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Bossier_City, Louisiana Reviews

Bossier City, Louisiana is a great place to visit and explore. It offers vibrant nightlife, plenty of cultural attractions, outdoor recreation options, and shopping opportunities. Visitors can enjoy the two riverfront casinos, Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets, and many other entertainment venues that Bossier City is known for. There are also numerous historical sites that offer insight into the city’s past. The overall atmosphere in the city is friendly and welcoming to everyone.
Reviews of Bossier City are overwhelmingly positive. Tourists who have visited have had nothing but good things to say about their experiences. Many people were impressed by the variety of activities available throughout the city as well as the cleanliness and safety of the streets. The restaurants and bars were noted for having delicious food at reasonable prices while still maintaining a high level of quality. Most visitors also commented on how friendly and helpful locals were during their stay in Bossier City. All in all, reviews of Bossier City make it clear that this is an excellent destination for tourists looking for an enjoyable time away from home.

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White Flight - 12/21/2017
Bossier City is pretty much where people from Shreveport go when they get fed up with the crime, dysfunction, and high taxes over there. That said, it is no paradise. OK schools. You are best off sending y our kids to private schools.

Not much to do other than dine out at national chain restaurants and fast food places or go to the casinos or hunt and fish.

The city itself is ugly. Strip malls, no landscaping, big signs and bill boards, and urban sprawl everywhere. It's as if there were no zoning at all. Reminds me of the lower income parts of Houston.

On the positive side, if you are religious, there are many churches. A lot of these churches are less about religion and about recreation -- like community centers. And housing is very cheap compared to the rest of the country.

Downside: taxes. Sales taxes are high -- near 10% through most of Louisiana. And there is a 6% income tax that kicks in at low income levels.  Read More

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Better than Shreveport, but only slightly - 12/3/2016
This is sort of the "good side" of the Red River. A little safer than Shreveport, but not by much! Has some modern stores and livable apartments. Just be wary of who you're living by! Overall, I'm still surprised a town of this size doesn't try harder to be presentable. I guess that's Louisiana for Read More

It's all right - 9/14/2014
Lived here for 7 years, ready to leave, mind you. There are a number of colleges including a state university branch. It gets terribly hot and humid in the summer with wasps and large bugs everywhere. You'll just want to stay indoors 24/7 and enjoy your $200 a month cooling bill.

Spring and Fall are nice. Winter sucks. It gets way too cold, seems to get colder each year. I figure if you have to endure an inferno of a summer, why have to endure a hard freeze winter? Better to move further down south where the winters are much more mild and it is no hotter than it is in Bossier/Shreveport.

If you identify as a hipster, nerd or any kind of intellectual then you may find friends will be in short supply. Same goes for online dating, unless you like to do redneck activities such as mudding or hunting or casual sex in someone's mama's house in the woods. You won't like the local or health food options around here. There are some decent places to eat. The best ones Read More

Bossier City/Shreveport - nice suburbs, not too mu - 3/22/2010
We moved here from Upstate NY last year. We really like the subdivision we are in - Golf Course, pool, etc. But, there really isn't a lot to do with kids here in the Shreveport area (no zoo, no children's museum, etc.) and the worst part for me is the lack of shopping. Everyone says that they drive to Dallas to shop - but that is 3 1/2 hours away! My kids won't take that drive to go to Macy's! They have a couple small malls and then some strip malls.
At least the taxes are low (compared to NY state) and the price of housing is low, too. Also, the people have been friendly as well. And, my daughter's school is FABULOUS (W.T. Lewis Elementary) - a new school with wonderful technology, discipline, and great Read More

The Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana area is home to Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana State University-Shreveport campus, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, the proposed Cyberspace Command Center, the Port of Shreveport-Bossier, downtown Shreveport, the Louisiana BoardWalk, and the Shreveport General Motors Plant.

Transportation arteries are within easy reach with I-20, I-220, I-49, the Shreveport Municipal Airport, the Downtown Airport, Grey Hound Bus Lines, and major hubs such as Bert Kouns Industrial Loop, Clyde Fant Parkway, and Arthur Ray Teague Parkway.

Bossier City is located in Bossier Parish which is one of the fastest growing parishes in Louisiana with plenty to offer from an ample supply of housing inventory which can be view at, blue ribbon school districts, great food, to great attractions which can be viewed at, and to top it off, we have some of the friendliest, most Read More

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