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Why Live in Greer, SC - 11/18/2017
Why I live in the City of Greer

1) Locally Elected Officials
The Mayor and members of Greer City Council are your neighbors. They desire the same quality of life as you and your family and are easily accessibly to address questions, comments, and concerns.

2) Improved Police Protection and Response Time
The Greer Police Department firmly believes that policing is a partnership and takes great pride in being active in the community by reaching out to our citizens. This effort mobilizes community resources to help solve law enforcement and related issues. The Department also responds to all local traffic accident investigation and maintains an animal control officer.

3) Fun for the Whole Family
Youth and adult sports programs, downtown festivals, concerts, holiday gatherings, children's theatre, arts classes, 16 recreational parks and facilities, and summer camps are just a few of the recreational opportunities available Read More

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Quality of Life - 10/24/2013
Come on down! Having moved here from a Beach City in Southern California I was apprehensive at first, but now that California has reached an inflection point from which it will never recover, I'm very happy for the move. Greer is a charming little place and, for the region, the weather is really not that bad. Some humid summers, but that's why God made AC I guess. Fall and Spring are lovely, the people are generally friendly, helpful and nice (but what's up with this religion thing - thought that and politics was taboo.....).

Greenville offers much in the way of culture, and Greer is easily combined with 'Greater Greenville.' Housing, compared to SoCal and some of the bigger East Coast cities is a steal. I now plan on retiring here. I highly recommend Read More

Greer, SC - 9/2/2008
Greer is a viable, expanding city which is fueled by the ever expending and growing BMW manufacturing facility. With that comes the fact that because of the company's ever incresing production, there exist a number of other corporations which produce and provide various components supplies, and services to BMW. The area is serviced by Greenville / Spartanburg Intl airport, mearly a few miles to the facility. Because of increasing job growth, and a relatively lower cost of living, the housing market enjoys an expanding, yet non- urbal sprawl scenario as seen in many other markets nationwide where land is scarse. One can choose to live within the a 10 minute commute to the city of Greenville, where you will find an array of arts and entertainment, or go as rural as one's wishes. Anywhere in between, Greer is becoming a force to be reckoned with, with respect to it's future plans and economic Read More

Schools - 1/28/2008
The schools in my neighborhood are good. They are involved in all areas of your child's needs. They have programs that are geared toward keeping your child interested in school. They teachers are focused in on what is important and know how to teach without Read More

Michigan transplants - 7/20/2007
Moved here 2 months ago after living our entire lives in Michigan and absolutely LOVE everything about the area; the people, the polictics, the weather, the economy, etc. Having moved from a truly depressed area, we are ecstatic to be here and plan to Read More

cost of living - 6/5/2007
cost pf living is going,up. unnessary tax increases plus higher power bills.nice place to live but you had better have good income. activities in the area are excellant and the downtown area has been renovated and very active for Read More

Overall, a nice area and growing fast - 5/17/2007
We moved to Greer about a year ago because we were able to get a little more house for the money than in neighboring towns like Simpsonville. Greer is also located closer to the mountains and because of that, many areas are quite scenic. Lake Robinson is a must see! I don't know how someone from Florida could think the cost of living was greater here than in Florida. We meet people all the time that haved moved from Florida to the Upstate because they could no longer afford to live in Florida. If you go to and do a search of homes, there is no comparison between the two...Greer (and the rest of the Upstate) wins in a landslide. There are many new businesses opening in Greer, and it seems as though the city is only going to get better and Read More

too high a cost of living - 6/11/2006
i moved here from atlanta 8 years ago and feel the cost of living is almost as high for the lack of culture/entertainment that you Read More

Cost of Living - 1/26/2006
I moved from Palm Harbor, FL to Greer, SC. Yes, my rent was cheaper and so was the gasoline, but, that was it! I went into the grocery store and was shocked at the prices. Eating out is cheaper (albeit expensive too) than eating in. Haven't received my first utility bill yet but I'm sure it will be high. During this time of the year, I didn't need heat or air conditioning in Florida. Here, I need the heat, plus the fireplace. I don't work but was seeking part-time employment and wasn't able to find anything. When I did find something, the wages were close to minimum wage. Also, if you have a dog and are used to going to the dog park, good luck! There are none in this area. We are going back to Florida in Read More

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