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It's nice but... - 7/15/2016
I was born here, raised here, and spent most of my formative years here, but plan to leave soon. The schools are good, the healthcare is okay, and there is very little crime. The local university brings world-class art and natural history museums, some beautiful gardens, and even a few sporting and concert venues, but for most cultural amenities you have to drive 30+ minutes to nearby Oklahoma City. The neighborhoods are a mixed bag, with some featuring historic Victorian bungalows on large plots of land close to downtown and the university, some featuring generic mcmansions halfway between a strip mall and the projects. Traffic is average, but amplified by constant construction. Shopping is okay, with a large indoor mall located at I-35 and main st., and an outdoor "lifestyle center" further north on the site of the old naval air station. Public transport is nice, with one of the largest bus systems in the country, daily rail service via Amtrak to OKC and Ft. Worth, and future Read More

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June 2015 Review of Norman, Oklahoma - 6/7/2015
I originally came to live in Langston, OK because I had lost my job in Sanford, Florida. I had lived in Florida all of my life (45 years) until coming to Oklahoma. I was able to secure a position with the University of Oklahoma in 2013. I was very excited because I thought I would have the opportunity to support my professional growth and development while collaborating with other professionals. I have tried to be positive, but the truth is that Norman, like many other cities, is for a specific type of person and that would be Republican. I will state that most of the people are family oriented. However, there is very little customer service when interacting with any business. By that I mean if you walk into a restaurant or a government agency there is more of a focus on chatting with friends than taking care of business. A lot of modern conveniences are lacking. For instance when I changed my drivers license I could only use cash. Also, you can not mix cash and credit when purchasing Read More

i used to love it here - 8/19/2013
When I came to college in Norman in 1967, after a childhood spent on miliary bases, I saw the leafy neighborhoods and the truly beautiful OU campus and I thought it was the most exotic place I'd ever seen. It was, at that time, a funky, laid back hippy town and God, how I loved it. I've
lived here ever since with the exception of five years in LA back in the early 80s.

My wife and I raised our kids here. The schools are still good and the core neighborhoods surrounding OU is still one of my favorite places to walk and bicycle around, and this is after a considerable amount of travel. I still lovce Oklahoma and its people. But, having said that, I've kind of had enough.

Norman has been, for a long time, in the grip of a development community that has absolutely no sense of aesthetics. If you think you'd like living in the first city of its size to have two Wal-Mart Supercenters, this is the place for you. If you want to live in a town where Read More

Adjusting to a new environment - 6/5/2010
My self and three children moved to Norman in April, 2009. We chose to move from Illinos to Norman because all of my family lives here and I no longer wanted to be in IL. alone. Since being here I find this city to be much more relaxed than I am use too,but I find it to be a fairly nice place to raise children. Although the area is smaller than IL, I am still having trouble finding my way around the addresses are hidden and most people use landmarks as a destination instead of an address on street signs, I find this to be very confusing. I find the school which my three children attend to be substandard in the priority of their lessons, discipline,and school security system. The teachers are not focusing on the degree of educating our children. They are quick to call you about any little thing that does not fit their standard of teaching. I have attended church every Sunday since coming here, as a new visitor we were never introduced to the congregation, we were just assumed to be a Read More

Excellent City - 3/17/2010
We relocated to the Norman, OK area for employment opportunities at Tinker AFB. We have found Norman to be an ideal city to live and raise a family. Our neighborhood in west Norman is picture perfect with every desired amenity within 5 miles of our home. We enjoy exploring our new city every Read More

Frustrating-- How bad IS the air quality there?? - 9/23/2008
I was begining to think Norman was a PERFECT place to relocate. It seemed to have everything I was looking for in a place to move to, EXCEPT one HUGE problem..... The air quality is 36??!!! Oh my!!! I have allergies and my son has asthma. Would we even be able to BREATHE in Norman? I cannot believe cnn money rated Norman so high on the chart when many people could NOT go there and be able to live if they have ANY allergies or sensitivities or breathing difficulties or asthma at all! Or if they didn't have those problems before, I am guessing with that poor quality of air, they would DEVELOP breathing problems, especially the babies or young children exposed to it. I guess I will have to keep looking for my utopia Read More

2 years now - 9/22/2008
Nice place to Read More

Oklahoma at its Best - 12/11/2007
Norman, home to Oklahoma's university (OU), is a community that mixes well the traditions of "down home" Oklahoma culture with the sophistications of modern city Read More

Norman, Oklahoma - 6/9/2007
Norman has very affordable housing costs,
and the University of Oklahoma, like many
state universities, is a tremendous bargain.
Other cost of living item are reasonable,
but nothing Read More

Norman, OK - 10/5/2006
Norman is overall a very nice community. The University of Oklahoma is located in our city and is a vibrant, growing educational facility. While sometimes it seems the tail (the University) wags the dog (the city), the benefits of having the University outweigh the negatives. The cost of living is reasonable; traffic can be a problem during rush hour; shopping is adequate and we are close to OKC with larger and more varied shopping opportunities; good restaurants, both chain and local. Crime is fairly low, but could easily escalate due to population growth. Politically, the city is diverse and perhaps leans slightly to the left, but being located in the Bible Belt, we remain basically conservative. Among the housing markets within central metro area, Norman is one of the more Read More

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1613 Cherry Stone St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1328 Rebecca Lane-1328 Rebecca Ln
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1106 W Apache St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1017 Bear Mountain Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1731 Concord Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1325 E Brooks St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3701 Dalston Cir
Bed 4 | Bath 4


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