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Livingston is unique - 9/30/2015
Livingston is a unique town. It has a terrific setting on the Yellowstone River with high mountain ranges like the Absaroka, Gallatin, and Crazy Mountains on the horizon. Paradise Valley is just south of town--and the name is appropriate--the scenic values are amazing.

Livingston has nice sidewalks and older neighborhoods.

The town attracts a wide range of interesting people from writer/artists to movie stars/musicians and outdoor enthusiasts. Somehow they all live together.

it's location 52 miles from Yellowstone means visiting the park is less than an hour away. Read More

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A bit windy - 9/16/2015
Livingston is a wonderful place to live. In the summer. But the wind in the winter is Read More

About Livingston - 2/19/2007
Livingston is a great small town. YES, it is a ''windy'' city. Thankfully the wind does give us many breaks as well. I love the historic downtown center, you can really feel the old west, very cool. Some of the old, old ads painted on the side of brick buildings are still visible... even one for Coca-Cola. There are fun things to do. The fishing is most excellent. There is rafting and hiking and biking... but do put it in my wish list to have better biking trails someday. There is a fiddlers music fest, parades, art walks, farmer's market, shopping, etc... to make up a good community atmosphere. Suprised to know the rate for Religion was low, because there are some really good churches here. Yes, there are snooty people here, just like everywhere else, but overall after moving here I find the people really, really friendly and almost always wearing a smile. In fact, Livingston should be proud because they have some of the best people I've ever Read More

I cannot believe that the wind has was not mentioned previously! When I say wind, I'm talking 60-75 mph gusts!!! WHEN IT'S COLD OUT! If you can stand that and don't mind living without an intersting city close by, go for it. Bozeman is 25 miles away, but has NO culture and no interesting Read More

Gateway to Yellowstone - 1/5/2007
Livingston is an interesting town. There are not much for jobs, and the road does make it difficult at times to commute to Bozeman. However, this is a fun town to be in during summer. Tourists flock to this town 52 miles from Yeloowstone National Park. The Yellowstone River makes for great floating (not a thrill-seeker's river) and there is plenty of hiking, hunting and fishing. For being a small town there is a surprisingly fun nightlife, especially in summer. The only major problem is that there are a lot of snooty people with second homes and the town is quite Read More

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75 Kindsfather Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 4

308 US Highway 89 N
Bed 6 | Bath 3

620 Meadowlark Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 2

412 N B St
Bed 1 | Bath 1

25 W Boulder Rd
Bed 2 | Bath 2

160 Wineglass Rd
Bed 5 | Bath 4

806 W Montana St
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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