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Changing for the worst. - 8/27/2019
I moved to columbus 10 years ago. I've lived in big coastal cities and in between in the midwest. I'll start by saying this city is not for everyone. If youre a intellectual seeking a liberal haven with big city amenities, columbus is not it. Sports and OSU football are god. If you're Male, brush up on any sports trivia, or grow a beard and act like a hipster, it is a requirement. If you're female, you'll want to learn some narcissistic behaviors coupled with Male agression. Also, you must praise the Chick fi lay. Really, all funny aside, for its size columbus is very sheltered, residents(who haven't traveled much) here believe they walk on a golden utopia and wear shirts praising their holy and. Crime is everywhere, particularly within the 270 belt, but spreading into wealthy neighborhoods. Jobs are in abundance but wages have declined, in opposition to rents and housing prices which has created wide rifts in social classes which is evident everywhere. Ultra Christian extremists in Read More

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Juarez Mexico is better than Columbus imho - 5/3/2019
I've lived in both St Louis, USA, and Juarez, Mexico. Let me start out by saying, Columbus does not hold a candle to either city. I first traveled to Columbus when I was living in Washington, D.C. (a friend suggested I try Bicycle Route 40 - worth it btw). I was pulled in by the low COL and cheap housing prices, but boy did I make a mistake! You will find a large percentage of the population has a BMI over 30, and many are very salt-of-the-earth, earnest type folks. Not really my cup of tea. Nightlife is bland, the food is Midwestern and gross! If you want something better nearby then try Read More

Just look past the surface and you'll find a gem - 1/5/2019
I was born in Columbus and grew up in Hilliard. By the time I went to college, I applied only to out of state schools because I wanted adventure and had only known the suburbs, which I would argue is as boring as it gets. I couldn't afford out of state costs, and I'm so glad, because I ended up at Ohio State, which has given me such a great appreciation for this city that I never had growing up.
I've traveled and lived in different places abroad and around the country (all with very different climates than Ohio). While I love those places and long to be there again for their own charm, I've realized I couldn't imagine calling anywhere but Columbus home, and I'm okay with that.

We have all four seasons, yes it gets hot and humid in summer and frustratingly cold and gray in the winter, but we have beautiful fall foliage and spring blooms, and most importantly, we get big change every few months, which really helps you appreciate all the seasons. It's easy to forget Read More

Bland but not awful - 7/23/2018
I moved to Cbus in 2007 from St. Louis. Having been here a sufficient length of time, I can give an unbiased appraisal of the city. First, let me start off by saying that for the first two years I lived here, I hated it! Thought the people were fat, aloof, the food scene pretty awful, the fashion abyssimal (think OSU sweatshirts and bad '80s jeans), the beer and chips aisles in the grocery stores took up three times the space as the fresh produce!, not a lot going on for families and the weather (gray til May) incredibly depressing. THAT was my initial impression, and some of that has not changed.

There are, however, great aspects to the city, as I have learned over the years. While healthy lifestyles still seem more of the exception than the rule here, the people here are highly intelligent. The diversity here is the most I have seen in any US city outside of NYC. You can walk into any grocery store and hear people speaking five different languages...Japanese, Read More

Miss it Every Day - 5/27/2018
I lived in Columbus from age 18 - 40. I've since moved a lot for my career: Westchester NY (NYC), Washington DC, Jackson MS, Irvine CA, Salt Lake City UT, and Pittsburgh PA. So I feel like I have a good representative sample. I also travel a lot and have been to every US city and state. And although I am a bit of a homer (I went to Ohio State) I have to say that Columbus is the only place I think of when I think of "home."

So let me start out with the negative things about Columbus that I don't think anyone is going to debate: 1) The winters are cold and unbearable, and there is really nothing to do outdoors between December and April. 2) There are not mountains or beaches nearby; it is largely surrounded by farmland to the north and west and Appalachian foothills to the east and south. 3) Sports revolve around Ohio State. 4) There are a lot of chain restaurants in the suburbs (although where isn't this the case?).

Now for the good, which I could spend days Read More

Not for the individual. Great for herd mentality. - 3/10/2018
If you move to Columbus for Olive Garden there is something seriously wrong with you..(seems like any good restaurant turned into a chain and quality went downhill) Columbus already has one of the most overweight populations in the countries. It's true. Wonder why establishments have so many handicapped parking spots?
Not for the injured or elderly, but for those who can't keep their mouth hole closed. You often find these areas littered with scooters, little rascals, personal mobility devices or whatever you call them.
Why would a person ever get so fat? A glandular condition needs a fuel to feed on. I like food as well, but I stop eating when food no longer goes down my throat voluntarily.
If you're looking for traveling Broadway shows with second rate talent you've hit the jackpot. Remember, these are actors that couldn't 'Make It There'.
Schools, yes the suburban schools are probably better, but that's cause voters/homeowners pass levys that better fund the Read More

Awful Stats - 1/26/2018
I would love to live in Columbus, however the stats on this website are not Read More

Great Place to Raise Kids - 12/26/2017
I loved living in Columbus. There are tons of activities for children (see the book "Kids Love Columbus). There's a great sense of community and the citizens have good midwestern values. I hated to Read More

Columbus, OH - 8/29/2016
have lived in Columbus for about 9 yrs now. Moved here because my husband was born & raised here and had good memories of the place from the '70's. I can't stand this city. The drivers are all maniacs. The only good things I can come up with are: an outstanding library system and the Franklin Conservatory (which costs about $12 bucks to walk thru!! My husband died last year and if I had the money to move, I would be seeing Columbus in my rear view mirror Read More

Columbus overall - 3/5/2016
After living in the Columbus area for 2 years, I think I can give an impartial review of the city. So, here goes:

Pros: Low cost of living compared to many other places.
I have no statistics, but there seems to be a good employment rate
in a variety of fields.
Many shows, concerts, festivals, etc.
Good system of metro parks that are connected via a paved
biking/walking path.
Good library system with multiple branches
Decent hospitals
Good restaurants.
Ohio state university and some good small colleges.

Cons: Sprawl- Everything is spread out. The public transportation is
not good. A car is pretty much a necessity, and this leads to
Many drivers are overly aggressive. Many drive too slowly and
do not pay attention. This is a bad combination.
The weather is often dreary, humid, or Read More

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Bed 5 | Bath 2

318 E 17th Ave
Bed 7 | Bath 4

653 E Gates St
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398 Woodland Ave
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338 Whitethorne Ave
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257 N Oakley Ave
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5569 Farms Dr
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