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Interesting - 3/7/2018
Klamath falls Oregon is a complex,interesting place to live. Lots of ranching and people are hard working. It is called a basin due to volcano action. Huge lake,rivers,eagles,hawks and cows. Deer roam the city. I think this place is a secret kind of paradise in a way! There is no shopping. People are friendly. Houses are very cheap. Nostalgic. There are jobs! No homelessness! Check it out. We do need doctors and nurses! I see bald eagles Read More

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Klamath is a great place to live, work, and play! - 8/17/2017
If you are looking or considering a new place to either move to, or, to start a business, you may wish to consider Klamath Falls / Klamath County. With a commute time of half the national average, getting around is a snap. And, with over 300 days of sunshine, Klamath boasts perhaps the best weather in Oregon. There is lots to do in Klamath County / The Klamath Basin. For more information check out www.MeetMeInKlamath.com Read More

Quality of Life - 9/15/2016
Can someone comment on the following?

1) Why is the crime rate so high and is it really a problem or just in certain areas?
2) Is the tap water good tasting and safe to drink?
3) Is there a reason why homes are significantly less expensive than in other towns in Oregon?
4) Is there enough rain and is the soil good enough for gardens?
5) Is the hospital rated highly?

Any comments about life in Klamath Falls would be Read More

Do Oregonians Really Hate Californians? - 7/9/2016
My husband and I have been having a low key disagreement about this very subject. We're getting a bit older, we live in San Framcisco (natives) and I've been checking out different communities across the nation where we can move to in a few years. My husband is convinced that you folks hate Californians, and we shouldn't check it out for retirement. He has never been there; that's just the scuttlebutt from a couple of his friends. I said we have to check it out for ourselves. I mean I get being a bit protective of a place I've lived in for over 50 years. The population of S.F., whereas doesn't sound like a huge surge in 50 years, went from ~725,000 to about ~815,000 today. But, this town is only 7 miles wide and with the advent of the tech boom, there are few homes under $1,000,000 (THATs what makes me mad). My point is, I don"t dig it, but I don't hate the people who have moved here. We want to be able to live in a place that is beautiful (same reason people come here). So tell me, Read More

Beautiful and unspoiled - 2/22/2016
Klamath Falls a quirky small town on the sunny-side of Oregon with about 30,000 people in the greater area (including the census area of Altamont). There are more than 3000 small businesses, and about 30 medium to large employers, but we definitely need more private-sector jobs. I think we have a good work force because the area attracts people who like to live a healthy lifestyle, and we have two colleges. With a lot of agriculture in the area, we have a culture with a strong work ethic. I have found it to be a great place to raise a family with schools that have higher graduation rates than the state's average, two performing arts theaters, lots of paved (and unpaved) walking paths and trails. We have an amazing sports complex for a town our size -- indoor field house, baseball, skateboarding and soccer fields. And they're going to have their own solar power to run the place. We have the only Arnold Palmer designed golf course in Oregon, the longest zipline in Oregon, the only Read More

Love this small town! - 7/6/2015
My husband and I came to Klamath Falls in November of 2014, looking for a place to retire. We loved the small town right off the bat, and could't get over the friendliness of the people. We found a house we liked and bought it, unable to move into it until May of 2015. We stayed in a motel from Mid-December until May, along with our yellow lab. This is the 5th state we have lived in, having grown up in a mid- size town in Wisconsin. We lived in Kansas for 4 years, Pennsylvania for 16 yrs, and the San Diego area for the past 25 years. We weren't sure we would find Oregon our final stop, but absolutely love the state and it's beautiful forests, hiking trails, National Parks and waterfalls, and the lack of congestion, especially compared to California. Couldn't wait to get away from there. Settling in Klamath Falls has brought us such peace of mind. We enjoy small town living and find we have most of everything we need right here. Okay, so there isn't a large mall, but one can Read More

Poor Quality of Life - 6/23/2015
Well, I've got to thank all the truthful people that left a post here.Thanks to all the negative post that have been posted here, I'll find another area to bring my performance engine manufacturing business to. This truly sounds like a hell on Earth. KF just lost what would've been about 600 good paying jobs (18.00 - 32.00 an hour) jobs. I can't see surviving in a atmosphere where I'd be fighting everyone from the city counsel to the police just to try to get a comfortable life going. If a city as small as Klamath Falls can't handle their drug problem/child abuse problem/air pollution, then they are destined for Read More

Lived here for 2 months. - 10/18/2014
We just moved to KF from East Texas Aug 2014. Its funny, every person we've met has asked, why we moved here. The Town people have been very friendly but seem curious as to what brought us here. Its as if they know we chose this area with specific purpose. Its true we did! The area is gorgeous, we love it. Coming from Texas we noticed right off there was no one fishing or boating in August at Klamath Lake. That struck us quiet odd because in Tx where there is water and fish you see people. Being a customer of the blue green algae supplements from KF for years, I had an idea. I still wondered why people weren't swimming or fishing in the water, if the KF algae is healthy to ingest. After asking local people, I found a handful of answers from: water is to shallow for boats, its cold, the algae feels gooey to swim in, green film all over your boat. I did see state signs/laws at lakes, that you must scrub your boats to keep unwanted species out of lakes. That in itself is probably a Read More

DO NOT WORK for Sky Lakes Hospital (previously: Me - 9/28/2013
All the comments on this site regarding NOT living in Klamath Falls are TRUE!!!
I have experienced it myself over the past couple months and I could not get out of here fast enough!
The poor water quality (that is predominately in the newspapers currently, Sept 2013) is visibly disgusting. The air is not bad now, but as it gets colder I had been told to wear a mask outside in the winter since the poor air quality condenses here in the basin.
In regards to dogs, people here are not friendly towards them at all. Despite what you read online about "the friendliest dog cities in Oregon"; Klamath Falls is NOT one of them. I have had more rude comments about having my beautiful chocolate lab with me on walks, in my car, staying at hotels, and not being able to rent a house or apartment. This town is NOT dog friendly in the least!
Then there is the hospital, Sky Lakes. Sure its beautiful on the outside with all the millions of dollars they spent changing the Read More

Air Quality is the worst - 8/11/2013
Klamath Falls has the worst air quality in Oregon. During the winter the air gets so bad you can't go outside. The town burns their trash and since it is in a basin the air can't escape. No smog checks, nobody follows the regulations when you can burn wood, and the air is Read More

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5454 Sherwood Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3006 Front St
Bed 3 | Bath 4

1650 Manzanita St
Bed 2 | Bath 2

28525 Nu K Sham St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

223 Hillside Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 2

324 S 5th St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

6420 Appaloosa Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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