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Klamath_Falls, Oregon Reviews

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Get to know Klamath Falls with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Klamath Falls

Ever changing Klamath Falls - 12/5/2021
I grew up here and moved to Vancouver Washington after high school. I returned to Klamath several years ago. Although the town has changed from what I remember there are still places that remain the same. Some of the biggest problems in my opinion are.. The bus system stops running fairly earlyweekdays, Saturdays it is very early 4pm, and there is no bus service on Sunday's.it would be nice if they provided longer running hours as there are people who work later and do not deive. Businesses close a lot earlier than a lot of places and there are not many ATMS. There are few things for teenagers to do, the skate rink is gone, the mall is gone, the video arcade is also gone. This leaves a lot of teens to come up with ways to entertain themselves, some of the ideas are not the best. The community comes together to help others which is heartwarming. There are stores that you can walk into and immediately feel like you are part of the family, one I.one in particular I use to go to as a kid Read More

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Ups and downs in the Klamath basin - 9/8/2021
Staying inside the city limits is not recommended. Rural living is where it is at in this wondrous place. The recreation opportunities are endless. Fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, boating, four wheeling, snowmobiling, so many things to do. The growing season is a month shorter than medford so if you come to grow Marijuana you have to take steps to ensure your crops don't freeze in October. This place is overwhelming conservative, almost to a point of fanaticism. Donald trump remains a hero, unfortunately. There are many that wish to secede from oregon altogether, and either join Racist utopia Idaho or create the long held idea of the state of Jefferson. Those ideas arose from the liberal dominance of the portland metropolitan area, they feel unrepresented in government. As a moderate liberal myself I do not feel threatened Here, but that is because I keep my opinions to myself mostly. The general IQ of the inner city residents leaves alot to be wanted. KF seems to keep alot more of Read More

Klamath Falls has a unearned bad rap. - 5/7/2021
We moved here to retire cheaper and be closer to the grandkids. This was Feb 2020 just before the pandemic. We have found it to be a great little city and the people are VERY friendly. I don't know what the issue is with all the bad reviews? Shopping is an issue especially if you are from a big city like we were but you have 2 day Amazon so it's not too bad. If you are not a Trumper or for gun rights keep your opinions to yourself and you will be fine. You can't beat the weather, especially if you are from rainy WA. Restaurants are pitiful for fine dining but alot of choices for fast food or country diner. House prices are fairly inexpensive and utilities are $50 per month. Whether it is electric, gas, water, etc. They are all $50 ,per month which is WAY cheaper than we are used to. Come and check it out. You won't be sorry. If you miss the stores Medford is 90 minutes away for your shopping pleasure.  Read More

Not as Bad as They Say - 1/25/2021
I've lived here my entire life and I've been many other places, and I've concluded that it's a widespread trend for Klamath Falls residents to hate where they live. Yea it's no utopia but it's not grimy either. I've seen someone said the air quality was the worse in Oregon but that's simply not true, on a trip to Medford you could see an orange disgusting glare that was not present in Klamath Falls. Just like any other city there is a large amount of unhappy people but most are not without reason unlike more wealthy "snobs" that take their place in other cities. I've noticed the cities' wealth growing as of late and attracting a lot of more elderly people to live here. The scenery in the mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, and even some older buildings in beautiful. The people you meet are based off of who you look for, it's easy to mentally highlight the angry rude people when that's all you focus on. I personally think the negatives of the environment is what makes the good people Read More

Sadly agree with neg review - 7/10/2020
I moved to Klamath Falls 2013, and have met many people who seem like they were raised by a pack of wolves. Backwards people for certain, but mean spirited, why? When I go to Medford, I feel like I'm in another world. Hey locals who were raised here, why are you so mean and hateful? Do you feel like you missed out on something, therefore causing misery to anyone who is not just like you makes you feel best. I don't understand why this is such a hard place as far as people go, but other than that, come on over. We NEED outsiders to balance the meanies that live like trolls under bridges. Yep Troll Falls is what it really should be called, and I agree 100% on Sherms. I've stopped shopping their completely. What a change for the better as A lot of these type of people in discussion actually work there.
 Read More

Please advise on friendliness and safety. - 2/14/2020
I live in Montana. My husband passed away a few years ago, he was a veterinarian. We raised horses and I still do but looking to downsize. I simply cannot take the Montana winters any longer. I am thinking Oregon or Washington, but not wild about rain and high taxes. It looks to me like Klamath Falls is fairly mild and sunny much of the time and rural enough for me. It is a larger town than I am used too which would be nice for a change.However after reading all these reviews some of the comments really concern me. Mainly how friendly is the population to new comers and how safe is it to live in the outlying areas. Where I currently live in MT I have NEVER locked my doors. I am a widow, still in great physical shape but will be 70 in a few years. It is important to me to have community and a feeling of Read More

Interesting - 3/7/2018
Klamath falls Oregon is a complex,interesting place to live. Lots of ranching and people are hard working. It is called a basin due to volcano action. Huge lake,rivers,eagles,hawks and cows. Deer roam the city. I think this place is a secret kind of paradise in a way! There is no shopping. People are friendly. Houses are very cheap. Nostalgic. There are jobs! No homelessness! Check it out. We do need doctors and nurses! I see bald eagles Read More

Klamath is a great place to live, work, and play! - 8/17/2017
If you are looking or considering a new place to either move to, or, to start a business, you may wish to consider Klamath Falls / Klamath County. With a commute time of half the national average, getting around is a snap. And, with over 300 days of sunshine, Klamath boasts perhaps the best weather in Oregon. There is lots to do in Klamath County / The Klamath Basin. For more information check out www.MeetMeInKlamath.com Read More

Quality of Life - 9/15/2016
Can someone comment on the following?

1) Why is the crime rate so high and is it really a problem or just in certain areas?
2) Is the tap water good tasting and safe to drink?
3) Is there a reason why homes are significantly less expensive than in other towns in Oregon?
4) Is there enough rain and is the soil good enough for gardens?
5) Is the hospital rated highly?

Any comments about life in Klamath Falls would be Read More

Do Oregonians Really Hate Californians? - 7/9/2016
My husband and I have been having a low key disagreement about this very subject. We're getting a bit older, we live in San Framcisco (natives) and I've been checking out different communities across the nation where we can move to in a few years. My husband is convinced that you folks hate Californians, and we shouldn't check it out for retirement. He has never been there; that's just the scuttlebutt from a couple of his friends. I said we have to check it out for ourselves. I mean I get being a bit protective of a place I've lived in for over 50 years. The population of S.F., whereas doesn't sound like a huge surge in 50 years, went from ~725,000 to about ~815,000 today. But, this town is only 7 miles wide and with the advent of the tech boom, there are few homes under $1,000,000 (THATs what makes me mad). My point is, I don"t dig it, but I don't hate the people who have moved here. We want to be able to live in a place that is beautiful (same reason people come here). So tell me, Read More

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