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Baton Rouge - 7/26/2012
Great place to live and work, I moved from Birmingham Al and everything about is so much better, food, things to do... My daughter transferred from UA to LSU and stated that LSU provided a much better learning environment and the courses were more challenging. Read More

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Rapid chage - 6/23/2012
Over the past 5 to 7 years the cultural and recreational activities in Baton Rouge have increased. The libraries are excellent, the city park system is well funded and the downtown area has developed around museums, theater and restaurants. It is a good city to raise a family and the universities (LSU and Southern)provide a good atmosphere and opportunity for young Read More

Baton Rouge, Falling short - 3/7/2012
I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I have lived here for many years. At one time it was a clean, nice place to live however through the years the crime, traffic, and over crowding have really taken its toll on the whole city. Poverty and filth now can be seen in many parts of the city. The mayor spends lots of money on down town Baton Rouge but nobody goes down there. There are state offices but after 5O'clock it is empty except for a few gay bars and criminals. I have chosen to leave the state now that my children have all gone through college, which they all left for better paying jobs in other states as well. There are beautiful parts of the state and the food is good but how much can you really eat ? I truly feel bad for this whole state, the lack of real leadership and making of good choices for the people who live here has always been a problem, most have learned to live by just getting by which is sad but you live what you Read More

People here are rude! - 3/4/2012
The people of Baton Rouge here are rude. In the customer service businesses, the employees make it seem like you are a bother and on the other side the customers here are rude and want everything for free. They take advantage of big businesses because they know smaller mom and pop businesses would not give in as easy. The drivers of Baton Rouge is very aggressive and tailgate you sooo close, if they knew the law of physics then they would not follow as close because they if I slam my break they would have my tailpipe in their throat. Crime is very high. No southern hospitality here and it does not matter the race too.  Read More

Is Baton Rouge a good place to live? - 1/5/2012
I got a job offer in Baton Rouge. I have a young family with a 3 year old. Is it advisable to move to Baton Rouge? I might not stay there for more than a few years though. I have read many negative comments in forums but wanted to know the present situation...
Please advise. Thanks in advance.Read More

Don't count out BR yet - 9/23/2011
Baton Rouge has grown tremendously in the last 30 years, and a lot of that growth has taken place South of the city along the I-10 and I-12 corridors in terms of residential and retail development. Retailers that would have snubbed it's nose at Baton Rouge, let alone the area years ago have settled here, mainly in the Mall of Louisiana and the Perkins Rowe area.

I spent a great part of my formative years between here and New Orleans. At one time, I despised Baton Rouge with a passion and dreaded coming here. Baton Rouge has always lived in the shadow of it's neighbor, New Orleans, but it is rapidly becoming a great place on it's own. When I visited BR about a year ago, I was beyond impressed at how the city has changed. To be quite frank, 10 years ago, I probably would have told you not to consider coming here.

Additionally, the downtown area is undergoing a massive re-birth. At one time, Downtown BR was the epicenter for shopping and entertainment, but back Read More

Traffic and crime - 8/21/2011
Over the last 10 years,the leadership of BR has failed to keep up with the needs of the growth explosion. Why the economy is so good in spite of the lack of roads to move the increased population is a mystery. The violent crime increase throughout the area makes safety one of the biggest concerns. H Read More

schools - 7/31/2011
i love redemptorist high school its the best i used to go there. now i go to gables Read More

you can do a LOT better than here - 6/14/2011
Baton Rouge is a joke I relocated here from Milwaukee about 18 monts ago and am seriously thinking about moving back. This place is NOTHING like it used to be. The traffic here is terrible for its size, crime is atrocious, and being an outsider(out of towner) the job market is a joke except for the locals. The people are meh, though some are friendly and will wave and blow at you, others are pretty rachet, as if I was back in Milwaukee. Outside of the corporated limits of Baton Rouge, it is o.k. but once you pass that sign it is like a warzone here. The entire city screams POVERTY and filthiness. People here a content with just getting by which is sad. I have attempted to find positives about here not having to shovel snow is one, and the cuisine is another outside of that and the Souths racial history(which is still here people are still stuck in slave mode by accepting any ol thing that comes their way)there is not much to harp on about this dreaded busted place. Milwaukee ain't all Read More
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Traffic, traffic , and more traffic - 8/30/2010
I wholeheartedly agree with the writer about how bad it is now since so many New Orleans people came here and never left after Katrina. The city has tried upgrading the streets and highways but it's too little too late. Traffic was always a problem but now it's a nightmare, and this is 5 years after Katrina. I do my grocery shopping late at night at the allnight stores. Less traffic and shorter checkout lines.

I've got a new Honda motorcycle and the only time I get to ride is late and night when there's less traffic. This is not a motorcycle (or bike) -friendly place at all.

On the subject of population, almost overnight-literally-my neighborhood of mostly rental properties became flooded with non-english speaking latinos. Now I've nothing against them personally, but now there are only 4 people in the whole neighborhood who I can actually talk to. The rest I can only wave at and they just wave back. They are friendly, courteous, quiet, and generally keep to Read More

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