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Reviews for Medina  based on 7 Reviews

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Where everyone should know your name - 8/30/2013
Medina is small and has nice homes. Everyone seems to know everyone that has kids or has grown up there since they were little. No one talks to newcomers, especially if you aren't from Ohio. Liberty Woods is a nice neighborhood for the price of homes but poor on being a community. Someone had posted about the weather being cloudy and I agree, it makes you go insane! Medina has some local shops, wish the prices weren't so high for dining out but they do seem to have nice drink selections! Just be forewarned that this is NOT an inviting place. Even the churches don't outreach... so not Read More

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Just my opinion... - 1/18/2010
Moved here about three years ago thinking I'd like to get back close to relatives. Seemed like a wonderful place at first, but the cloudiness will make all but the most bubbly person naturally depressed. The LEAST cloudy month is July, and in July the average is 75% of days are cloudy or partly cloudy! The city has a reputation for being quite snobby (although residents will deny it), and nearby communities dub them the "Medina Millionaires" although lots of money is not a pre-requisite to fit the stereotype! The population is not at all diverse and is generally intolerant of anything that is not "vanilla" --- the city's "International Festival" is a hoot!! Tacos and spaghetti is about as diverse as it gets! Schools are good, although there are endless attempts at increasing property taxes. I heard Medina High School is the largest in the country...I don't know if it's true, but it is waaaay nicer than any other high school I've seen...sure must have cost taxpayers more than a Read More

Medina,Ohio. A Great Place to Live!!!!! - 2/11/2008
I lived in Medina for 20 years (from 1973 to 1993) and I loved living there because I love living in a small Read More

Very family friendly - 12/24/2007
I moved to Medina 4 years ago with my wife. Since then we have had 2 children. We have found the city to be a wonderful place to raise a family. There are always lots of community activities going on, civic groups to get involved with and lots of local sports. We are very glad to have made the Read More

Medina- alot more than you think - 6/19/2006
County fair, a community band, one of the best library systems in the country, a wonderful park system; our area is terrific. Need more? We're a short hop down the freeway from Cleveland with its World class symphony orchestra, 2nd largest theater district in the country, museums of all kinds, a wonderful zoo and rainforest, city gardens by the acres. All this with reasonable housing costs and a manageable climate with springs and falls to die Read More

Great place to live - 3/29/2006
Medina is a wonderful place to raise children. We are from Westlake(Cleveland) originally and have found Medina to be a great community. It's growth has been quick and not well planned. But I would assume that any rural area would not be prepared for the rapid growth. The changes being made will take some time but they will happen. We do not live in the "city" but love the hometown atmosphere. I would recommend our area for anyone ready to slow down life. My boys play in the woods and experience nature first hand every day. Wild turkey, deer, woodpeckers, fox and coyote are in our yard daily. BTW, we are in an developement 2-5 acre lots, we have the best of both worlds. The larger city attractions (museums, galleries, playhouses and such) are not too far away. Columbus is 1.5 hrs. Cleveland 35 minutes, Akron 30 minutes. Jim, dense people are everywhere. Don't judge our city by the few you must have Read More

not here - 3/24/2006
There are some nice houses in this area; scenery is pretty, but the taxes are ridiculously high for what services are provided and the people here are too dense for us. We're looking to soon be back in Carmel, Read More

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