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A Special Place to live 2.5 years in... - 7/6/2018
I have lived in 5 states and many towns and cities and Eugene is my favorite by far. Yes it is very progressive, but not to the point where you probably would be uncomfortable if you are conservative. But if you are progressive or liberal, you will feel like you have come home. People may challenge your views, but in a polite and well-informed way. I noticed a difference in the kids here. They seem genuinely happy and free to express their happy silly selves in public. This does not turn heads as there is an air of personal freedom here. Any 18 year old can buy marijuanna here so if you have a medical condition and it is illegal where you live, come for a visit here and give it a go to see if it will help you. People are polite and friendly and are not agressive drivers, but as in other places I have lived, the more expensive the neighborhood, the less likely you will know your neighbors. I love that there is a thick booklet that tells you all about the farms, CSA’s, organic grocery Read More

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Not for everyone - 11/15/2017
Eugene is a unique place, and it will not suit everyone well. There is a strong influence left over from the 60's here, much of it is positive, such as an open minded and open hearted atmosphere that can really feel good to the right person. Eugene is not diverse in racial terms, but it is diverse in political views, certain sections of town are very liberal, others are not. Still, one does not see much animosity here between anyone, what someone from a more crowded, frenzied place will appreciate right away is how nice people are in general, which is reflected in the way they drive too, a delight unless you are a chronically rushed person or type A personality. Opportunities here for starting a career and thriving are not what they are down south. A lot of people just get by, but even in that, there is something different, many people, the core Eugene people, value education over money, so people can feel satisfied with less. They may take the bus rather than dream of owning a BMW Read More

rental housing - 8/23/2016
how much does a 3bd 2bth with a guest house Read More

"O" verated - 3/19/2016
Thank you for a truthful and sincere post. I believe you are being honest and telling it like it is. This is the case just about everywhere now. I blame meth ultra liberal politicians and the overall downturn of the economy. California is much the same way. Especially forested areas like Placerville etc where it is easy to hide meth labs. I'll visit but stay in Santa Cruz which has also taken a major downturn due to overcrowding, traffic, drugs, gangs and mucho mucho homelessness...I still call them bums. Our county almost invites them here. Like feeding a stray dog. Now we have strays everywhere, roadsides, under overpasses, green areas off freeways and main roads etc. I feel for these people but geeze...most don't even try. All this being said, most parts of Santa Cruz county are still some of the best on the west coast. Having lived in the sierra foothills also, I can almost see and feel what Oregon is experiencing. Sorry. If real estate is comparably cheap, there is a Read More

My All Time Favorite Place - 12/13/2015
I am 83 years old and have lived in Eugene for 40 years after traveling and living in many places. Eugene is the finest place I have ever been..... Contact me if you want details. Jerry Read More

Civility, Courtesy Quality - 4/11/2015
Civility and courtesy are everyday occurrences; I once had a woman follow me for blocks in her car before I finally pulled over to see what was going on. I had left my house keys in the car trunk keyhole and she didn't want me to lose them. Countless other examples: people don't honk their horns, drivers and bikers are polite, kids and youth in general are pleasantly responsive to spontaneous conversation and have "good manners," the scenery is beautiful, farm produce is first rate and with easy access, people readily smile. I got the firm impression this is not religious based, but people are nice just because it's the right thing to do. Obviously, I am a transplant!  Read More

it's great but... - 6/22/2014
There's so many things we love about Eugene, having moved from LA 19 years ago...affordable housing, less crowds and traffic, the beauty, the gorgeous coast, the bike paths, the growing wine and microbrew business, the fun summer festivals, the progressive community, and I believe the best kept secret weather-wise in the summer (no humidity) in the country. All that said, it's the long winter season - no sun, cold rain - that has finally taken its toll... Read More

Newbie to Eugene - 7/17/2013
I am looking for suggestions about apartment rentals. I'm moving sight unseen because of an employment opportunity. There's no family or pet to worry about. Is there a downtown/business district where it's possible to live/work without owning a vehicle? I've been reading the comments and so far it's only the panhandlers and bums that are freaking me out. Thanks for the help in Read More

I moved to Eugene a year ago - 4/21/2013
I moved to Eugene last summer from the eastern Washington area and I have to say most reviews I've read are spot on about almost everything. The humidity is ungodly if you are not used to it. It's not as bad on the coast or further inland, but here in the valley it is extremely humid year round. The traffic is awful during the school year. Need to get from the south Eugene area to the Gateway mall? Plan on a 20 minute drive to go about 5 miles through downtown or take the freeway (twice as many miles). Don't even get me started on trying to get anywhere between 2:30 and 6:30 p.m. If you've been living in western Washington (which is where I lived prior to moving to the east side of the state), the traffic probably seems light :) There are not any decent lakes in this area, and the ones that are here are freezing cold year round. We had jet skis when we moved here but sold them because there really are no decent fresh water lakes. There are panhandlers on just about every major Read More
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If you're coming to OR - hard pressed to beat Euge - 2/25/2013
I read all the posts... Many good points have been made. But I'll add another perspective.

Disclaimer: I was raised in Eugene. My family lives there. I can relocate there and still make a six figure income. I could live anywhere. My employment opportunities are endless - I could go work for Goldman, iBnak, whatever. I attended UO and love my Ducks. I say this only for perspective.

But I am choosing to move back to Eugene.

Here is my honest review of over 25+ years of living there:

If you are a doctor, lawyer, CPA, etc. you will be fine. If you are trying to start a career? Forget it. I am moving back after I built a strong résumé but if you want to start something in Eugene you need to be an entrepreneur or have a family business; guaranteed. If you want to be 30 making 6 figures working on a "career" that is not going to happen easily; and is in many cases basically impossible; regardless of education.  Read More

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