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Visit - 7/24/2012
I've been to Metairie a few times on bisiness, but I can't wait to go back and stay for a while. Lovely town nice people, lovely places. Lots to do. I recommend it for a Read More

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New Orleans, suburbs to the west; general comments - 8/18/2010
For Metairie, & New Orleans in general:
Briefly, as a Geologist who has lived here for 30+ years, my view of the outlook for the New Orleans area is decidedly gloomy. The wetlands are still eroding, the land is subsiding, and sea levels are rising. Hurricanes will continue to be a threat. Although a Katrina-like event may or may not happen again in our lifetime, I have personally evacuated from my home four times since 2004. We are tired of evacuating: the next time we leave, we won't come back. Many people, who can leave, are leaving Southeast Louisiana--leaving behind the die-hards and those who cannot leave. I have recently (involuntarily) retired from my job, and we are looking for a place to move to... away from the Gulf Coast, the hurricanes, and the "can't do" attitude of so many people in this Read More

An Accurate View Of Metairie. - 4/23/2009
Metairie is not a city in the strictest terms. It’s a developed unincorporated area of Jefferson Parish that’s inextricably linked to the Metro New Orleans Area. Metaire (“Old” Metairie) is the home of to some of the areas wealthiest residents as well as a large, diverse and thriving middle class. It’s unfair and inaccurate (or to put in the local vernacular “BS”) to single out racism as a characteristic particular to Metairie.

While it’s true that David Duke did have a few pockets of support in an election that happened almost 25 year ago and was eventually defeated, it’s more illustrative of Metairie and Jefferson Parish at large to point out that one of the parish’s most beloved heroes was and still is the late Sheriff Harry Lee who, in addition to being Chinese American, is widely credited for maintaining safety and quality of life in the Parish as it suffered and dropped to intolerable levels in neighboring Orleans Parish. He served as Jefferson Parish’s Sheriff Read More

Metairie - 10/5/2008
Climate is a little warm in the summer but the winters are mild. South of the lake is more moderate, both summer & winter, than north due to the wind across the water having a cooling effect in summer & warming in Read More

Metairie - 4/10/2008
I love the recreation in Metairie (outskirts of New Orleans). There is always something to do. The warm climate makes outdoor activities great. I moved to Metairie two years ago, and I don't think I am going to leave any time Read More

I visted Metaire one month ago - 12/15/2007
I thought the city was brilliant, met a nice man but can not find him anyone none of his friends and family know were the man is if anyone can help me please can you advise what is the local newspaper so i can do advert for this missing man, the name is Bennie E Baxter Jnr, many thanks in Read More

An Honest Review of Metairie. - 3/10/2007
I lived in Metairie for 27 years and I feel that I can give an honest viewpoint of the city. Metairie is a diverse city, but it wasn't that way. It was predominantly white, but that's changing because many whites are moving to other areas like the North Shore since there has been a huge number of New Orleanians moving in due to the harsh economic conditions (very few skilled jobs available, high taxes, terrible schools and high crime) This was taking place Pre-Katrina.

Post-Katrina, Metairie faired well where many homes and businesses survived and it's back to normal, but there are some concerns you will have if you relocate there. For instance, the city is having problems with an increase in crime and aweful traffic (but they are working on it). The crime in Metairie is increasing rapidly. Also, traffic is rediculous. Prepare to have reading material because you will sit and wait.

In all honesty, in my 27 years as a homeowner in Metairie, I must say Read More

ITs a decent place to live - 2/25/2007
My family & I moved here from out of state just a few weeks before Katrina. Metairie is thriving and the crime has stayed under control. Our neigboorhood is actually better now, perhaps as a result of higher rent. It is a nice city, and all the attractions of New Orleans to keep your family entertained is up and running. 3 months of summer are difficult, but the remaining 9 months are spectacular. Mardi Gras in Metairie is family friendly and the kids love Read More

bob_perm - 8/2/2006
Some places I would like to Live...
Oregon Coast, Willamette valley, Austin TX, New Mexico.
Definitly want to get away from the Gulf Coast (too hot & humid, too many hurricanes)
Time frame: about 4 to 6 years (early Read More

Future Concerns - 3/1/2006
Katrina has caused all those that love the New Olreans area to re-think their future. Although the Metarie area experienced only minimum huricane damage, what may be ahead over the next 5-20 years is constantly on everyone's Read More

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