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Billings, Montana Reviews

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Get to know Billings with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Billings

The last worst place - 9/24/2021
If you enjoy sub zero temperatures in Winter and 100 plus degrees in the Summer. You will love Billings. Snow plowing is almost non existent, so good luck driving for 5 months out of the year. ( about the length of Winter) Low wages, high housing costs, and high crime rate. Do not Read More

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Too cold - 4/13/2019
It's cold up here. Brrr. Also it's not like Western MT, few have moved here from elsewhere, it's terrible. Must be something wrong. I suggest you stay where you are and look elsewhere. Thank you. Read More

Hey, Billings! This is NOT California! Wake up! - 3/29/2019
The housing market here is a JOKE! Higher per square foot than comparable locations in CA, but quality is MUCH less. Job market here is a JOKE as well. Yea, no sales tax. Great. But...income and property taxes are as high or higher than in CA, and government regulations (air, water, etc) are worse than CA! No wonder national or international food companies set up shop in Idaho or neighboring states. Montana is a state that needs employers, but those outside the oil and gas industries are cheap, and employers already there now would actually be better off moving operations to other states -- including CA! Read More

Water Quality - 6/28/2015
My husband and I are considering Molt, MT as a possible new home. We see that the water quality is quite poor. Why so? Can you provide some detail.  Read More

why is the air soooo bad in Billings? - 5/24/2014
In looking at the air quality on here for Billings, I was quite surprised to see that the air quality was so bad. My father was looking at retiring there and thought it would good for his asthma but it doesn't look like it. Being by the mountains, I thought it would be a lot better than Read More

Housing - 6/15/2011
The cost of housing is over priced, considering the climate and Read More

Quality of Life - 1/18/2011
Quality of life is pretty high. Housing isn't too expensive (median house value $200,000), and there are lots of parks and recreation opportunities in the area. Ready access to healthcare, great educational opportunities, and plenty of work opportunities. Billings is a growing community, so there is a lot of room for new Read More

Billing is a pretty good place - 12/18/2010
We lived there for two years and enjoyed it for the most part. My wife took a very good and high paying job at St Vincents running the business office.

She made a 6 figure salary which is a king's paycheck in Billings. I worked as a chemist making perhaps 2/3 of what I was used to in CO. Unfortunately her job was outsourced to a company in Texas which took over the revenue cycle duties (which has been a disaster we have been told) so we moved back to CO. Too bad, because we had just bought a great house in the wonderful Alkali Creek area. (fortunately we were able to sell the house in just a couple of months)

Pros:Extremely Laid back,Friendly, very good farmers market,good skiing at nearby Red Lodge, awesome hiking and fishing in the Beartooth Range,easy to fly in and out of, a few good restaurants (downtown). Cheap Allegiant Flights to Phoenix and Vegas (was 80.00 RT a couple of years ago)

Cons:the greenbelt trail is very fragmented. The city Read More

billings - 8/28/2010
nice place to Read More

Billings....I liked it, except for...... - 7/30/2010
I lived in Billings in the early 90s and did some work there for a couple of months around 2003. I really enjoyed the outdoor opportunities, especially the hunting. The winter seemed long and very brown! One thing I haven't seen commented on in these write-ups are the sugar beets. Are they still processing these? That smell was nasty at best. It is dry, so bring some lip Read More

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