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Dirty filthy smelly grubby hell hole. - 7/11/2012
If you are thinking of coming to Albany or the surrounding area?
Forget it! Run as fast as you can in the other direction.

There is nothing here, No jobs, nothing to do, people with rude, nasty and arrogant attitudes. Hillbilly's, crime and unemployment.

At least an hour from the Adirondacks. Run And keep running any place is better than here. Afghanistan is starting to look good.

As soon as I can I'm out of here. KMA Albany Read More

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Decent shopping very few jobs and yes it is drear - 4/2/2012
The shopping here is pretty decent both in Albany and the outlying suburbs. Yes, it is cheaper here than a lot of places but it is a haven for people who have to live off food stamps and unemployment and disability.

The people have a very curt attitude in various parts of the capital region. They smile and say nice things or talk to you but behind their words is a **** you attitude.

Too many people smoke here. It's like living in the 1970s with a really ignorant attitude.

I regret moving here and we're getting out anywhere soon.
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Terrible economy. No jobs. - 4/2/2012
Unless you work for the state the only job options (possibly) are retail jobs with a huge turn Read More

Decent - 9/25/2011
I am originally from Long Island but I have been living in Albany for a several years since I attended college here and the cost of living is much cheaper compared to the NYC metro area. Like every city/region, Albany has it's pros and cons. Living here for some time I can relate to some of the negatives stated in previous comments. Albany is bitter cold in the mid-winter months with having negative to teen temperatures on average many days. Albany, as well as with a lot of areas in upstate New York, is very gray and overcast, particularly during the winter. The weather can definitely make one feel gloomy and depressed and is probably the biggest con about Albany and the whole capital region. One spring comes around the weather gets much nicer with less rainy days, fall is the best season with the foliage and crisp temperatures.

I agree with a previous comment that comparing Albany to bigger cities is like comparing apples to oranges. Albany is small city and it's Read More

Employment - 8/3/2011
Even though a local paper states that the area "held its own," during the recession, employment opportunities are somewhat Read More

Cheap - 3/6/2011
It's Read More

albany ny apartments - 12/23/2010
Albany is a wonderful place to live. Especially now that the market for real estate and housing is on the up and up again. I would recommend it to live in some Albany NY apartments. More

Albany - 6/7/2010
Albany is dismal, cold, has terribly long harsh winters, and the population includes a lot of very crabby unhappy people. It is without question the most godawful miserable place I've ever seen. The only thing worse is the cities around it! It is part of the postindustrial apocalypse of Troy, Schenecdtady and other towns.

Upstate NY was abandoned by something. The whole town in living in the distant past (the 19th and early 20th Centuries). The only nice things are the university, the low-cost (ghetto) of everything, and the architecture downtown, but it is a place in perpetual slum decline. Nothing could help it. The population has been fleeing and in the negative for years. Don't believe the optimistic reports.It's a place to go to college or visit, but definitely don't move there. The same goes for other towns like Syracuse NY.
You wouldn't want to walk around at night Read More

Lo w cost of living but not too horrible - 4/16/2010
Planning a move I on a fixed income presently and am seeking a small or medium city that isnt too horrible but cheap, as I sure you you can imagineRead More

A mid-size city in upstate New York with a stable - 3/25/2010
Although state employees are a significant portion of the local workforce and budget cuts are looming, the job market has remained steady compared to other states. People are actually finding jobs - I've seen it Read More

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