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Star Rating - 4/14/2013
Well to start, in the past 8 years ive lived in 7 states, some pros and cons. Tucson I loved in all respects except its not as nice as living in a small town but it was nice. Willcox on the other hand which is located half hour from the Mexican border. This town had a pop of a little over 3,000 people and we were being flooded from Non legal's from the border, creating lots of drug related crimes, no jobs, stores shutting down all over town, the town was failing slowly but surely, its a shame because it could of been a great little historic town to live in.
I lived in Prescott Arizona as well and this town has everything you need shopping was, Restaurants, historic sites, parks, paths, jobs, the works, The Navajo indians were great people to live around. We miss the West coast so very much and seek to move back if I can find a job ( Company willing to hire a person from out of state )
David | Schwenksville, PA
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- 3/27/2015
Reading realities
Having lived in Reading in the 1960's and early 1970's I can definitely say the city has g...
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- 5/21/2014
Best Time of Year
Berks County is beautiful in the fall. Cool, crisp air and the trees are a pallet of color...
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A rest stop between Philly and NYC.
Reading is a small mixed version of Philadelphia and New York City. It's hard to find any ...
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- 5/18/2010
Berks County, PA is a beautiful area filled with rolling hills and trees. The people are ...
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- 3/28/2010
Humid Summers, beautiful spring and fall, Cols winters with a mix of snow and ice...
Suzanne | Reading, PA | No Replies

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