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Hypocrisy at its finest. - 11/30/2020
Sevier County many churches, yet so little religion. Let it be known that Sevier County TN is one of the most disgusting places to live. 80% here voted for this national disgrace, Trump and yet those same people have the audacity to claim to be patriots and Christians. The ultimate hypocrite Read More

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Read this before moving here - 3/25/2020
I have lived in Sevierville my entire life 10-15 years ago it was the absolutely best place and I loved it everybody was polite and kind even the tourist where. Now everybody everyone from up North and Florida has moved here and 75 % of the people here are rude disrespectful self-centered and entitled the other 25% of people who where born and raised here are the most friendly and helpful kind-hearted people you will ever meet. But if you have came here for vacation and absolutely loved it remember the traffic it's like that 10 months or 11 months out of the year and remember how much everything is overpriced my advice would be to pick a county around Sevier county to move to because you can come here for vacation which is a great place for that but as far as living here the negatives outweigh the positives by a lot. The only plus that I am aware of that I have seen for my personal experience is the view of the Read More

place - 7/3/2010
nice Read More

Life in Sevierville - 6/3/2009
To start things I am not originally from Sevierville or TN for that matter, I am from OH (various areas), lived in Ft. Wayne, IN as well. I state this merely for clarification and perspective reasons. Sevierville is the second town/city you will come to on your way to Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg if you come by way of Interstate 40 to State Route 66. I have lived here for 5 1/2 years coming from Dayton, OH. Sevierville is a pass-thru tourist area. During the summer traffic and the amount of people sky rocket which makes the area pretty congested in both aspects given the lack of roadway travel options which keep everyone in the same basic areas though some headwa has been made in recent years to help alleviate some of the traffic congestion issues.

Sevierville is fairly diverse as far as out of state residents though the various minority communities are not represented in high number, except maybe the Mexican community.

The cost of living and property Read More

new to area - 6/17/2008
We moved to the Sevierville area 10 months ago. The culture here stays true to it's mountain heritage. The people have been friendly and there are many opportunities to learn about the East Tennessee culture. Sevierville/Pigeon Forge offer many festivals, shows, and regional attractions that exemplify mountain country living. While there are plenty of attractions and things to do in the area, we have found it difficult to settle down financially, since most jobs are tourist-driven. If you are in the hotel/restaurant/entertainment business,then finding a career would be Read More

Why Come to the Smokey Mountains - 5/4/2008
Welcome! That is how you feel ,whether you are a visitor to the Great Smokey Mountains or you are a new resident. Enjoy! Yes enjoy the four mild seasons. There is beauty in every season of the year ,and we are truly blessed with mild changes .No drastic highs or lows and we are sheltered from tornadoes ,hurricanes,heavy snows, oppresive humidity and scorching temperatures.A favorite saying here in East Tennessee is ,"if you don't like today's weather ,stick around it is about to changs".
Add to that, we have low taxes ,steady jobs (many in tourism and industry ,but also technological skills)and a steady 3-8% appreciation in our homes.Crime is low,folks still tend to leave their doors open ,and we speak to our neighbors as well as watch-out for each other.There is cultural as well as ethnic diversity,but RESPECT is practiced on a daily bases.
GO VOLS!!!The BIG ORANGE!!!! Sports fans ! We have some of the MOST loyal in the country. Pick your sport ,we have them Read More

Negative views for negative people. Sevierville i - 9/16/2007
The college here is expanding as I write. There are several other, larger colleges within a 30-45 min. drive. Yes, Sevierville is built on tourism, just like other communities specialize in different things. I've lived in communities where they specialized in nothing. But if you take the time to look, or if your an entrepeneur, you will find alot. Besides, the tourism industry is FUN. And it branches into so many other areas. This boomtown is on the verge of becoming even larger. And with it, comes excitement and jobs. Not many years ago, it was a sleepy little town. If you're a go getter, you can make your way here with the desire to succeed and a little imagination. Your customers are already here and waiting. With all the growth, the people in Sevierville, for the most part, are still warm and welcoming as Read More

Quality of Life - 9/16/2007
There is no place I'd rather live. I've lived several places in my life and this place is the Read More

Rich in opportunists, poor in opportunity. - 6/24/2007
Sevierville is a city whose entire economy is based upon tourism. This isn't a bad thing in and of itself. What is bad is the lack of diverse job opportunities. One has little chance to work outside a "hospitality" enterprise. The only other choice is construction (which also booms due to the constant need for new attractions). This leaves an economy in which a majority of the citizenry has little hope of making more than 20k per year.
What truly makes this sad is the city and county government's lack of foresight in expanding job opportunities. The few high-paying blue collar plant jobs available have been allowed to dwindle to none. When a local community college set up shop, the classes were geared toward "hospitality," entertainment, and culinary classes to underpin tourism, rather than expanding Read More

What a Wonderful Place to Live! - 2/20/2007
As residents of Sevierville for the past 12 years we would have to disagree with the earlier posts. Yes, we do have traffic congestion and yes, tourism is the major economic engine for our community. However, we have very low crime, four mild seasons, spectacular scenery, and so much more to offer. If you don't have a college degree there aren't a lot of job options that pay well but this is true for most of the U.S. now too. If you are self employed, retired, or have an in demand degree life in Sevierville is Read More

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