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Royal Oak - Safe, Stable and Job Opportunities - 11/6/2019
Whoever put crime and urban decay as cons for Royal Oak has never been to Royal Oak. It is a very stable and safe suburb with a lot to do and access to many job opportunities in metro Read More

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jobs - 9/21/2011
Michigan willturn around as soon as they break the bonds with the car companies. Read More

Great City - 1/13/2010
Fun growing Read More

a nice mix - 9/14/2009
we live on a great street - new and old families, folks that have been here a while. everyone looks out for everyone else. close to main street - lots of restaurants, coffee shops. the only town that has a "downtown" in the suberbs besides rochester hills - at least that i know of.
higher housing cost but worth Read More

not much crime - 3/4/2009
royal oak is a safe place to live. not much crime Read More

Royal Oak, Michigan - 11/16/2008
I love Royal Oak most for it's diversity and sense of community. Oakland County, Michigan, and "the Mitt", for that matter, are beautiful areas with some of the prettiest green space in the country. Unfortunately the auto industry is tanking and many have left Michigan for warmer climates and better opportunities. My home is worth less than half I currently owe on it. Jobs are difficult, if not impossible to come by now. As much as I love my town, I would not recommend relocating Read More

Climate Review - 11/3/2008
5 months of nice weather; too much Read More

Culture and Things to Do - 9/2/2008
Sometimes you have to look hard but there are cultural things to do in this city. In the past year, I have found: a. A French-language group meeting at a local bookstore, b. A writer's group, c. A book club, d. A world-class art library (in the next city).

So, for the patient, there are some Read More

Royal Oak - 2/24/2008
Royal Oak is very nice. Royal Oak is a good place to raise a family or for a
young professional. Royal Oak has many great rests and shops/ stores.
Royal Oak has a lot of trees and has a very low crime rate. The very few negatives are Michigan winters can be rough and economy in Royal Oak is rough
unless you have a professional or skilled trade, but than true is with manyRead More

Downtown Royal Oak - 10/27/2007
My husband & I love living in downtown Royal Oak. His office is less than a half a mile away, so he walks most of the time. We live within walking distance to gyms, shops, restaurants, post office, farmers market, library, yoga studio and even a community college. It is a great place to live most of the time. We would like to see more "regular" retail clothing and home stores. Most of the shops here are boutique style shops. Royal Oak attracts a lot of people from nearby cities looking for a cool place to go out at night or on the weekend. We would also like to see improvement in safety for pedestrians since the area is attracting more and more people who want a walkable Read More

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48073 48067

1511 Mohawk Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

716 S Kenwood Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

724 Wellesley Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

719 Gainsborough Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 2

210 S Connecticut Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3121 N Vermont Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

1416 Midland Blvd
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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