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Star Rating - 6/17/2021
New Bern is a nice quiet town. The people are very nice. The cost of living is low which would be great if you are retiring from a big city. There is always a place eat, and birds singing in the air. Traffic is lite and shopping is a pleasure especially because it not overly crowded in the stores. I could go on about how great the parks, fishing and ect are but than I'll be here all night. On the con side New Bern could use its own bowling ally and Movie theater and maybe a bus that take you from the country side of Pamlico Country into downtown New Bern even if it's only 2 twice a day it would make it easier for a person without a car to get to Newbern for employment. More People are starting to buy home in Pamlico and ,Craven County ..
Michelle | New Bern, NC
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- 12/10/2020
Wow a perfect wonder land :/ ??
I’ve lived here for my hole Life I’m 12 and I just wanna say if u what snow every xmas an...
Myra | Orma, WV | No Replies

- 10/23/2020
Nice for a visit
My wife and I spent a week here and found it to be an enjoyable area. I have been looking ...
J | Beverly Hills, CA | No Replies

- 3/20/2016
Crime Issues
I have never been in New Bern, NC personally but have driven through there on Rte 17, bori...
Linda | Woodbridge, VA | No Replies

- 5/24/2015
New Bern NC
New Bern has always been a small city, or some would say, a small town. However, it has gr...
Phillip | Charlotte, NC | No Replies

- 11/15/2012
Well Rounded Seasons
This area of NC is great if you still enjoy the feeling of fall, possibility of snow and c...
Whitney | New Bern, NC | No Replies

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