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Reviews for Frederick  based on 19 Reviews

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not so good - 10/24/2019
I have been here 28 years,working in D.C with 3-4 hour commute ,one highway only to travel.Traffic is awful 24-7.Abandoned shopping centers for 10-15 years,& other properties.Crime in & around town shoot outs in the middle of the day at a mc Donalds,a lot oh homeless people begging on the street daily.Houses are very expensive .Think twice,I can;t wait to Read More

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Sr. Health Claims Examiner salary - 6/20/2015
Company with the most Read More

Frederick Crime - 4/21/2014
Crime seems to be pretty low here. Police do an excellent Read More

quality of life - 12/30/2012
Great city to raise a Read More

Nothing to do but eat - 11/22/2010
I lived in Frederick for 10 years and it was sooo boring. I gained weight because there is literally nothing to do but go out to eat at restaurants. No indoor play areas for kids except for chuckee cheese, ugh. I couldn't wait to get out of Read More

frederick - 8/4/2009
Frederick is an okay place to Read More

Recession - 4/13/2009
I know people in the country are suffering from the economy, but Frederick County, Maryland is doing well. Its great place to live in its growing even in this economy.Read More

changing crime - 10/13/2008
crime seems to be on the increaseRead More

Islam - 10/10/2008
I used your website for a paper that I am writing on Frederick County and was sad to see that since it was updated on 10/7/08 that the % of people that participate in the islamic religion is 0%. How sad to think that we are so narrowed minded when Frederick County has one of the largest islamic communities with a mosque for prayer that was purchased 3 years ago. The Islamic community has made headlines so many times in the Frederick News Post and there are a number of muslim doctors in the community. To say that there is "0.00% affilite with Islam" is totally wrong. Its time people learnt to accept one Read More

frederick is a dump. - 9/25/2008
frederick is overcrowded, overpriced, and seems for lack of a better term a redneck attempt at a dc subburb. it doesnt really seem like a city allow so many think that it is. jobs are ok, but only if you commute to frederick as they dont pay enough to afford the housing. there is also no flow to how things are placed in frederick and its just like a massive cluster of old crusty town and new all thrown together and passed off as culture and smart growth. when is actuality it lacks anything to set it apart from any other town near dc. I would recommend hagerstown, md if you wanna live in Maryland. Its always has more a city feel and is experience rapid growth and has more shopping and dinning than frederick. and is more convienient to pa, nova and WV. plus hagerstown has a more impressive downtown that feels more like a city. and the housing in hagerstown costs about half of what frederick's is. And hagerstown is only 16 miles west of frederick on I-70 or rt. Read More

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