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Read before you come - 10/2/2014
I hate to do this but I've been around the world and seen many cities in my life, Louisville is not a great city by any standards(one small exception Bardstown Road). This is a place were the south and the industrial north (Detroit, Toledo, Pittsburg, Baltimore)clash. If you are considering Louisville, read up this comments because if you are coming here from a city that is more advanced than this one, you will regret it and this is why:
1-Badly maintained one lane roads are the armpit of the south
2-Run down neighborhoods everywhere within the city limits, many
abandoned and ruined homes and buildings.
3-Major highways are not much to drive on unless you don't expect much.
4-High taxes in Jefferson County in comparision to other cities of
same size and population. Taxes here are embedded in every stage of
services and products. This section requires more details:
a.Property taxes...$1788 for a $122,000 home is ridiculous. Read More

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Best place to raise a family - 9/2/2014
Louisville is definitely headed in the right direction. It's a large city, with small town feel. The cost of living is great. Housing is cheap compared to other cities of this size. The community is awesome if you find the right one. There is definitely pockets of personalities amongst the community. There isn't too many diverse neighborhoods, but it is getting better. Probably the most diverse areas are Hikes Point and Jtown. Every big city has rough parts, Louisville's rough part is the West End. However the city is making strides to improve the West End. There could be more done, but it is improving. I suggest opening more community centers for the youth.

Most of the money tends to live in the cities east end. There is a good blend of mid to upper mid income levels all throughout the east end. It is probably the best area in Louisville to live. The city is perfect for my family. We are catholic, kids are in Catholic schools, we are middle class, we are involved with Read More

Affordable Living - 1/9/2014
in my opinion, Louisville is a very affordable Read More

Great place to visit but no so great place to live - 11/19/2013
Louisville has a lot to offer a person who wants to visit for a festival with a close community. However, what you see is what you get and it gets old if not originally from Kentucky. Further, Louisville is a large city with a small town attitude and thinking and is for people who are originally from this region. It is NOT a typical mix of people for a city of this size. I have been here 4 years (not originally from here) and roughly 80% of the people I have met are from the immediate region. They are not mobile and have no intention of being so. Many are still socially within the same groups that they were in high school, and if you are an outsider, this is not a good thing. NOTE: In Louisville, local business and groups revolve around which high school you went to with the private Catholic high schools being the most prevalent I have ever seen. This is probably due to the poor management and relations of the public school system where they have massive issues: low achievement, Read More

Get out this Pit while you can - 11/2/2013
Warning people: Louisville is and awful place to live. The people here are crazy as hell. There is no good food,nice places for everyone to have a good time and enjoy life. This is place make you feel like you are in hell. I been living here for a while. I am a eastcoast women all day. After coming to a place it made me realize alot about where i come from.I don't care what people say about New yorkers and people from Nj. i can say we are nothing like the crazy ass people from here. This place is cursed and i don't want any parts of this hell hole anymore. I leaving this pit hole to the people that is born and raised here. They don't no anything about real or good living.Everything about this place make ky sick to my stomach. I will be out of this pit real soon. Louisville Read More

Religion - 7/30/2013
Louisville is a diverse city with regard to religious practices. However, there is both a Baptist and Presbyterian Seminary located here. There is a larger population of Catholics and Jews than most other cities this far Read More

armpit of the Midwest - 4/3/2013
Where do I begin. This city will tax you to death. Forbes recently listed Louisville near the top of worst taxed cities in America...gotta love Liberalism. The schools rank near the bottom in all academic areas. I believe 90% of Jefferson county schools received failing marks. The roads are falling apart. A brand new sports stadium that is financially broke. An uneducated workforce. If you plan on a career either work for Ford, Humana, or UPS, otherwise find work for $10 hr with factory shipping jobs or fast food restaurant employment is all you will find....see the comment about uneducated workforce. If you plan on driving to a restaurant or park, plan on packing a cooler for a day trip because the city is so spread out. Gas prices and gas taxes are above the nation average. Poor city mgmt and a terrible mayor. No activities or events that a city of roughly 1 million should provide. Nearly everybody is FAT. No pro sports teams. A lot of alcoholics, smokers, and pill poppers. People Read More

Built to Scale - 3/17/2013
Louisville is a great place to live.There's are strong family ties, good eating, and it wont take long before you see someone you know wherever you go.And compared to the east coast, the nicest too. Once I slid in the snow and got stuck in a ditch, so many people (in trucks) stopped to offer help before AAA arrived,that I literally ducked down in my seat so they would think the car was abandoned and keep going.Talk about a warm and comfy feeling. I told all my friends in MD about it and how that never would have happened there.
Louisville is a great place to live. I grew up in Louisville,my family then moved to MD when I was sixteen.We have since moved back to care for parents. As I mentioned the people are very nice, you can strike up a conversation with damn near anyone. The cost of living is great too. You can make it here and you don't have to make six figures to have a good life, nor do you have to have advanced education. In my opinion the only people who have it tough Read More

Bad air quality, unhealthy environment, bad climat - 1/6/2013
Louisville has very bad air and water qualities. It is a very polluted city with ozone alerts every day throughout the entire summer. Louisville is very hot (around 100 degrees all summer long), and it only gets cooler in late November. It has warmed up much faster than it surroundings in the recent years due to global warming and deforestation (to build new suburbs).It has been nearly impossible to grow a vegetable garden this summer due to the extreme heat and lack of water. Another problem is tornado season. I was caught in a small tornado (category 1) while on the expressway with my young son, and it was a very scary experience. There was no warnings. There are many storms during the Spring, and they bring tornadoes from March until July. Some communities have been completely devastated last March with category 5 tornadoes only several miles away from Louisville.
Louisville is also known for allergies and asthma. The allergy season is year round for some due to the molds, Read More

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