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Abilene, Texas Reviews

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Get to know Abilene with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Abilene

Abilene, Abilene, prettiest city I ever seen - 11/11/2020
I've lived in 9 states, traveled over much of the U.S., and Abilene TEXAS is by far the best city I've ever lived. I find it beautiful here, love the climate and low humidity, scenic hills, clean air, beautiful blue skies and gorgeous sunsets. I've also met the friendliest people I've ever encountered right here in "The Friendly Frontier". The city has nice parks, plenty of events, lots of dining and shopping, increased tourism, lots of new construction. City leaders have Abilene on a good path for continued growth and prosperity. I love Abilene, and it's great to live in a city where you get to see and hear the sound of freedom of the Mighty B1 Bomber based at Dyess AFB.  Read More

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Don"t move here! - 6/15/2020
We moved to Abilene for a military assignment and have never got out of here. We stayed initially for children and grandchildren then elderly parents. Now we can't afford to leave.
We've lived here for over 30 years and I feel like my life was wasted here.
Unlike the natives of this town I have been blessed to live in other places so I do know what it's like elsewhere. Do not move here. It's ugly, very little rain, and people are only superficially friendly. I've been extremely lonely here and have never found friends or felt like I really belong anywhere. This is unlike everywhere else I have lived where I was a part of a group of good friends. I've really tried here, joining groups, going to church, getting a college degree, volunteering etc., but nothing has worked.
The city government is severely lacking. The town is full of trash, shacks, and enforcement of zoning is pathetic. You will drive down one street and see beautiful well kept houses and shacks next to Read More

Abilene, A Family Friendly Christian City - 5/20/2020
I've lived in Abilene for the last 45 years and It's the best place to raise a family. Great churches, schools, jobs and sense of community. There is always something "family" to do here. While I hear some complain that there's nothing to do it's because we don't have a ton of huge bars and/or night clubs nor big concerts on a regular basis. We have great museums, parks, a zoo, a couple public pools and a few small lakes for fishing. Plenty of "wholesome" family friendly activities plus plenty of Downtown nightlife places for the grownups. God lives Read More

There's worse places. Boring but with opportunitie - 7/25/2019
Living here 10 years after moving from New Jersey. Abilene is simple to explain 1) It is no doubt very boring, uneventful, reserved-family life style 2) Crime has grown but the chances are so unnoticeable, theres no loss of sleep 3) Traffic is not bad at all, just terrible drivers 4) Although expenses have grown over the years, still great cost of living, good housing market; expensive medical costs 5) It is called West Texas but it's really more so Central, where all the connecting major highways are accessible and will take you to any major city 2-6hrs away & 6) PAY IS NOT GREAT. WORK IS AVAILABLE and income increases have only just started to grow slowly.

NOT for single people looking to meet someone with no baggage or anyone really. 3 Large universitys but HIGHLY religious town, to the point its irritating. This is a great place to make an investment on a home or business and cash in, then retire. It's no secret this place is boring and lackluster but it does offer Read More

Abilene- A truly terrible place to live - 5/3/2019
There is nothing here but terribly bad weather and winds, no rivers, mountains or decent lakes to even swim in. No outdoor activities, flooding rains or torturous heat and 20-30 mph winds. There are potholes everywhere because the city streets are not maintained, there are no jobs to speak of here. IDK why anyone ever decided to move here and start a town. It is beyond me, unless its because these people have never lived anywhere else and have no idea what they're missing out on in Read More

This place is literally hell - 4/15/2018
I will never be able to stress enough why you should never move, or visit, this terrible black-hole of a town. If you are military and get dragged into this hellhole, I fully apologize and can't even begin to thank you for the sacrifice you've made that will never be repaid for rotting away here for four to six years of your life. First off, if for whatever ungodly reason you ever decide, or are forced, to move to this craphole, you'll want to have a lobotomy done so that you will be on par with the idiots that make up this "community". The way people drive here is incomprehensible as you will have people pull out in front of you daily, change lanes while turning, normally with no blinker to compliment said turn, drive so slow under the speed limit that they may as well be walking, ignore yeild signs as if they were optional, and somehow cause traffic jams in a town that's population is smaller than the amount of brain cells the average Abilene citizen possesses. The roads in this Read More

I love Abilene - 10/15/2017
Abilene, TX has the most genuine nice people in one spot that I have ever encountered and is the reason I fell in love with it. I also found everything I could want there in the way of shopping, airport, and entertainment.

I loved it so much I bought property there!! Read More

I wasted two years of my life in this hellhole. - 9/11/2017
Abilene is a miserable little trash heap of a town and if you're considering moving here, you better have enough money to cover up as much nastiness as possible and low enough standards to not care about the rest. The city itself is ugly as sin with enough abandoned buildings for everyone. If you're looking to enjoy the great outdoors, you can expect a lake full of dead fish and vast miles of flat scrubby wasteland with not a speck of green in sight. Just stay inside and run up your air conditioning bill instead. The city water is undrinkable though, so you'd better stock up on bottled water at one of our many frequently-robbed convenience stores. The crime rate is much higher than reported due to an overly-funded but shockingly incompetent police force. They do manage to catch a terrifying lot of child predators and meth producers though. Culturally, you can expect a tightly-knit community of armed and suspicious white trash, and plenty of fun family activities like drunk driving, Read More

High Crime? - 5/9/2015
I am considering different places to move in Texas (from Utah) and am doing a little research on Abilene. I found article about growing crime there and was wondering how much of an issue this is. Are there a lot of bad Read More

Abilene - 11/6/2011
Grew up in the Houston area and went to college at ACU. I just moved back to Abilene after 2 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and 8 in Houston. Upon first glance, there isn't much to do. There isn't a night life to speak of, except going to movies and eating at chain restaurants. Bars and clubs are either dives or 18+ hangouts. But, upon closer inspection there is usually something to do on the weekends for families and if you know where to find them, there are some pretty good restaurants. Theatre at the local colleges is pretty good, usually, and there is also a very decent, however small art museum at the Grace, downtown. And, if you like college and high school football, you will not find yourself wanting. Summers are hot and it might freeze or snow once or twice during the winter, but generally comfortable between Sept-May. One thing to remember is that this is a very conservative community, but I've found that, like just about anywhere, you can find like minded Read More

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