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Bossier City, Louisiana is a city in Bossier Parish located on the Red River, just north of Shreveport. It is known for its vibrant culture and rich history. Politically, Bossier City is a conservative-leaning area with voters having leaned Republican in many local and national elections over the past several years. The current mayor of Bossier City is Lorenz Walker and he has been in office since 2015. He has worked to implement measures that improve economic development within the city while also working to improve public safety. Additionally, local political candidates are elected to three different state legislative districts which represent Bossier City and the surrounding areas. These representatives work diligently on behalf of their constituents to ensure that laws passed are reflective of their needs and desires.

The political climate in Bossier City, LA is moderately conservative.

Bossier County, LA is very conservative. In Bossier County, LA 28.7% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 69.7% voted for the Republican Party, and the remaining 1.7% voted Independent.

In the last Presidential election, Bossier parish remained overwhelmingly Republican, 69.7% to 28.7%.
Bossier county voted Republican in every Presidential election since 2000.

The BestPlaces liberal/conservative index

Bossier City, LA is moderately conservative.

Bossier County, Louisiana is very conservative.

Shreveport-Bossier City Metro Area is somewhat conservative.

Louisiana is moderately conservative.

The BestPlaces liberal/conservative index is based on recent voting in national elections, federal campaign contributions by local residents, and consumer personality profiles.

Displaying 20 years of Presidential voting, visualized in one word.

Bossier City, Louisiana: R R R R R R

How It Works:
Here at BestPlaces, we were looking at the voting patterns since the 2000 election and realized that we could express the results of each election as one letter. R if the Republican Party candidate won, D if the Democratic Party candidate won and I if the Independent Party candidate won. The six elections (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020) would be expressed as six-letter word (R R D R R).

Then we went a little further and added the dimension of magnitude. If the difference of victory was greater than 10 percent, the letter is upper case, and lower case if the difference was less than 10 percent. This allows us to see interesting voting patterns at just a glance.

Here's the VoteWord for Iowa d r d d r. In the last six elections the state has been closely contested, voting narrowly for the Republican Party candidate in 2016 and 2020 after voting for the Democratic Party in 2008 and 2012. Virginia (r r d d d D) has voted for the Democratic Party in the last three elections.

Individual Campaign Contributions in Bossier City, LA

In the last 4 years (2018-2021), there were 3,909 contributions totaling $1,084,764 to the Democratic Party and liberal campaigns, averaging $278 per contribution.

In the last 4 years, there were 5,188 contributions totaling $2,480,309 to the Republican Party and conservative campaigns, averaging $478 per contribution.

(source: Federal Election Commission)

Bossier County, Louisiana Politics Voting
Bossier County, Louisiana Politics Voting
Bossier County, Louisiana Politics Voting History
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Over 7 years ago

Bossier City is pretty much where people from Shreveport go when they get fed up with the crime, dysfunction, and high taxes over there. That said, it is no paradise.   More

   |    Reply

This is sort of the "good side" of the Red River. A little safer than Shreveport, but not by much! Has some modern stores and livable apartments. Just be wary of who  More

   |    Reply

Over 10 years ago

Lived here for 7 years, ready to leave, mind you. There are a number of colleges including a state university branch. It gets terribly hot and humid in the summer with  More

   |    Reply

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