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Reviews for Gardnerville  based on 6 Reviews

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Not a place for working class to live - 2/13/2017
Was looking for a average priced home in $170 to$200 and a job good luck. High price on their Homes in the area most be made of gold, higher than most homes in California. No place to shop you have a supper wall mart in town and small grocery stores, three parts store's not a lot of job's to be found have to drive to Carson city where you have more shopping like Home depot not a lot to do with out a drive like Reno,NV okay if your retired and want to play golf and gamble at the hand full of the casino's. To rent a place good luck also over priced unless your coming from a big city and you're used to high prices. It is a nice town and the people are nice. I would like to live in the area but I could not afford it. Don't know what the working class do and how they afford it. Prices have jumped from a few years ago.  Read More

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Gardenerville - 7/30/2013
The things i dont like:
Dogs biting me.
Loud music.
Horses, and flies.
Long pants, I want to wear shorts but dogs attack me and flies bite me.
Dust. I dont like dust from horses, cars, large groups of people, dogs and flies.
I dont like fast drivers.
I dont like loud Read More

Neighborhood - 7/30/2013
I looked at property over here, because the neighborhood i live in currently has a lot of noisy people. I like the quiet. No loud boom boxes coming from automobiles. No horses, and their flies. No teenagers. No loose k9s so that i can wear short-shorts above my knees and walk the neighborhood with no problems of being bitten.
 Read More

Sleepy town, good for families - 1/6/2007
We lived in Gardnerville for 9 years. Quiet town. Plenty of families. Great if you like the outdoors. Dry climate. You get all four seasons, but mild. The wind in the afternoon can be irritating. Kind of rural, but there is one excellent shopping area with restaurants, etc., about 20 minutes from Gardnerville. It takes 20 minutes to get to the nearest beach at Lake Tahoe, but the best beach for kids, Sand Harbor, is about 45 minutes. Not a good community for singles. And the people are not all that warm. But if you attend a church, (we went to Hilltop Community), you'll find warm, friendly people and plenty of activities for the family. There is also a fun swim center with water slides for the kids. We are now in Southern California and enjoy being in all the action. Won't get as much variety in Gardnerville, but nice town Read More

Beautiful, but disappointing - 6/23/2006
I retired here from Northern California as a renter and thought I could buy a home in the Carson valley for under $200K, but housing is very expensive here for an agricultural community---$350,000+ for a 3 bedroom single family home. And they keep building monsterous 4 or 5 bedroom homes for $400K and above. No new, affordable smaller homes are being built here for seniors.

Also, I notice most people have 2 or 3 cars with one being a pickup or SUV equipped with 4-wheel drive on account of having to commute to work in the snow in the winter.

There seems to be no regulation requiring mufflers, as the SUV's and pickups make a lot of noise when they're operating. This is a constant problem late at night and in the early morning.

My biggest gripe are the people who drive around with their car stereos turned up so high that the walls of my townhouse actually vibrate. There's no law like you have in California against driving around with the volume Read More

Climate - 5/30/2006
The weather here is nice. There are four seasons, but it seems to me that spring and fall are relatively small compared to summer and winter. It is more windy than I'd like, but overall the weather is quite mild (we're in Northern Nevada) if it gets too hot in the summer, we can always go up to Lake Tahoe to cool Read More

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