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Springfield, Oregon Reviews

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outsiders be aware you will never be from here - 9/8/2019
When I moved to Springfield with my family, we came from the north so didn't we didn't experience the scathing hatred Californians might encounter. Even so, not being a native Oregonian we paid a price. For a reasonably big town it is surprising how small town closed it was toward people that moved from elsewhere.
Yet, I was so thrilled to be there, out of the cold and snow to the beautiful lush green and gorgeous parks. There were cute little houses at reasonable prices (not anymore) I expected to be happy and live there the rest of my life.
The thrill wore off when we got involved in a church that was friendly, but only after much damage was done did we understood it was more cultist. We stayed several years but after scrambling my husband couldn't never could get full time work. Part time jobs without benefits forced us to apply for food stamps to our horror. Ashamed of things getting that bad, the worker lectured us "go back where you came from, why do Read More

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Not for large families or not for parental rights. - 2/4/2019
I lived her from Sept 2012 to Dec 2018. It was ok at first. Over the years the whole area has become.more and more unfriendly to moderate democrats, centrist or conservative people. If you have very large families it can be a issue for some people. The prices are insane. It is frankly unlivable. The people seem to think only rich people own houses and they just keep raising taxes higher and Read More

Wanting to move - 12/21/2011
How is it in Springfield ? Is it hard to get started in that town? How is the work Read More

Springfield or Springtucky? - 3/11/2010
I live 19 months now on the Springfield side of the Willamette River and Interstate 5; Eugene is on the western side. Eugene has the University of Oregon and is considerably more "chic"; but for me, I prefer Springfield. Does have more than its share of toothless ones, most perhaps aficionados of meth...hence "Springtucky". But unless you want to involve yourself in that strata of society Springfield has its benefits. First...it's affordable. The weather is great....rarely snows or gets cold....this Winter many flowers in fact overwintered. There are palm trees about....yeah, they are scragilly, but they're here. Yeah, lots of overcast November through March, and considerable rain....but it's preferable to piles of snow and slipping on ice. Gets hot, really hot, in the Summer.....don't assume some sort of San Francisco cool Summer. The economy is terrible....hard to see how it ever really recovers. But if you're retired it's ideal. There is a very nice shopping area on Read More

Have grown to like Eugene/Springfield.. - 2/29/2008
Although I technically live in Springfield, I feel qualified to talk about Eugene as well, since they are split cities or what have you. Springfield itself is good (over Eugene) in that the cost of renting/buying a house is slightly cheaper. Other than that, I much prefer Eugene. Springfield (esp. the downtown area) is a little run down, but it is what it is.

Eugene has a lot of decent bar/pubs, restaurants and shopping to offer (though nowhere the variety that I grew to love when I lived in Seattle for 9 years) and it is much cleaner and more quiet here (I'm comparing to living in Seattle) and people are friendly and have much less of a "hipper-than-thou" attitude. I would say that Eugene is pretty liberal in it's politics and every "green" (environmentally but also as far as the geography and look of the place)....A lot of people hike and bike, so it is good for people that love doing things outdoors. Even the rain doesn't keep most people from doing what they love. I Read More

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