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trying to figure out best place for me - 9/10/2011
I would like to relocate to a more affordable area with lower property taxes and to a city that still has culture, diversity, music and art scene...that is chic, hip and still earthy. I currently live right outside of NYC but, my taxes are killing me so I am thinking of relocating to Charleston. I also like places that have that old world historic charm...and the ocean is nice as well. I have never been to Charleston..but, on the surface it seems great..however the comments about it being redneck and the place closest to hell I wonder about. I am used to places such as NYC or San Francisco..or Boston..which are all are my favorite places..(but too expensive) I also want to live where there is warmer weather year round. I lived in Miami at one point and absolutely hated it there with a passion..way too fake for me. I love the people in Maine but, it is too cold and boring there. Does anyone have any suggestions what would be a good place for Read More

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To live there - 9/10/2011
I am from the NYC area..and do love NYC- however it is too expensive for me and I would like to live somewhere that is more affordable..a city or small city that I could walk to restaurants that has live music and an art scene which is cool, sophisticated and chic. I am a single, female artist. I was thinking Charleston- but I have never been there and it sounds like it is very red neck and narrow minded type people...Is it still like that? I'd rather a more cosmopolitan feel.and I also like a place that has a historic feel..where I could get an apartment with high ceilings, old world charm and a small garden.....where would be the best place for budget would be $500,000 -I'd also prefer a nice climate..but the people are most important. I am also 45 years music, culture and a youngish feel is important..also near ocean would be good too...I can't come up with anything? I appreciate any Read More

A Great Place to Live - 8/16/2011
I am from the South. I have lived in the Washington,DC areas for 26 years and returned to Charleston last year. I am so happy to be back in the South. Beautiful area, beaches, nice people just a great place to live. It is hot in July and August. Be prepared to enjoy the air condition these 2 months. But the weather October thru May is perfect. I am so thankful to be out of the overcast skies, snow and icy roads. So heat and humidity in July and August is a great trade - Read More

Nearest Place to Hell on Earth - 6/29/2011
1. Racist, extreme right-wing, bible-beating baptist, redneck, under educated population. All the funny stereotype people of the deep south make up about 98% of the population. Funny from a distance; not so funny when you live here.
2. Mostly a result of #1 above, the decaying infrastructure, nation's poorest educational system, corrupt and non-supportive government,lack of decent employment, and appalling poverty conditions make this city and state basically a third-world country. If you have plenty of income, you can buy yourself into a protective niche with your northern comrades, but why do it here? Power outages every lightning storm, backed up traffic, inability to communicate the most rudimentary concepts with the locals, educated former middle-class men digging ditches for a living or crawling on the shelves of wal-mart, your worst nightmare can be realized, here. You think your self-esteem can handle it? They will break you. They will get you down to their level no Read More

Charleston--What's it Like? - 5/10/2011
The question should be: what are YOU like? Because if you have real intellectual curiosity; need artistic/cultural stimulation; desire to be around people who are multi-dimensional, truly smart and engaging, then Charleston probably is NOT for you. (There are some, but very hard to seek out.)
It is truly a gorgeous town--downtown Charleston, that is. Downtown restaurants keep getting better. Some cool festivals in Marion Square Park. And Kiawah Island--40 min away--is great for a vacation or second home.
But for people who are generally somewhat non-conformist and are more "of the world", you will find it difficult to be happy here. If you can manage to live here and use it as a "base"--go to NYC, San Fran or LA or Europe frequently, that's great. But that requires gobs of dough.
So for you artists, literary types, intellectual, spiritual seekers, it has a long, long way to go. Read More

Is it really expensive? - 2/15/2011
I have a few questions, Ok, Im doing my research on South Carolina, Charleston, because Im expecting to relocate up there and no matter what website I go to it always saying something different, like...High unemployment, then the population is high one day then its different the next...I mean I dont know where to look up the correct info. But so far the cost of living is not as low as I would like for it to be, but I did my pros and cons and I still want to move up there. And is it public Read More

chas - 12/16/2010
I love the Charleston, SC area! Great climate! Great beaches! There is always something going on to do! And the city has such a rich history! Can't beat Read More

Charleston the Holy City - 12/13/2010
I live in the most beautiful city in the world. History,culture and Read More

Wadmalaw Island - 8/4/2010
Wadmalaw is family based and really nothing there to grow in development.
Why is this. No new people are able to migrate there because there is no housing really. Individuals do not have a opportunity to live there. I gather it is a place that wants to keep others away. I have heard things about Wadmalaw Island. Read More

Overall a wonderful place but it does have its dra - 8/2/2010
I am from Maryland but have vacationed in Charleston several times over the past 15 years. The area has an appeal and charm that keep you wanting to come back. Truth is, my experiences have all been good there. People are flawlessly polite and kind, unlike many other places. They are interested in who you are and take the time to talk. The city itself is beautiful as are the outlying areas and the cost of living isn't too bad. It's full of history if you like that and natural beauty - tons of flowers, trees, birds - it's a delight. On the flip side, there are some surprisingly ugly, run-down, dangerous areas, especially in North Charleston. Crime is shockingly high in those parts. There is also a very real conservative bent that is a bit too far right for my tastes. It's best to avoid politics around here if you don't see things that way. And finally, I think the oddest thing about this place is that, for all its charm, grace and well-mannered living, there's a surprising Read More

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19 State St
Bed 3 | Bath 4

48 Barre St
Bed 4 | Bath 5

1925 Norwood St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

7623 Midwood Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3

5159 W Dolphin St
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1612 Acacia St
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3002 White Heron Ln
Bed 5 | Bath 5


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