! I wish we would have never moved here! Oh, and for all the OPers that would say I'm only saying this because I'm jealous/poor. I'm not saying this because I'm jealous, not that it matters but my husband is a doctor. I'm saying this because it's true and want to get the truth out to people who want to know about this city. These people are just plain mean and uncaring and teaching their children to be the Read More

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13816 Lowell Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 3

8326 Hadley St
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6627 Marty St
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8401 W 55th Ter
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18153 Goddard Ct
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16253 Stearns St
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12534 S Alcan Cir
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