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Nice for a visit
Star Rating - 10/23/2020
My wife and I spent a week here and found it to be an enjoyable area. I have been looking to move to NC for a while now and I think this trip talked her into it. Downtown New Bern is a nice little area, full of local shops, and it made for a fun time taking a picture with every bear statue we came across. It is somewhat touristy, and the cost of doing almost anything reflects that. The downsides that we have found with the area is that the job market seems to be lacking there. My wife had the unfortunate opportunity to ask some of the hospital staff what she could expect to see pay wise there as a nurse and it was quite a bit lower than you would expect l many other places. In addition to that, the hospital bill we received was very high even by ridiculous medical cost standards. While there are certainly some nice homes around, many of the area we saw were somewhat run down. All of those factors make the relatively low median home prices unsurprising. One of my biggest pet peeves while I was there was the driving. It's a small-ish town, and the people there really seem to need some bigger city driving lessons. Overall we plan to visit again, but will probably be looking toward some of the surrounding areas to actually move to.
J | Beverly Hills, CA
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