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Survival in this city is hard. - 11/10/2020
I was born and raised in San Jose, CA. Not when it was "silicon valley". I had to basically flee after my son was born, 20 years ago because I was drowning financially. I have been registered Republican and Democrat and Independent. I do not align with being very progressive or conservative. Why I mention that is because Nevada is a very difficult state to find acceptance because of the strong beliefs here. Reno is now like CA at this point to me. The trendy, over priced grocery stores, horrific driving, insane rents and home prices, drugs, crime add to it all. I've sat around and watched the Reno mayor attack and troll people on social media, make personal speeches during city council meetings, invite greedy developers to come into the region and bust out ringers that cost a fortune. What I have seen now is foreign entities come in and gobble up brand new homes, turn around and rent them out well above market rate. Reno is dead last in the country for mental health and I 100% agree Read More

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Reno is actually a nice place to live. - 10/19/2020
I've lived in Reno for 7 years now and having lived in LA and Seattle before and I find it to be relatively pleasant (although due to COVID19 everything is kind of on hold.) I like the weather (lots of sunshine and only a little rain) and there is not much traffic (compared to LA and SEA.) The people are friendly enough but generally keep to themselves. The school system isn't great but my kids managed to made it thru (taking honors and AP classes) just fine. They participated in sports and other extra circular activities and generally had fun. They all went off to college elsewhere claiming not to like the city. They do come back to visit. The airport is small and easy to get in and out of. Precovid, I liked that it seemed there was always a community event or activity going on and the community would pull together for events and activities. Folks here are generally conservative but tend to be respectful of other opinions. (Some more than others.) I live in the suburbs and Read More

Expensive and will continue to get more expensive - 9/28/2020
BestPlaces is years behind current data by 5+ years. This city is becoming more and more expensive. For 2020, the median rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is $1,600. The median rent for 2 bedroom house is $2,200. Do your homework before moving here. Look at other cites that stay up to date on cost of housing, apartments, etc.

I have lived here for 5 years and this place has doubled in cost of living in the short time of being here. Why is this? The reason is that people from the bay area of CA are selling their homes and buying in Reno, NV because there is no state income tax, which is great for people who are retired or who have lots of money from the bay area and are bringing it with them to Reno. Reno cannot keep up with the high demand for houses and apartments causing the price to rise record breaking. Making this the fastest growing city in the nation. It is too costly to start a family here and there is a lack of companies that are willing to pay relatively to the Read More

DO NOT MOVE HERE. I've lived here almost 30 years. It's more dangerous to live in Reno, NV than in Los Angeles. Look it up. The schooling is Horrendous! A student with a C average is considered a STELLAR STUDENT. It's riddled with drug addiction, prostitution, unemployment so high that people are losing, or have lost, their homes. The Homeless problem is INCREDIBLE. I used to be able to fly fish in the Truckee River, just below the old Monastery. The monks left 15 years ago. Now it's littered with dirty people, dirty needles and garbage. Tents line the river banks. Children are snatched every day. Sex trafficking is rampant. DON'T BUY INTO THE PROPAGANDA.
The businesses want to pay $10 hour. But houses are in the $350,000 to $2,000,000.
I've met 8 good people in 30 years. Evil is the accepted Read More

is it true there's a big snake problem in Reno? - 7/5/2020
Interesting place I love the mid-desert some of my concerns are well the cost of life Housing, food and the like. My other big one is the report of large quantities of rattlesnakes & vipers being found in the city. I wonder if it's not the neighbors to the East that decided to many from SLT were sinning in Reno and not getting their cut of the money. Is the snake population that big and if so have you tried Road Runners (the bird) they love snakes. I watch one bet the hell out a rattler by slapping the snake on the rocks.  Read More

There is worse. But there is also much better too. - 7/2/2020
At least it's better than Carson City which is the most boring place on earth.
It's also a lot better than Lake Tahoe too which is also extremely boring and the most overrated place on the planet.
Still there are much better places than Reno.
But hey if you're coming from Carson City or Lake Tahoe it's downright exciting and Read More

Observations of Reno by a Seattlite (continued) - 6/30/2020
Drivers in Reno are disproportionately bad and aggressive. Expect people to drift into your lane, not signal, not headcheck. Speeds far in excess and far below posted speed limits are common. Often men will become enraged if you honk at them. Using a car's horn is a way to communicate and avoid accidents in Seattle. In Reno, honking is offensive. I've been chased into a grocery store parking lot, where a man got out of his car as if he was going to fight me. (I drove away.) I've had a big guy in huge truck shout “f-----g f----t!” out the window of his truck at me going 65 mph down the interstate. I’ve read in the local paper about multiple instances of gunfire pursuant to road rage incidents. Don’t honk at men. Also men in trucks tend to fly full size American flags from the beds of their pickups, especially around Sparks and the North Valleys. This is only slightly more common than full size Confederate flags.

Native Renoans have a libertarian streak that bends Read More

A few observations about Reno from a Seattlite - 6/27/2020
I moved to Reno in Summer 2018 from Seattle. I like it, but it's different. Here's a few observations:Tahoe is awesome and close, but far too crowded with Californians and tourists. The Sierra Nevadas have tons of stuff to do for miles and miles, both north and south from Reno. The Truckee runs through downtown from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake, a closed lake where the only way for the water to escape is through evaporation. One of the few places, maybe the only place, where this happens in North America.Most people are friendly and down to earth.Drivers in Reno are disproportionately bad and aggressive. Often men will become enraged if you honk at them. Using a car's horn is a way to communicate and avoid accidents in Seattle. In Reno, honking is offensive. I've been chased into a grocery store parking lot, where a man got out of his car as if he was going to fight me. (I drove away.) I've had a big white guy in huge truck Read More

Not for families - 2/19/2020
Not a good place to raise kids. Schools are terrible, health care is unreliable and hard to come by. Crime is high and neighborhood policing is nonexistent, there is no protect and serve attitude in this city. Casinos provide free drinks and the roads are a free for all for drunk drivers, policing like I said, a problem. Pedestian death rate very high, around the schools as well, again no community policies that protect Read More

A nice place to if you have lots of money already - 11/26/2019
I have lived here for the past 13 years and I disagree with the statement that its a me first place. Its an only me place. Making friends here is almost impossible unless you meet someone that is not native. Getting a decent paying job is hard to do as well. This place is as cut throat as most anywhere. I am from Oakland, Ca and it wasnt nearly as bad as this place. There are some advantages, Im told, but havent seen any lately. There are tons of warehouse jobs if you want to break your back for 40 hrs a week. I think in the past week there have been 5 or 6 hit and runs. People just dont care about others at all here. Its sad and depressing. I could go on but whats the Read More

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