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Think twice about Bend, Oregon - 6/4/2021
I am a NATIVE Oregonian. Born here, married literally, "the girl next door", raised our kids and grandkids here. Married for 42 years, and I can share with any one interested, Central Oregon, including Bend, Oregon, and the entire area, are in the process of becoming South Central Los Angeles, or basically, southern California.
If you like living in a place where you, and your kids will NEVER be able to afford the American dream....move here.
However, perhaps the best little secret I can share, is that so far; nobody moving here has figured out, what will eventually, make Bend, one of the worst places to live....Folks, this place is cute, quaint, lots of outdoor activities, and appears a great place to live.
But,.. look around...this is NOT, a large City with an infrastructure built, and sustainable to house, and support the amount of people moving here. Um...first of all.....there are NO, large warehouses with stocks of groceries, and medical supplies for the people Read More

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Bend is overpriced and overrated - 5/18/2021
I have lived in Bend, OR for almost 14 years and the cost of living has sky rocketed. Affordable housing is hard to come by and apartments are expensive, as are houses. Unless, you can work remotely and are moving from California, N.Y. or another high priced city and make 6-7 figures a year, I would not suggest moving here. Houselessness, drugs and the high cost of living as taken its toll here. Not too mention that Bend is a tourist town that was hard hit by COVID-19 and we have had our share of Proud Boys and alt-right groups coming through here to cause trouble and hold rallies which our law enforcement officers chose to ignore, for the most part. Houses are selling for $600,000 and up to those who telecommute for work or want a vacation home or rentals. I live in a 507 sq ft 1 bedroom apart that costs me $990.00 a month and will soon go up again this year to over a thousand a month. That is cheap compared to the many other studio and 1 bedrooms costing $1200- $2800 a month. So, Read More
Cat | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

Drugs. Homeless. Self absorbed elites! - 4/15/2021
If you read a positive review of Bend, it’s likely from a realtor, which there are a TON of here. Bend is not all that, but the government and real estate industry here is tight. Drives up prices of homes to an unaffordable level where the only people that can afford them are from Portland or out of state. Like California, the land is beautiful. Like California, government has ruined the area. Homeless people everywhere, drug use galore. Can’t take a drive without smelling burning cannabis. I live in a rental that has a Zestimate of $550k on the west side and I can’t leave my windows open cause it’s like reefer madness outside.  Read More

LOVE IT! - 4/6/2021
I lived in Bend for 8 years with my wife and 4 children. We recently moved to Cape Cod and are now moving to St. George Utah. ( We are Gypsies and give our kiddos a chance to see the world). I LOVED Bend. is expensive and the homes are unreasonably overpriced however the quality of life you get from the place outweighs the extra work required to derive a great quality of time. We have nothing but fond memories of Bend. The locals are all too keen to point out they like the town before the new residents came in and "Ruined it". By ruining it they mean making it a shining example of what a small town is capable of being. There are some backwoods morons here like anywhere else and they get frustrated that the roads are paved now and that people use the Deschutes river for enjoyment rather than floating logs and dumping their trash into. It is a virtual Paradise on Earth with wonderful all year round activities. If you love beer....for god sakes just pack up and move now. It's an Read More

So over-rated - 3/9/2021
Horrible place to settle down permanently. The locals are inbred morons. The transplants from Portland and California are greedy, self-obsessed, and take all they can from the community without giving anything back. Homelessness, potheads, and other assorted misfits/addicts/felons all over the place. Cost of living is absurd for such pathetic and poorly planned community. Yes, there are some mountains nearby but the skiing is nothing impressive. The people who move here wish they could afford to live in Vail or Sun Valley but had to settle for sagebrush Read More

What an awesome town. - 1/4/2021
I've lived here for 2 years now and can sum up the city from my experience with the following:

1. Bend is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. I spent over 200 days in the outdoors last year doing any number of activities. This isn't because I don't work but because the outdoors is so accessible here, Biking is in town, Skiing is 25 minutes away, Climbing is in town plus Smith Rock is 30 minutes away, and great whitewater runs through town. If you enjoy outdoor sports, there are very few places comparable to Bend for accessibility, possibly Leavenworth, WA and Bozeman, MT.

2. The weather is very mild, we haven't really had a snow accumulation in Bend this year and it's January. The spring is short, summer hot, and fall is perfect. Winter is so much less harsh than winters in similar ski towns or even the front range in Colorado.

3. Housing was affordable for years but that is rapidly changing, I think this year was probably the largest shift in housing Read More
Nate | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

Bend = Beer Culture - 12/1/2020
I’ve lived in Bend over 15 years and it’s still a relatively small Oregon mountain town. Basically, it’s a jock town where beer is revered and the temperatures are as cold as a craft beer 5 months out of the year. Bend does have four seasons, but five months are taken over by winter, two months are sweltering hot, and fall, spring, and summer are comfortable though all the nice places are overrun by tourists then. And let’s not forget the month of Fire where the air quality is so unhealthy that you can’t go outdoors. You will live longer being in Bend though as the best way to socialize is through exercise; however, the quality of the healthcare is iffy because there is no internship program at the local hospital and, therefore, all the education for doctors is on the west side of the Cascades and the docs stay there after they finish their education. So, there is a physician shortage in Bend. It is still a bit of a cultural wasteland despite a few cultural venues and a handful Read More

Why the high tax it's hard enough. - 11/25/2020
I have to say the winter is so cold it reminds me of the north east. The longer I've lived here the more I want to leave and soon. The main employer is the hospital which isn't a well run hospital so it's a constant struggle. All the other employment is just working class jobs with ridiculous housing coast. When you live here you can barley afford to enjoy the outdoors because you spent all your money for a roof and a heating bill eight out of twelve month and Oregon has a 13% income state tax which is as high as California. The no sales tax doesn't come close to off setting the state income tax. The people aren't that friendly anymore either. The over population has really changed Bend a lot. Read More

Bend has sunshine and outdoor activities. - 10/13/2020
Bend is great if you like the outdoors year round. I moved here because it was similar to the mountain life I enjoyed in Colorado for over 20 years and really wanted to experience the Northwest. Bend is more affordable with many similar lifestyles. With that said I think Bend is too expensive for what it offers, grocery stores are more expensive in general than world class resort towns I lived in Colorado. Not sure what that is all about. People are great, coworkers, neighbors, and ones I meet on the trail.
Many locals or people who moved here for what it offers are not happy with so many people now moving here. Man oh man I just can't handle that argument, same story where I always live. I tend to live in nice places and people discover it and want to move there. That freakin' simple people. I know it drives up costs, increases traffic, etc. But it is what it is.
I might be moving due to not enough work here for me in hospitality industry. Seems to be lots of active Read More

Change your plates hide California evidence!!! - 10/8/2020
Came here with California plates. Make sure you change them before you come as locals absolutely hate Californians and will harass you, tell you to leave and vandalize your Read More

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