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A False Feeling of Paradise - 10/30/2010
Lived in Bozeman from 2007-2008. The good: Stunning scenery, fresh air, ultra clean. Courteous drivers, friendly, honest people. Montana State is a fantastic school, very underrated. The bad: The people in Bozeman think they already know everything, not open to great new ideas. The cost of living is very high - if you aren't wealthy you will struggle. Good jobs are hard to get - a few old families seem to control a lot of the opportunity. The economy is based too much on fancy things like million dollar custom homes and snow sports. Getting the City of Bozeman to approve a building permit will drive you crazy, and probably broke. Flying in and out of Bozeman is very expensive. I will retire in the Southeast USA, but I wouldn't mind having a Summer home in Bozeman. Read More

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Bozeman is the best - 6/24/2010
It's so strange to read one review of Boze having rude people. In the Bozeman I live in, people smile and wave for no reason at all. I can ride my bike downtown and to the library. I can go to two amazing farmer's markets, one on Tues in Bogert, one in the fairgrounds every saturday. There's a great art center at the Emerson, a world class and always fun Museum of the rockies...the food is great, and we won't even get started on the amazing fishing and play areas that surround us. Maybe you are trying to keep the secret of living in a such a great place with a high quality of life. with the real estate drop, you can find affordable housing too. Bozeman Read More

If you love winter, you can't help but love living - 11/27/2009
This is the most friendly and civil place I have had the chance to live in. Warm seasons here are great. Winter seems long, cold and confining for a retired single person, but life is what you make it and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the community even in winter and even if you don't participate in winter Read More

About Living in Bozeman - 11/23/2009
Bozeman is an odd mix. Original residents who are pretty narrow minded and not very excepting, newer residents who tend to be in technical fields or very environmental, and the student population. I have lived in the county area around Bozeman for about 15 years. One thing I can say is folks in most the neighborhoods do not like change. Be aware if you do something your neighbors do not like you will hear about it. Just about everyone in Bozeman has a strong opinion and voices it. It tends to be on the conservative side of politics. Some folks can be snooty - there is "money" in Bozeman. The Bridger Canyon area boosts mostly multi million dollar homes and then there is Big Sky to the south.

There are postings here that students do not feel accepted. Some of that has been caused by a few bad seeds that have not been the best behaved around town. Many of my neighbors are professors at MSU and have students over to their homes. Many are great responsible young Read More

You better have a great job - 9/26/2009
Bozeman is a beautiful town. There is quite a bit of culture here. There are lots of outdoor activities. I went to college at Montana State and got a good education. However, this town is not a good place to live.
For starters, the cost of living is high. Rental in most apartments is what most people pay for house payments in most towns. There is lots of job competition here as college students tend to hang out years after they graduate looking for a job. The traffic here is horrible because there was no planning and the infrastructure was not built for the size population the town has. People here usually drive well under the speed limit. I also might add that people here are some the rudest I have encountered ANYWHERE in the US.
Bozeman has a good university. However, if you come here to college be warned the town is very anti-student. You will need to stay on campus to work and live. Businesses will often not hire students and landlords will either not rent Read More

Scenery isn't everything - 8/23/2009
I went to Montana State University. It is a good college, and I would recommend it to anyone. However,that is the only reason to live in Bozeman. If you come to college, you would be wise to live and work on campus the entire time. Here is why:
Bozeman has an insanely high cost of living. Keep in mind that most people are working very low-paying jobs and working 2 or 3 of them. If you are a college student, you will have a hard time finding a job off campus, most people will not hire students. Job competition is fierce because many students hang around town years after they graduate.
Unless you are making a minimum of $100,000 a year, you will probably never afford a home in Bozeman, maybe in Belgrade, probably in Manhattan or Three Forks. Renting is also very expensive. Most rentals cost as much as a house payment in most cities. Many of the landlords in town are horrible slumlords. Most will not rent to college students and many of those that do are some of the worst Read More

Southerner.... - 6/14/2009
How are Southerners treated in Bozeman? I am in Alabama, lived in most of the Southern states, and am thinking of moving to Bozeman.

I lived in Michigan once and they didn't take too well to Southerners, Those folks were WEIRD! Hated it there.

Thanks!Read More

Southerners.... - 6/13/2009
So how would Southerners be accepted into Bozeman?

I am considering a move there from Alabama, have also lived in Texas, LA, and Arklansas, so am a true Southerner here. LOL!

Lived in Michigan once and those people were WEIRD! They didn't take to Southerners at all.

I am a single mom of two little ones, so looking at this to better our lives and move closer to the kid's family. I am college educated and a professional, but not a snob by any means....southern hospitality you know.

Just curious. Thanks!
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Bozeman is one of the best places to live in - 4/30/2009
I have lived in Bozeman for two years. I came from Illinois and have lived in Texas. I find that Bozeman has everything that I want and need. There is an endless supply of recreational activities that range from skiing, hiking, rafting,biking,fishing,ect. The scenery is breathtaking. The air is clean and clear. The crime rate is extremely low. There are jobs to be had if you are determined enough to seek them out.The are has an abundance of artists and artisans. It is only an hour and a half away from Yellowstone National Park. If it's the cowboy/ranching scene tht you desire, then it is only minutes away. It is an intelligent and creative community that sets Bozeman's environmental well being as a priority. Bozeman is large enough to not feel imposed upon but small enough that you can get to any in town destination in ten or fifteen minutes. There is also free public bus servicce. I have found the town to be exceptionally accomadating and Read More

Adventure to Art - 4/8/2009
Bozeman is definitely unique in the fact that you can ski or climb or hike all day and be back to town in time for great cuisine and then a play, film festival or interesting civic event. Very high quality options on the culture and recreation Read More

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