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Miserable place to live - 8/6/2019
I lived here for nearly twenty years and hated every minute of it. It is very conservative and intolerant and the crime is rising every year. The weather is horrible--hot and humid from May through November and rainy in the winter. There's mosquitos and roaches and it just doesn't make having any sort of outdoor activity possible; when it's cool enough to go do something in the evening, you have to deal with monster mosquitoes. If you don't drink the A&M koolaid then you are considered an outsider and there isn't much to do unless you subscribe to the whole football mania and sports craze and an Aggie fan is a true lunatic. I was never so happy as to see Bryan in my rearview mirror. They have the saying HWY 6 runs both ways, it sure as heck does and I'd say keep on Read More

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response to Kelly and this place sucks, rednecky, - 9/29/2015
I got a good laugh from this item. About This place sucks, TAMU Bryan Tx, etc. Did you not do some research before you came to this Aggieland. I sure hope by now you finished that Master Degree because if you have not you are not going to no matter how long you hang around. Did you know that in the days of the hippy era there was not even one of them there? When U T students were going to classes chanting Hey Hey LBJ how many boys have you killed today that AMU was mostly the corp? Girls only got there in 1967. What are they very conservative and intolerant about that grips you? Are you surprised? Did you not know ahead? Did you get one of those 20,000 scholarships to help them salt and pepper their population? Did your daddy who was an Aggie make you go? You know highway 6 runs both ways. There are only about 15,000 Aggies there in the summer. The place goes to sleep and then wakes up when the Aggies return in September. Businesses shut down. People take vacations. Teachers, etc come Read More

Bryan-College Station,Brazos Valley,Texas A&M and - 3/20/2015
I moved to the Brazos Valley in 2007. The twin cities of Bryan and College Station are the heart of the Brazos Valley and both are dominated by the large educational institutions of Texas A&M University and Blinn College. On the positive side,the people of this area are nice,friendly and down to earth. The locals have a certain amount of courtesy,respect and civility that is rapidly declining in the rest of America. It is a very conservative area politically,socially and culturally and this is good for the most part,but sometimes it can get obsessive and they can become a little too rigid with no room for compromise. Sometimes,there is no Republican that can do wrong,no Democrat that can do right,no war that comes along that we shouldnt fight and the USA is still the greatest nation on earth no matter what. So some of this can get a little old if you are a little more independent minded. On the other hand,the cowboy boots,hats,western wear,southern/Texican accent,young people that Read More

Bryan Almost a great place to live - 7/16/2014
I've lived here all my life and it amazes me that the citizens of Bryan aren't forced to clean up their yards. No wonder our homes sell for so much less than College Station. Ours and all but one yard in the neighborhood are kept neat and tidy however the one neighbor that has junk piled up and doesn't mow the lawn regularly makes the entire neighborhood look trashy! how does the City allow this?  Read More
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Public Schools - 2/19/2012
I live in the Bryan/College Station area in Texas. This area is very good with real estate costs, nevertheless there is still a sharp contrast between the "haves and the have nots". If you can afford to live in the higher end neighborhoods then the school is well furnished, well funded both publicly and though parent efforts. If not then the schools are not well funded etc. Until recently a schools' population was derived from "zones" that very deftly quarantined the working class and minorities into very specific schools that coincidentally qualified for Title 1 status. Although these zones have been altered to display a more pc rendering this is not the norm. Another problem with Texas schools in general are the mandatory tests that every student after 2nd grade take called the Taeks Tests. Although testing to maintain standards sounds good in principle in practice the goal of every school is for their students to achieve high scores on these statewide, mandatory tests. If Read More

different place compared to ten years ago - 2/5/2012
I returned to the Bryan area after living here ten years ago. The area has not changed for the positive at all. The crime rate has risen, housing is not afforadable unless you want to live more inside inner city Bryan(higher crime rate), and the utilities have gone up considerably in price. In addition, the job market is no longer growing unless you have some great networks on the campus or really know someone. All the growth now is in south College Station and that equals having some big bucks to pay more for the expensive homes. Basically Bryan is no longer a place to live for a cheap lifestyle.

Yes, the area is growing with more restaurants and two movie theaters but lacks a market for single professionals in their late twenties to forties range. Basically, everyone has to go outta of town to do anything unless it is a game weekend. Read More

Bryan, Tx - 10/12/2010
Beautiful venue and nice if you like small towns. Has small mall-secondary market so the Macy's, Sears, etc. won't carry full inventory. About 1 1/2 hr. drive to Houston, 2 hrs. to Austin, 2 hrs. to San Marcos discount malls, 3 hrs. from San Antone. For that reason, is good central location.
The bad? It's a college town and great for college kids and families. Not a good place for single working professionals. Friendly but "closed" community re making new friends unless you're a college kid. You have to drive for decent shopping a restaurants other than the usual chains--Denny's, Red Lobster, Cheddars, Wings n More, etc. All the chains that college kids like with good happy Read More

Hot, rednecky, no class - 12/2/2009
This place sucks. I came here to get my Master's degree at Texas A&M, and can't wait to finish it so I can high-tail it out of here.

There is nothing to do here, it is way to hot and humid in the summer. I stayed inside for 3 months this summer it was so hot. I was stir crazy! The people here all drive big trucks, they are very conservative and intolerant.

No class, no culture...stay Read More

8 months of perfect weather - 8/26/2009
Bryan/College Station is in South Central Texas about 100 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Rare freezing temps may occur from late November to mid-March. However most winter days reach the 60-70's (F). I find October through May to be glorious. Now the bad news. June through September can be miserably HOT and HUMID!! Although south of tornado alley we do have some severe storms due to afternoon heating of the moist air that reaches us from the Gulf of Mexico. Summer highs are usually in the 90's and during a heat wave reaches the low 100's. Summer nights cool to the high 70's to low 80's with 70% humidity. Even if this causes you to wilt, there are many spectacular subtropical plants that love these Read More

cost - 4/10/2008
cost of living is probably one of the lowest in a sma of this size, in the state and in the country. most economic parameters center around Texas A&M Read More

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