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Greater Lansing is improving - 12/16/2020
I first moved to Lansing in the early 2000s for grad school @ MSU, went away and returned after several years. I must say, the area has improved VERY significantly during the past generation, and I have grown to appreciate it more and more.

First off, Greater Lansing is not flashy. As others have indicated much of downtown Lansing and newer parts of MSU are 'Soviet chic', and the roads are probably worse than the developing world (though slowly they're getting better).

Nevertheless, there the area has a certain style and attitude: very down-to-earth, approachable and sometimes gritty, the latter common in the City of Lansing itself.
For instance, I have met scores of MSU professors, many world renowned, who are approachable and friendly, not snobby, and are just regular, everyday folks in the community. Being a Spartan fan is something that unites people across cultural and economic backgrounds - though it is also amazing how many U of Michigan fans Read More

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Lansing Is really nice but a little caution - 9/25/2018
This is a really nice place to live and people here are friendly there is a lot to do and a wide variety of different people and belief systems if you know where to look so you can find some place to fit in. They have nice parks and its kept up a lot better than many michigan cities outside of a few small rundown looking areas I will give them that. However just be aware the downtown area is not somewhere you want to hang out or the neighborhoods near it. It is very unsafe around the cata station. There are a lot of homeless people and drugs and crime things like that. So I avoid it but there are some really great neighborhoods in the city just be careful and research before moving. I think overall it's a pretty cool place Read More

Not a great town, but not awful either - 6/21/2017
I moved here to go to MSU. If it weren't for my family and the school, I would definitely not have moved to Lansing.

The roads are terrible, there are next to no interesting stores, and you won't see the sun for four months out of the year. Lansing is incredibly windy as well, which is great if you love windchill.

The job market here is not great either, unless you want to work for the city or the state.

There are sections of town right next to the capital that are filled with drug houses. There are also normal neighborhoods out there, but use Read More

Michigan Not for Me - 5/27/2017
My wife and I have lived in Michigan, including Lansing, for about 7 years. Though it has a few positives, this state is one of the most depressing places we have ever lived, which has included 5 different states. Greater Lansing is basically composed of three things: MSU, high crime rates and corrupt politics. The roads are probably some of the worst in the nation, the DMV auto fees and car insurance rates are among the highest in the nation, and the winters are composed of endless cloudy days. We are moving back down to the south this summer and will be very glad when we Read More

Moved here June 2015 - 10/29/2015
We love it here. My husband loves his job. My son loves his school. It has been affordable. The people are friendly. Tons of fun things to do every season all over this state. Lots of festivals and fairs and lots of culture and Read More

People, town - 7/20/2015
Great friendly people, nice city with lots of parks and beautiful homes.. Great Read More

Not Very Much To Do - 6/28/2013
Lansing for the most part is very quiet. I live in the downtown area and I am a graduate/professional student so I do not need a bunch of distractions, but I am out of here as soon as I take my last exam. Good area if you plan to work in the government arena. Do not expect a great social Read More

great place to live - 3/14/2013
Lansing is a great city. There are wonderful parks of all types and there are a lo of them. The river trail is really superb! There is a large variety of neighborhoods in every price range. I live in a very walkable neighborhood, so I hardly ever have to use my car. people are polite and friendly, and rents and real estate are real Read More

Lansing - 7/8/2011
Hi there, I'm going to get real. I grew up on the conservative west side of the state and moved to Lansing in 1997. The first few years were okay. There was a steady job market, crime really wasn't so bad, violent crimes were rare. We moved south of Lansing in 2006. The efforts in making Lansing a better place to live is appreciated, and let me tell you why that effort is taken. GM was a huge employer in the area. It is the life-line of the city. There were several "sister" companies who made products for GM and also employed thousands of people. Here's the problem: when jobs are taken away and no longer existent, people get desperate and places fall apart. There are no jobs here, crime is out-of-control (going from one murder a year to several), bank robberies, thefts, high-speed chases, etc. It's really crazy. Mayor Bernero is trying to "clean up" the city by planting flowers and making downtown prettier for visitors, but the real problems are not being solved. Police Read More

Lansing is Catching - 4/7/2011
I am really surprised about all the negative comments about Lansing. I have lived in the Lansing area for 16 years and in the city limits for four. A few years ago downtown was dead after 5pm, but it is really starting to turn around. There are a lot of bars, but quite a few new restaurants as well. The river trail is one of those hidden beauties and connects from north of Old Town to Hawk Island. With the remodel of the old Ottawa Power Station and the new City Market and other construction Lansing is finally starting to take it's riverfront seriously. The city has had a lot to work through with all the GM problems, but I for one really see a lot happening. A city is really what you make it, and if you live here and complain and don't get involved then that's the mentality others will see. Read More

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