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Reading realities - 3/27/2015
Having lived in Reading in the 1960's and early 1970's I can definitely say the city has gone downhill as it has in reality been a victim of two major forces; first globalization and the second has been the general decline of morality. In the late 1960's Reading was loaded with manufacturing plants that hired and trained semi-skilled laborers and production workers. Although many of the jobs did not pay large wages, it was enough to buy a row home, pay for health insurance, a car and raise a family. Wives really did not have to work as the husband would make enough to support a family working on 40 hours a week. The city blocks had corner stores and small bars where the guys could get together and have a drink. The neighbor hood schools were absolutely first rate with a strong bond between the teachers and parents. The end result was the neighborhood wages ended up circulating within the neighborhood allowing people to live good lives, walk the safe streets, go to church and Read More

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Best Time of Year - 5/21/2014
Berks County is beautiful in the fall. Cool, crisp air and the trees are a pallet of Read More

Relocation - 4/14/2013
Well to start, in the past 8 years ive lived in 7 states, some pros and cons. Tucson I loved in all respects except its not as nice as living in a small town but it was nice. Willcox on the other hand which is located half hour from the Mexican border. This town had a pop of a little over 3,000 people and we were being flooded from Non legal's from the border, creating lots of drug related crimes, no jobs, stores shutting down all over town, the town was failing slowly but surely, its a shame because it could of been a great little historic town to live in.
I lived in Prescott Arizona as well and this town has everything you need shopping was, Restaurants, historic sites, parks, paths, jobs, the works, The Navajo indians were great people to live around. We miss the West coast so very much and seek to move back if I can find a job ( Company willing to hire a person from out of state ) Read More

A rest stop between Philly and NYC. - 11/9/2010
Reading is a small mixed version of Philadelphia and New York City. It's hard to find any actual natives of Reading anymore because everyone seams to be from somewhere else? Only Ex-cons who fled their cities looking for new stomping grounds and immigrants who hideout here while in between jobs or crimes are what seem to have taken over this area. The city is not very appealing and claims to be on the rise but all I saw was that a few eyesores were knocked down and parking lots were built over the craters they left behind. There are more banks than anyone actually needs. Who in Reading has so much money anyway? Everyone here claims to be so broke and destitute? Crime is constant and cops look the otherway for fear of being a victim themselves. Also a major problem with bored teens who think they are gangsters who are above the law and go around committing crimes all in the name of trying to prove something to their peers. They are out of control and the parents don't seem to care? Read More

Reading - 5/18/2010
Berks County, PA is a beautiful area filled with rolling hills and trees. The people are friendly and the cost of living is affordable compared to neighboring Philadelphia. We live in Mt. Penn about 30 minutes East of Lancaster, Read More

Climate - 3/28/2010
Humid Summers, beautiful spring and fall, Cols winters with a mix of snow and Read More

reading, pa - 8/11/2008
reading is a great place to live. it's multicultural. it's got art and music. it's safer than most places and much less Read More

mid size towns in pa - 5/12/2008
mid size towns in Read More

Reading is getting BETTER - 5/22/2007
I have lived in Reading for over 30 years. The city was a great place to live 30 years ago and then it went down hill. Or previous mayor hurt the city with bad management. The city is now making a comeback. Our current mayor is doing a good job at bringing improvements and jobs back to the City of Reading. I see a new Reading Read More

Inaccurate representation - 5/15/2007
I agree that the rankings for "Reading" must be including many of the surrounding suburban areas and this greatly skews the results. Life in Sinking Spring or Wyomissing is a far cry from life in the city of Reading.

The commute to and through Reading is so bad that it's hard to imagine how it could be worse. The 222 bypass was a welcome addition but there's no fluidity to the flow of traffic, mainly along route 422. I understand that constraining traffic with traffic lights and reduced speed limits through surrounding towns helps to draw consumers to nearby businesses but there should also be routes that don't restrict you from getting into the city with a minimum of hassle. It takes me 40 minutes to go 13 miles to get into Reading. That's an average of 20 miles per hour for a mere 13 miles!

Yes, Reading is making great efforts to improve the city with Goggle Works, the new Sovereign Center, etc... but those things won't lower the crime rate. If Read More

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19601 19604 19602 19611

405 Holland St
Bed 4 | Bath 2

934 Upland Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

11 Montello Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 1

15A Cottage Ln
Bed 1 | Bath 1

1216 Meade St
Bed 4 | Bath 1

91 Linkside Ct
Bed 5 | Bath 6

107 Burning Tree Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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