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There's worse places. Boring but with opportunitie
Star Rating - 7/25/2019
Living here 10 years after moving from New Jersey. Abilene is simple to explain 1) It is no doubt very boring, uneventful, reserved-family life style 2) Crime has grown but the chances are so unnoticeable, theres no loss of sleep 3) Traffic is not bad at all, just terrible drivers 4) Although expenses have grown over the years, still great cost of living, good housing market; expensive medical costs 5) It is called West Texas but it's really more so Central, where all the connecting major highways are accessible and will take you to any major city 2-6hrs away & 6) PAY IS NOT GREAT. WORK IS AVAILABLE and income increases have only just started to grow slowly.

NOT for single people looking to meet someone with no baggage or anyone really. 3 Large universitys but HIGHLY religious town, to the point its irritating. This is a great place to make an investment on a home or business and cash in, then retire. It's no secret this place is boring and lackluster but it does offer opportunities.
Jay | Abilene, TX
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My adult son will be moving to your Abilene, a work transfer. I have alot about Abilene and wonder if you can offer so e suggestions. He doesn't know anyone in Abilene yet so can you recommend a nice safe area if the city for him to live? He will be renting and working on the side of town where the zoo is. He doesn't need to live in that area though. Can you recommend a safe area or recommend a section of town to avoid? Thanks do much.
Nan | Bridgton, ME | Report Abuse
- 11/11/2020
Abilene, Abilene, prettiest city I ever seen
I've lived in 9 states, traveled over much of the U.S., and Abilene TEXAS is by far the b...
Jeff | Abilene, TX | No Replies

- 6/15/2020
Don"t move here!
We moved to Abilene for a military assignment and have never got out of here. We stayed in...
Sharon | Abilene, TX | 1 Reply

- 5/20/2020
Abilene, A Family Friendly Christian City
I've lived in Abilene for the last 45 years and It's the best place to raise a family. Gre...
Rudy | Abilene, TX | 2 Replies

- 5/3/2019
Abilene- A truly terrible place to live
There is nothing here but terribly bad weather and winds, no rivers, mountains or decent l...
jay | Abilene, TX | No Replies

- 4/15/2018
This place is literally hell
I will never be able to stress enough why you should never move, or visit, this terrible b...
Moraleis | Abilene, TX | 6 Replies

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