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Good and getting better - 7/26/2019
WE chose TheDalles after living in WA State, Arizona, PA, and Texas over a 45 year span. Small town atmosphere and traffic, one of the BEST libraries in the country, adequate shopping (hoping for a Winco), and less than an hour to Portland when my wife wants something special. Great climate with max sunshine for the Northwest. An excellent Jr college that is growing and expanding with a new president. Only drawback is that the community seems to have an inferiority complex when compared to Hood River, but with a new Mayor there is hope that that will be changing soon. He is moving in the right direction with minimal opposition. Heck, I may even run for City Council to support Read More

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The Dalles - 7/15/2015
Fifteen year implant from from Seattle, don't miss the traffic,rain and gloom. Love the sun, water, picturesque views, history, hiking, cycling, small town parades and festivals, fishing, hunting, easy commute and the proximity to Portland.
However the public education system is archaic, as are most. A Community year round (classified as alternative) High school has opened and they are setting the bar high. These kids are really learning not just memorizing to pass a test. The focus is truly on the kids and each individuals potential. The future looks bright in the National Scenic area of The Dalles, Oregon perched on the Columbia River. Read More

Move here only if you want to be stuck 20 years in - 8/23/2014
After moving to different states quite a few times(x-military) ending up here was a big mistake. The schools are way below average.I never thought I would consider private school for our child but I fear for her education. I don't want my child to feel stuck here.The town is very run down. Housing is run down and over priced. The attitude here is pretty depressing due to locals feeling stuck. There are opportunities for the town to grow and improve but the decision makers are fighting growth to save the "mom and pop stores" which is understandable and admirable but the businesses that they are fighting would improve the town's economy greatly. Due to the fact that this is the largest city on the river one would think that there would be more growth and opportunity. The property taxes are extremely high sometimes over 4,500 dollars for a small lot and there is absolutely no evidence as to where the money goes to better the schools or town. The town is only going to get worse due to the Read More

not just a small town - 6/24/2013
Lived here 17 years, raised children, became part of community. Lots to do in nature! Not much for teens. Great for seniors. Sunny most of year with about 4 weeks of sopped in winter clouds and 2 weeks of intense heat. Not bad for a year. There is the fact that community has hard time investing in its schools and pride it itself but maybe its finally going to have to happen. This would make it almost perfect if it Read More

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1122 Oak St W
Bed 1 | Bath 2

914 E 19th St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1404 View Ct
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1205 E 17th St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1011 HI Land Ct W
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2410 E 13th St
Bed 2 | Bath 3

2533 E 10th St
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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