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Greensboro, NC is a vibrant city full of culture and activities for all ages. From its lively downtown area to the natural beauty of its parks and greenways, there is plenty to explore. The city is known for its diverse array of restaurants, music venues, shopping centers, and nightlife. In addition to these attractions, Greensboro is also home to a variety of colleges and universities that cater to a variety of interests. With so much to offer, it's no wonder that Greensboro has earned rave reviews from locals and visitors alike. People often comment that the city is clean and safe while still providing plenty of fun things for everyone to do. Its convenient location makes it easy for people from other cities to explore what Greensboro has to offer and they're often delighted with the results. Whether you're looking for an exciting night out or just want some peace and quiet in nature, you'll find it in Greensboro!

 based on 55 Reviews
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Great Place for Families and College Kids!! - 9/6/2022
I have lived in Greensboro for almost 30 years. Moved here in the 8th grade from Long Beach California. We literally fell in love with this great state and Greensboro in particular is so dear to my heart. I have grown up here and raised my kids here. Went to college here and had the time of MY LIFE!!! If you are young and love all different types of people... Greensboro is the place!

Its a total college and family town. We have somewhere tons of colleges in the area and thats is what we are known for (and our beautiful parks). UNCG, Greensboro College, Guilford College is a Quaker writing school world renowned, Guilford Community College, A&T Aggie Pride is a thing yall! Plenty of college kids and plenty of cheap places to rent that wont be found on zillow.

This town is quite safe... if you are a female just look out for yourself in the clubs is all I can say... The weather is pretty great.. a beautiful 4 seasons of which none of them last very long. It Read More

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Sure..come to Greensboro - 1/19/2022
Born and raised here. Yes some crime like everywhere else, but overall, I'm not afraid to be out at night. You might like some areas right outside of the city.. Jamestown, Whitsett, Kernersville. Summerfield and Oak Ridge are kinda pricey. I think its a fine place for a family and not too far from Raleigh or Charlotte. Read More

Moving from Austin- is Greensboro right for us? - 12/4/2021
Can no longer afford the cost of living in Austin, Tx. Searching for a medium size town to move to in North Carolina. Family of 2 middle aged adults, one college age son and 1 retired parent. We’re hoping to find a friendly, affordable, liberal town. We don’t drink so the bar lifestyle is not for us, but we do enjoy arts and entertainment. We are not interested in being neighbors to super conservative, conspiracy minded people. Is Greensboro a good place for Read More

Not a Good Place to Live - 8/16/2021
My fiancé and I moved here for her job. While we immediately found the city quite dull, we decided to give it a year or two to see if things improved. The more we got to know Greensboro, the worse it became. It’s boring and depressing. People are unfriendly and have a chip on their shoulder. There is very little to do and it’s hard to make friends. It definitely feels like a Twilight Zone or like you’ve stepped back in time by 15 years. Sure, housing is affordable but you need to ask yourself if it’s really worth it to buy a big house if it means living in this Read More

Greensblows!!! - 8/2/2021
This place is horrible, very racist the blacks here hate white people, and if you are not liberal they will treat you real bad, I lived here for 10 years, and the majority of people black and or Hispanic are racists. If you are patriotic white heterosexual, and looking for a good place to raise your family this is not it.
Also working for a local hospital it was just as bad, promoting based on race not on merits, if you are white patriotic and try to love are respect everyone this is not the place. This was also voted 31 most violent place to live in America with a high murder rate. Do yourself a favor if you get here keep driving Read More

Greensblows!!! - 7/28/2021
I have lived here for 10 years and absolutely hate it, there is about an even split of whites and blacks, let tell you this place is very racist. If you are White Patriotic, or conservative they will hate you here, I was badly harassed by the Black female population at a hospital I worked at, when I complained to management they just ignored me. This place is very Racist against white people unless your gay trans or super liberal, very unwelcoming people and place. Also they will gossip about you so bad that you won't be able to a job anywhere if they decide that they don't like you. I guess this is the sign of the times, revenge is how Greensboro love everyone, take it from me a person who served in Iraq and Afghanistan multiple tours. What do they say when you say you don't like it or have had a bad experience, it is like that everywhere or leave. Read More

Move elsewhere - 5/7/2021
After living here since 2012 we are officially moving. The crime is ridiculous (safer than only 6% of cities in the US) and we no longer feel safe. We live in the nicest part of GSO 27410 zip code but if you go 10 minutes outside this bubble, it’s disgusting. Population is 47% white & 45% black and if you’re white, prepared to be hated on as if we don’t “belong” in this city. Staff at stores are rude everywhere, no one is polite around here anymore and it’s a shame since so many places downtown are trying to be up and coming. Don’t move here. There’s also riots downtown & white neighborhoods were being targeted last summer. Read More

Leaves a lot to be desired - 3/6/2021
Lived here from 1995 till 2010, and moved to Burlington afterward.

Over time, Greensboro has become a place of High drug activity and crime (violence and theft), due to lack of police presence esp in 27405 and 27401, and portions of 27403 / 27406 zip codes.

Bad roads, dangerous highways. Potholes on market st, gate city blvd and friendly Avenue that will blow ur tires. I-40 /85 business is a total nightmare to drive on. With 5 highways signed onto it. Why is 85 business still signed, when theres 85 bypass? Get rid of business 85. Also get rid of 220, already theres 73.

Has possibly the worst drivers of any NC city. Will do 25-30+ over the speed limit or cut u off / tailgate u /run u off the Read More

Greensboro has been good to me over time! - 1/18/2021
I agree with what some of the folks have said wholeheartedly and then others they just did not meet the right people or attend events where you can meet these people. One such place Greensboro Chamber of Commerce or Jaycee sponsored events. I have been here since 1992, formerly living in Charlotte, NC. Greensboro's night life has dwindled since my time, but it still has some major scenery going on downtown with the Cone Denim Entertainment(Booked by House of Blues)among many others. I am in the event business and yes, a graduate of the University North Carolina, Greensboro. This area has been great to me and my business, with half of my clientele being black and the other half white, I see no skin color here. I do agree that the educated prosper here, but I lived here before getting my degree as well and did just fine! There are good and bad that come along with every city, but my thoughts here are that Greensboro has been treated unfairly by some of these people and they should Read More

LOVE Greensboro!!!!! - 9/14/2020
I have lived in Greensboro for 8 years. I have lived in Ohio, NJ, NY, FL, AR and We just love it here! Since I move a lot I realize it take 3 years for it to feel like home. I love the parks, the greenery, downtown and the farms outside of town. There is no other place I have been to that people just like to talk. Wide mixture of cultures and races but for the most part people get along. Schools are just okay. I think the Administration changes the curriculum too much and too much testing. There are people who do t get along but for the most part in the area I live in (about 6 miles from downtown) everyone is courteous and friendly. I have moved to three different neighborhoods and each time the neighbors came to introduce themselves to our family. Have to say we do t want to move Read More

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