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Beware of Sociopathville - 10/27/2019
Medford - the city that could have been. Unfortunately it's a noise-pollution fest. The city is filled with sociopaths, who choose the loudest mufflers and gigantic trucks that you can possibly buy. When you go to the ER with excruciating sciatica, they assume in the most evil way, that your are a drug seeker, and run drug tests on you...instead of giving you an MRI...that would PROVE IT. Almost NOBODY walks....and therefore, the obesity epidemic is huge. The most happening place is, how lame is Read More

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Dirty, plain looking, but fun! - 9/21/2019
Lived in the Medford area for many years and as for the city I would say that it is industrial looking, dirty, and polluted.However, a wealth of indoor entertainment there (for kids and adults), Within a short distance to exciting outdoor adventures (rafting, fishing, camping etc) Though scenery from town itself is not that pleasant you can find majestic scenery 1/2 to 2 hours away. Hot in summer, chilly in winter(not terribly cold), air quality gets pretty bad...people are friendly, yet respectful of privacy, site of dirty hobos not uncommon, but as far as safety from being victim of violent crime, pretty good. Property Crime, however, is a different story...keep belongings protected, criminals normally not particularly bold...still as a precaution keep property stored away..Fun and exciting community, polluted, moderately beautiful natural scenery, hot summers, over all a mediocre town to call home I would say.
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Dreadford Oregon - 4/3/2018
I used to have a positive feeling for this town, but this place has become such a depressing place to live, its boring, there isn't much fun stuff for families to do other then the same old parks that get old fast, theres a mall which is a big deal because where else can you hang out on the cold winter days and get away from the never ending rain during the winter, summers are pretty nice here, theres tons of resturaunts that or ok to eat at if you eat to get full but don't really like good authentic flavor, its almost impossible to find a decent rental here because everyones looking, they made it so you now have to make 3 times the rent, it used to be 2 times, if your from cali don't move here because everyone will hate you just because. Trust me you will like it for maybe one year tops before you see the true side of Medford Read More

a couple of questions - 4/14/2017
I'm curious about the arts/cultural scene in the Rogue River Valley and Southern Oregon in general, more specifically, is there decent live music to enjoy at clean, well-appointed spots in the area? What's the gallery/coffee shop/restaurant/bar scene like in terms of showcasing local musicians, painters, photographers, writers, etc...??? I realize that Medford is somewhat isolated and that I'll have to catch most of the bigger acts when their tours go through Northern CA or Portland or something like that... however, I'd love to know if any locals have anything to say about the arts overall and music in particular. Also, any helpful tips or ideas for someone moving to the area this summer are appreciated. Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to this, nearly everything I've researched so far about Medford is pretty positive, it appears to be a community of friendly neighbors, and it's obviously surrounded by tremendous natural beauty, so we'll see y'all Read More

Good info - 2/15/2017
More up to date than other sites I have been Read More

Southern Oregon - 8/18/2015

You all know what I am referring to don't play dumb.
Southern Oregon or SO, the stepchild of the west coast, the duldrums of civilized Oregon, the ..gasp.. Fresno of Oregon!
But that's the common feeling, not mine.
Screw the snobs from both up north..PDX and from the south, SF..make them eat roadside blackberries and drink warm Rainier!

Question is this, please if you may..
Best place to work (decent wages without constant "performance" whippings) in Medford..White City, Grants Pass. Neither hard charging world beaters.."Were gonna crush it but first you all have to work 69+ hr weeks all through the holidays") nor .."duuhh whatever..I gotta pick my nose now"...workplaces. Somewhere sane and logical that allows a capable person with energy to succeed.

Wondering how a Californian..ME!..Hey hold your fire! I am well acquainted with the native Oregonians hatred, ("death to all things Cali") would fit in as a hard Read More

Medford 1947-Looking for my Father - 5/30/2014
Looking for my Father,
Were you in Medford in early 1947 ? Did you ever know a fellow named Lucky who rode a motorcycle? I was told he always wore a black leather jacket, rode a big motorcycle (possibly a Harley) and lived somewhere in the area close to Rogue River Jr. Academy, possibly somewhere off Griffin Canyon Rd. Figure he would be in his mid 80's now and I desperately want to find him or at least find out what his name was. Lucky is my Father, but I do not know his name and therefore I do not know my true Surname which I would love to be able to pass on to my Son and my Grandson so that they may someday know their heritage. My Mother's name is Betty Lou Anseth. Good guy, Bad guy, don't care, he's my Father and I just want to know who he is or was. If you have any information please contact me: Vants Anseth  Read More

Quality Of Life - 2/6/2014
Briefly, Medford has a very good quality of life. The weather here is very nice. Rarely too cold, but you need to like hot weather if you stay here in August and September, when it often is in the triple digits for several days. Not a lot of cooling at night, as evening breezes are rare in the Summer. Heavy ice-fog in the Winter can make air traffic problems for days. The politics here are moderately conservative, as it is a working-class town that is still fairly patriotic. You won't, however, have to worry too much about religious people, as they seem to be rare as hen's teeth. Surprising, as there are a lot of churches here. I've started to wonder if they are facades instead of real buildings. But then, Oregon has been recognized as the most non-religious state in the nation. In reality though, there are some very good churches and wonderful people that attend. You'll find a welcoming congregation. The people here are quite friendly and courteous. Initially, you'll be Read More

The Real Deal: What One Really Needs To Know About - 12/7/2013
As it seems to me that just about everything important (and also boring) that can be said about Medford OR has already been stated, so I will add my two cents for what I feel is important, and not what has been stated about the place already.

I have lived in Medford(aka The Crabs City)for over 8 years and it has some very good things going for it.

It is VERY easy to go out and get drunk here, and used pants are really cheep at the VRC and Goodwill (I go though a lot of them) and if you mind your own business (don't rob or have sex with someone just because they're passed out drunk or dead around you) you'll get along just fine here.

The cops here have a very matter-of-fact -and safe- way of dealing with the others,(suburbanites who refuse to drink with them or mow they're own lawns)and try to go out of their way to avoid those people- or doing ANYTHING for them at all cost- but with drinking people, all I can say is that the Medford cops are Read More

Police - 10/7/2013
Beware! The police force here contains hired thugs who have not gone through the academy! Young people have been shot and investigations closed without impartial review. Traffic fines netted $7M last year according to the city's budget. You have been warned!
Do not come here looking for work! There are no good jobs. Unemployment is well into double Read More

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1425 Clearsprings Dr
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1804 S Peach St
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1616 E Main St
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3558 Roxy Ann Heights Dr
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3469 Ford Dr
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