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Wrong Unemployment rate - 11/14/2010
New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner Unemployment rate is actually 9.80 not Read More

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New Orleans; the rebirth of an American city - 2/18/2010
Over the course of her history New Orleans has gone from being the Queen of the South to being nearly wiped off the map by the catastrophic flooding resulting from the federal levee breaks during Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans has has had a troubled history; poverty, race, crime, poor educational achievement, lack of employment opportunities. On the other hand in many ways New Orleans is America's most interesting and romantic city. A city of Mardi Gras, Jazz, magnolia trees, street cars and the Mississippi River. August 29, 2005 was a turning point for city. Katrina has wrecked havoc everywhere. Could New Orleans survive? Should New Orleans survive? The answer, of course, was YES. Now, nearly 5 years after the storm, New Orleans is finally turning the corner. Renovation and rebuilding is happening across the city. New elected political leaders are poised to take full advantage of federal programs. The evolving charter school system is being touted as a model for urban Read More

Culture High and Low abounds in New Orleans - 2/5/2010
New Orleans had the first opera house in America and opera, symphony and art museums still thrive here. We are also the birth place of jazz and have the greatest, most abundant and most varied street culture in America, if not the Read More

visitor's impression - 1/7/2010
My daughter and I made a trip to New Orleans this Dec. This was our first time.
We just loved your city. First off we liked the way you all take pride in preserving your history,we only had 4 days and wanted to see all of New Orleans so we took a tour bus ,very informative and our lady guide from the 9th ward treated us like we were family from out of town that she was driving around.We respectfully viewed the Katrina damage, I feel this is important because people all over our concerned and want to see for themselves how much help the most devastated lower 9th ward still needs and what our government is doing to help in this country for our US citizens. Like my daughter said back at the hotel "Come on mom ,Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have to build houses for them? Harry Connick Jr.? Yes they certainly did step up to the plate and they are to be commended but we want the government to give more money for rebuilding . We saw whole shopping malls still wiped out. These people Read More

Awww - 10/23/2009
I have never lived in New Orleans but have visited before and absolutely loved it. It saddens me to see the horrible things said about such a beautiful and unique city. Personally, I plan on buying a home there some day. I would hope that its residents would come together as a community and put thier hearts and minds together to achieve thier vision for the city. I know it can be Read More

TERRIBLE!!! - 7/16/2009
The city of New Orleans is terrible!!! Dirty with a lot of crime is what makes this city just Read More

Looking to Move - 5/28/2009
Looking to Read More

The state of politics in New Orleans and the state - 3/7/2009
New Orleans has so many things going for it--climate, culture, dedicated citizens, fascinating history--but until the city has leadership with vision and leadership that can bring all of the diverse segments of the city together and pulling in the same direction, New Orleans will remain a city that people will visit, but few will want to move Read More

I'm disgusted & angry with myself for coming here - 2/16/2009
To be perfectly blunt about it, living here makes me ashamed to be a fellow human being...and I'm from New York. (We all know the reputation of New Yorkers) The majority of the people here are openly racist. Sure, whites are racist against Blacks, but dark-skinned Blacks are racist against nearly everyone, including light-skinned blacks, and light skinned blacks are racist against those of darker skin. Those that aren't racist are just plain mean. Yes, I know Katrina devestated the area, but that was years ago and, in any case, its no reason to treat people with malice, contempt, and prejudices. Its hard enough to live a life in these times, without having to worry about how the personal views of complete strangers will effect you. I'm in a situation that prevents me from leaving at this moment, but, as soon as its economically possible, I will be relocating & I will never return.

To anyone thinking of moving here, take a long, hard, honest look! Leave the French Quarter Read More

New Orleans - 2/6/2009
I have lived in New Orleans my entire life, except for a few years away at college. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina could have been turned into something positive, allowing governmental agencies, community groups and citizens to come together for the betterment of the community. Unfortunately, governmental waste and corruption have stifled the growth which should be occurring at this time. Our City Council is fighting hard in an attempt to reduce the waste and corruption stemming from City Hall. Our Mayor, Ray Nagin (I voted for him the first time, pre-Katrina, but not after Katrina), has done little to help our City. Thankfully, he is term limited and we will have a new Mayor in about 12 1/2 months. This City can still be something great. We have so many resources, such history, such passionate citizens.....we just need some effective leadership, something which has been lacking not only in New Orleans, but in Louisiana, and perhaps across the Country for quite some Read More

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