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Nice - 4/15/2009
Nice town, rainy Read More
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Hey Chris - 4/3/2009
Hey Chris,I am relocating to Salem the 1st week of June, with a cat and 3 huskies....(Wife and teenage son will join in about 9 months)...Do I have a chance of finding a decent place to rent or buy on an average income... in or near Salem...? Is the community generally dog friendly? ...and anything else you can tell me... like are the high schools decent..etc. And how are us of various race, ethnic origins, and national origins treated in Read More
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The crime is a shame and homeless is over the top! - 2/22/2009
I live in Salem back in 85 to 87 also I was born there. The drugs were bad also the homeless was everywhere in the parks. I could just imagine how it is now. It is a pretty area but would never consider moving Read More

Hard to survive here - 2/14/2009
I have been living here for three years. Not my place. Employment has been patchy at best, and most cultural things are in Portland---an hour plus traffic. But it is only an hour to the coast. But nothing nearby. Still, I have felt safe here, and met very nice people. But it is somewhat expensive, and boring. Very, very boring. And a bad economy. I am looking to leave soon. School here is very expensive also, which makes a career change or new training out of Read More

Salem,Oregon - 1/26/2009
I Lived in Salem,Oregon From 1994-2001. When I lived there back then it was quiet, there is not a hole lot to do there but it is close to outdoor recreation. It has 2 small malls, Salem center and Lancaster mall. It Has nice temperatures almost year round. Salem dose have its bad points, Like the fact that there is state prison there,and mental institution. But for a place that has that kind of stuff in it its not that bad. A lot of places are much worse then Read More

Excellent Quality of Life - 11/10/2008
I give Salem a "Thumbs Up" review in regards to the quality of living here in the Capitol of Oregon.

Salem is smack in the center of the gorgeous Willamette Valley, and is the third largest city, so you have a lot of options with recreation (mountains, beach, rivers, an excellent children's learning museum, local and regional restaurants, even rodeo's just out of town if you like). And it is a hub for community involvement, thriving small businesses, priorities of health, wellness & education (pre-k clear through university and law school) and a town with a wealth of artists. And you definitely have your choice of churches/spiritual-growth places...

It is a beautiful, fertile area with all four seasons, tho' you will see the rain often (but true Oregonians do everything out in the rain anyway!).
This is not just a political town, or a place to retire, or just a town to pass through on your way to Portland... you can raise your kids here, you can get Read More

slowly going downhill - 8/8/2008
Salem has slowly been going downhill for many years. I have lived here for 13 yrs, and just outside of Salem for 6 years prior to that. I can't wait to get away from here. We may end up taking a loss on our house, or renting it out, just to get out. Criminals everywhere, crooked city police with no accountability, prisons all around, escapees from the mental hospital, bums being spread all over town by the decrepid bus transit system. A mayor whose got developers hands in her pockets, development everywhere, yet no plans to develop the infrastructure to handle all the traffic. You used to be able to get from one side of town to the other in 15 min, not any longer. Expect at least half hour - 45 min. And nothing to do if you don't like hanging out at the many bars. Oh but they do have a nice quarter million dollar bathroom being built in the main city park, that's 1 bathroom, while the bathrooms in the rest of the park and the other parks remain run down and disgusting. If Read More

Don't knock Salem, Oregon - 7/16/2008
I was born and raised there. I didn't just live there for two years and not have anything to do. Like one comment there are several things to do like the ocean, mountains, rivers and lakes for outdoors type. There is plenty of shopping and a well rounded city for resturants. It is a small town feel with all the amendities of a large city. It is a great place to live and raise kids. The schools in South Salem are great. Medical facilities are very good Read More

Beware - 6/26/2008
We moved to Salem about 3 years ago and we will be moving this summer. There is nothing to do here and there is a terrible meth problem. I can't say it isn't pretty here because it is. The people are nice, but they aren't friendly. I would not recommend living Read More

Salem overview - 4/17/2008
I appreciate Salem's viable downtown. If you live in any of the nice neighborhoods close-in, you can completely avoid malls & sprawl. Downtown has Nordstrom, Kohl's TJ Maxx plus several nice locally-owned shops, some good local restaurants & an excellent artisan bakery & art gallery, coffee shops, bike stores.... At least 3 new mixed-use condos are being constructed, and more downtown historic buildings are being converted to apts. or condos.
Minto-Brown & Bush Park are centrally located large parks, wonderful for walking, biking, playing.... The Art Assoc. in Bush Barn Gallery exhibits fine art & sponsors the Salem Art Festival each summer in the park. Salem Rep. Theatre & Pentacle offer high-quality theater. Music venues range from Oregon Symphony, local jazz & pops groups to visiting performances at the Elsinore & Willamette U. The Univ. & the Public Lib. host outstanding visiting lecture series.
A frustration sometimes is that Salem,dominated by State govt. & Read More

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1516 Seattle Slew Dr SE
Bed 3 | Bath 2

7794 Katherine St NE
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2665 Laurel Ave NE
Bed 2 | Bath 1

955 Sunmist Ct SE
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357 Pintail Ave SE
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2081 Kari Dawn Ave SE
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6603 Doral Dr SE
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