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Wilsonville, Oregon Reviews

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Wilsonville,OR - 1/9/2018
It has Oregon Willamette Valley weather which is about 6 good months, 3-4 dark wet and cool months, and 3 unpredictable months. Comparing price of living to Springfield,OR 120 miles south of Portland, I would say our utilities are 3 times what it cost us to live there. Last month we paid $140 for Nat Gas, $132 for water, $75 for electricity, and $15 for Garbage.
Wilsonville is generally walkable and the town has enough nice places to eat or is within 6 miles of any restaurant one would want. Everything is 1 to 2 miles from the center of town. As a realtor I can say the market is growing rapidly. Home building is booming. It has two middle schools and one high school. The high school is ranked in the top 5-10 in the state. My grand daughter attends there and she loves it. They really seem to help kids be successful. Great communication to parents. Read More

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A Great Place to Live - 6/29/2014
My wife and I really like Wilsonville because it is close to Portland, however it does not have the hustle and bustle that Portland does. It is more slow paced, and there is never ant bad traffic. Love it Read More

Let's get the facts straight ;) - 10/7/2013
Hi Jim "horrible climate"... I invite you to visit Wilsonville again because I would bet money that your take on this little hidden gem would be very different than it was in 2008. I've lived here almost my whole life and have seen it change tremendously... Wilsonville has grown and expanded in exciting and innovative ways. Its interesting that you forget to include the fact that all of the Portland Metro area has pretty much the same weather year-round... That means Portland has just as much rain as it's little southern sister, Wilsonville. Being next to the Willamette river we have many foggy mornings that make the sunrise ever fancier and just as many sunny days as beautiful Portland does. Every year we have an absolutely gorgeous Fall season with incredible colors blanketing the rolling hills and countryside as well and our gorgeously maintained city. As far as the SUV's and Soccer mom's... I give you that! But the people are definitely tight-knit and they truly care about their Read More

Wonderful place to live - 4/5/2010
I disagree with the previous review. I have been living here for 6 years. Only one winter did we have 30 days without seeing the sun. Only 1! And even then it was all over the news about how unusual it was.

I have found the people to be very friendly. This is one of the last cities in the area that supports it's high school teams and is a very tight knit community.

It is true that the restaurant selection is very limited to chains. This is a bit disappointing, but it does have a few "mom and pop" type places that are Read More

horrible climate - 7/20/2008
If you like lots of cold, dark, rainy days, you'll love it here. It's not uncommon to go 30 or 40 days in a row and never see the sun. This makes people grouchy and you're very likely to get the bird from your fellow citizen.

This is a soccer mom suburb with lots of massive SUV's. Black Cadillac Escalades with $10k custom wheels are all over the place. Most people are on their cell phones while they are driving and aren't paying attention to the road.

There are no good restaurants in Wilsonville unless you enjoy the typical chains such as Red Robin, McDonalds, Taco Bell and lots of other strip mall amenities.

Overall, this place sucks.
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