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Crime/people - 7/17/2015
I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana it's not the same since hurricane Katrina, the state isn't helping like it use to everybody feel like they're not getting ahead in life, it is very slow with receiving help for anything. People that work here act like they are giving you something out of their pocket, education sucks here most kids here are not on there grade levels, the service and food in restaurants are not the same, blacks are killing each other everyday. Please don't move here all they care about here are the tourists, not the people who make this city what it Read More

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But could you live there? - 5/23/2014
My wife and I have spent time in New Orleans every Spring for almost 30 years. The city has never been better that it is now. With the old Pol families in prison the city finally seems to work. I see it in how the public employees act and how the current rebuilders act.

What I do not know is how they live day to day. With two very small food stores, one gas station, and n dry cleaner (outside of Hotels) how do they handle your day to day Read More

Education - 1/21/2013
The educational system and the children it is supppsed to serve are for sale in New Orleans and in Louisiana.Read More

research - 7/7/2011
Just curious where you get the crime data. People live and work in the areas u say have highest crime. Every zip code doesn't have 9 out of 10 chance of Read More

Economy & Business - 7/4/2011
great place for business conventions, a different place for businesses. part owner in a small business, investor in other business ventures but very difficult along with other facets of living - such as raising our young children and family. politics seems primary path to accumulating wealth(see Senate Bill 283 2009) of any significance here, though some businesses are trying to perservere as private concerns without significant government aid. extremely difficult to start, run a business and raise a family well here. children attend the best public(charter) schools and get an average education compared to best schools nationwide (good though,when compared to local education community). venture capital or similar startup funds are absent, though recent effort offers about $250k for business expecting to reach $25Million in 5 yrs. hopeful but constantly creating options for better Read More

New Orleans: Where Crime, Exploitation & Corruptio - 5/16/2011
I love how tourists and visitors always leave with this mythical view of New Orleans as some kind of quaint European-like city. Well, having grown up here, but lived in other places as an adult and returned 10 years ago, I can attest to the fact that yes we are like the 1800s. If you want to come home from work to find your front door kicked in and all your valuables stolen, regularly open the local newspaper to read a story about public sector corruption or private sector ineptitude, spend your Saturdays rushing around to complete errands before everything closes at noon, and pay exorbitant insurance and rent cost for the privilege of dealing with all that crap, then New Orleans is the place for Read More

Don't be lost in Nostalgia - 12/25/2010
I was born and raised in New Orleans and I never understood why some people loved it enough to die for it. Hurricanes Katrina was predicted long before it happened. New Orleans has always been ridden with poverty,poor education, HIGH crime and high unemployment due to lack of industry other than tourism and we all new it. Even though I grew up enjoying Mardi Grads and other festivals, I've always had a since of fear and lacking as a child due to it's enviroment. I haven't found a place with friendlier people 20 years later but I am happy that I left in 1990s. A friend I grew up with regrets that she never left to see and experience other places that are better. New Orleans is to me is like a Capitalistic spider Webb that trapped many people in to be eaten alive. My family lives elsewhere so I have no reason to visit. I can still attend Jazz festivals, meet friendly people, and eat craw fish in many other places in the world. What kills me is that some are still moving Read More

Quality of Life - 11/16/2010
I loved the food. If you like culture, New Orleans, has a lot of culture, and Read More

unemployment - 11/14/2010
Rate is 9.80 in the New Orleans-Kenner-Metairie area....certainly not Read More

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