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Spartanburg, South Carolina Reviews

Spartanburg, SC is an exciting and vibrant city known for its outdoor activities, shopping, and historical sites. It is home to many attractions that draw in people of all ages from across the country. From parks and trails to museums and cultural centers, there is something for everyone in Spartanburg. In addition to these attractions, Spartanburg also has a number of excellent restaurants offering everything from traditional southern cuisine to international dishes. Reviews of Spartanburg often comment on the great selection of places to eat as well as the friendly atmosphere of the city. For those who enjoy outdoor recreation, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the nearby wildlife areas or take part in activities like kayaking and fishing. The cultural scene in Spartanburg is not to be underestimated either; with live music, theater performances, art galleries, and more there is always something happening around town. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or an exciting adventure, you can find it in Spartanburg!

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You be the judge - 2/5/2020
The library system is the stellar but numbers shown here are just wrong or are outdated- the area has exploded and with growth and costs are way up and services way down. The roads are clogged with traffic and constant accidents. Public servants and teachers grossly underpaid. Air and tap water quality poor. Wall to wall ticky-tacky housing, no public swimming or nice parks for miles. Violent crime and a lot of Read More

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Enjoy life here - 7/26/2018
Made the choice to move here 3 years ago. I am single and retired and the cost of living here is much better than a lot of places. Less traffic, unemployment rate is 3.9, cultural venues, close to larger city of Greenville, great healthcare available. Will say that if you are younger, ex 30s you might be happier in Greenville. But I like the slower pace here, and you are not far from an entertaining area, including Charlotte which is about 90 miles. I love it Read More

Love It! - 6/17/2016
We moved here, from another state, 6 years ago. We love it! Real Estate is so economical. The weather is nice, year round. Summers do get hot. Great hospitals. The location is perfect -- a couple of hours from the mtns. or the beach! Crime stats could be lower, but crime is up everywhere. It's lower here than where we used to live. District 6 schools are the best. There are still some folks who think along segregated lines, but most neighborhoods are multi-racial. Our neighbors are great. We couldn't be more Read More

Hotel living - 4/23/2015
I was asked to write a review as part of the registration process so here goes. I currently live in a marriott hotel property due to the fact that I was considering relocating here. That is not going to happen. I have discovered that this is definitely not the place to raise my son, as a single mother. The housing is very limited and the school system is inadequate to say the least. I am heading to Wilmington , nc to see how I like it and I shale keep you posted when I find the perfect place that fits our needs. I'm grateful to you for all the wealth of information you provide. Keep up the great work. Read More

racism - 12/30/2014
I am white. My husband is black. Is Spartanburg racist. anyone bothered by hate Read More

n/a - 5/1/2011
n/a Read More

Quality of life - 7/30/2010
We live in School Dis. 2 in Spartanburg. Spartanburg metro covers a large area
These comments are about Spartanburg as a metro and not about any one spot.
Like every place in America in Spartanburg you can stand in a neighborhood that has faded with time and you can find yourself surrounded by multi million
dollar homes. There are areas with sprawling million dollar horse farms and
areas with a thousand homes packed in a small spot. We love this place. The schools are great and soon the 7th University will open. A great new Med. school. The Med. care available here at Hos. such as Spartanburg Reg. Med.Cen.
are world class. More like one finds in an area of 1 or 2 million people instead of 300,000. Cost of living is great. We have learned that 2.5% of all
International investment in the U.S. is in Spartanburg. Co.s like BMW only locate in areas that meet all of thier needs along with the needs of thier people. So if you are looking for a great place Read More

Clear up issues - 7/15/2010
One must be very careful when looking at data with regards to Spartanburg and
other cities in S.C. because of very tough annexation laws you have to look at a metro area instead of city info. Spartanburg has only 40000 peaple inside the city limits. If the city limits move out one mile the pop. jumps
to 186000. Another few miles and very quickly the pop. nears 300000. Income in the city because of the age and demographics shows below the nat`l norms.
The metro area rises very quickly. We love living here. The public schools are great and after the Med. school is finished next year we will have 7 of the best collages and univ. in the country. Sptbg, is a top 3 real estate market in the U.S. We have Hospitals that many cities over 500000 people cannot rival. Spartanburg is the one of the centers of international Bus. in the U.S. with approx. 100 international firms here. We like every other place
in America have our problem spots but the positives are much Read More

Noooo Jobs - 6/10/2009
I lived in Spartanburg for 2 years and mom om still lives there so I visit every few months.

Pro: Cheap Housing

Cons: Noooo jobs
High Crime Rate
Boring nothing to do
A southern city lacking in southern hospitality

When trying to describe Spartanburg two words quickly come to mind Ghetto and Dump.

If you must move to upstate SC Greenville and Anderson are much better Read More
todd | ,  | Reply | No Replies

the 4 seasons - 3/3/2009
In Spartanburg it is possible to always see the 4 seasons!!! Read More

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