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New Bern on the Map - 6/17/2021
New Bern is a nice quiet town. The people are very nice. The cost of living is low which would be great if you are retiring from a big city. There is always a place eat, and birds singing in the air. Traffic is lite and shopping is a pleasure especially because it not overly crowded in the stores. I could go on about how great the parks, fishing and ect are but than I'll be here all night. On the con side New Bern could use its own bowling ally and Movie theater and maybe a bus that take you from the country side of Pamlico Country into downtown New Bern even if it's only 2 twice a day it would make it easier for a person without a car to get to Newbern for employment. More People are starting to buy home in Pamlico and ,Craven County Read More

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Wow a perfect wonder land :/ ?? - 12/10/2020
I’ve lived here for my hole
Life I’m 12 and I just wanna say if u what snow every xmas and on Xmas don’t come here bc u won’t get it. Now if u want a very hot summer come live here. AAaaaaaa there are not a lot of things to do here tho. There are festivals for holidays (1) and an aquarium and a shark tooth pit. But that’s it. If u want an quite place to sleep come Read More

Nice for a visit - 10/23/2020
My wife and I spent a week here and found it to be an enjoyable area. I have been looking to move to NC for a while now and I think this trip talked her into it. Downtown New Bern is a nice little area, full of local shops, and it made for a fun time taking a picture with every bear statue we came across. It is somewhat touristy, and the cost of doing almost anything reflects that. The downsides that we have found with the area is that the job market seems to be lacking there. My wife had the unfortunate opportunity to ask some of the hospital staff what she could expect to see pay wise there as a nurse and it was quite a bit lower than you would expect l many other places. In addition to that, the hospital bill we received was very high even by ridiculous medical cost standards. While there are certainly some nice homes around, many of the area we saw were somewhat run down. All of those factors make the relatively low median home prices unsurprising. One of my biggest pet peeves Read More

Crime Issues - 3/20/2016
I have never been in New Bern, NC personally but have driven through there on Rte 17, boring roads, crossing their awesome bridge, through Bridgeton. I missed the opportunity to see the down town area. I understand there's a riverwalk made of cement. Looks peaceful. I take it that jobs are hard there, and I can see why the crime rates have taken it's toll. Also, if there are bad areas, don't they have programs to fit their needs? Just wondering. Looks like they have mostly veterans there. I would be interested in knowing what they are doing for the deaf there. Didn't see anything on that online Read More

New Bern NC - 5/24/2015
New Bern has always been a small city, or some would say, a small town. However, it has grown a lot since the 70's. I can remember when the population was less than 14 thousand people, and now it is over 30 thousand. And, YES, it is over 30 thousand people. Most of the residents in New Bern are from the North or other areas. There is a small percentage of natives who still live there. A lot of the natives had moved elsewhere,where outsiders have moved in. The area still have some of its local dialect but not much since others have moved in the area. It is a quite charming little town. Yes the summers are long and heat index is very humid. The winter is very short. With the summer and humidity, New Bern may not be for everyone. It is a nice place to live even though the cost of living is some what high. The crime rate is high only in small certain areas. The only thing I don't like about New Bern is the job market is not that great. I only hope the City of New Bern can bring more Read More

Well Rounded Seasons - 11/15/2012
This area of NC is great if you still enjoy the feeling of fall, possibility of snow and cold wintry nights and a nice humid southern summer. Since we've lived here we have experienced all seasons just about every year. Love the hot summer temps and enjoying the water activities but certainly appreciate the possibility of snow and a fire around the Read More

Known to some locals as 'Moo Bern.' - 6/25/2012
Typical oldish, sleepy, southern town. Not much happening, just the retiree imports trying to fit in with the somewhat kicked back locals.

Not a lot of fast paced action, not much crime at least in the better sections. Golf, fish here. Beach about 30 miles away. Deep sea fishing if you like.

We don't even here have a decent country and western bar.

Restaurants are ho-hum at best. BQQ, or 'Q' is the chow of choice.

Summers are usually hotter than stink. Winters will freeze your Read More

Climate - 8/19/2010
The climate in this area is horrid. Summer starts no later than May 1st and last until the middle or end of October. The heat and humidity are excrutiating; the insects, snakes, spiders, etc never ending and not to mention the mildew and mold. The winter is short, but there is winter. We moved here three years ago knowing there would be humidity and at least a couple of pretty hot months but not like this.....even the nights are hot.
We are out of here as soon as we can sell our Read More

Don't waste your timr here! - 12/5/2009
I moved from California to New Bern and lived ther for 2 years. The place is a joke. The cost of living is higher than San Jose other than the price of the houses adn the crime rate is higher. And if you think you can find a job that pays anything forget it. There are too many retired people from the north that find out that they can only play golf and walk so much that they go stir crazy and will work for less than minimum wage just for something to do. The same holds true for many/most of the military wives. I could give many other reasons no to move or even visit Read More

getting around - 11/18/2009
you need a car. they don't have a bus Read More

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