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Garbage Collection and Utilities. - 8/30/2014
Copperas Cove is probably one of the nicer towns relative to the rest of the area. There are two things that people should be aware of when they live there 1. If you have your utilities on an automatic withdraw and a problem occurs (ie: card expires etc), the utilities office will not email you and they will not snail mail you (despite basing your charges off of your mailing address). If they do not have your phone number they will make no effort of contact you, instead, they will just let the bills and late fees rack up and eventually turn your utilities off and charge you exorbitant fees to have them turned on. 2. Each residence is provided one garbage can to be collected once a week. If your have more than fits in the can they will charge you extra, and it is not a negligible amount. One week I was charged $109 for garbage collection, and I was not disposing of any large items (no furniture, tires, electronics etc). The charge accounted for a few extra boxes of garbage. Read More

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Strange Phenomenon - 2/23/2012
For some reason there are loud neighbors Read More

Too Close Knit - 1/4/2010
If you are not white, Christian, southern, retired government, ex-military or retired military then you will have a problem. That is even if you have a job. The police are crooked and protect their own to the extent that they place themselves above the law. Tell me that I won't get in trouble if I get drunk and wreck my privately owned vehicle. Tell me that my son if he gets drunk and wrecks somebody else's vehicle he won't get in trouble. If you are not part of their family then you really don't count. This is the same for the founding families there. Most folks live their lives there and never have contact with any of these folks directly and they live pretty much in a fatansy unreal world. Cross one of these folks and "unfavorable circumstances" begin to become more common in your life. Won't be long before you understand what I am Read More

Wonderful Community - 12/18/2009
Copperas Cove is a great size city. It's a bedroom community of Killeen, Texas, and Ft. Hood Military Base. We have the best of those worlds, most importantly, home town values, but big city amenities. Copperas Cove, Killeen, and Ft. Hood are proud communities in which we work together. Many retired military have decided to remain here, in the area called the,"Central Texas Hill Country", making it a home for a truly diversified population when it comes to age. It runs the range of age from young children, pre-teens and teens, college and university students, and exceptional families, military and civilian, filled with all the above and our middle aged citizens, the parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, doctors, nurses, first responders, city employees, civil servants, work force, clergy, and volunteers.

We have plenty of businesses in Copperas Cove. (We who call it home, call it Cove). Five minutes east on the expressway, is Metroplex Hospital, Central Texas College, Read More

Not too bad in town- but way too hot! - 9/4/2007
I have to say, Copperas Cove has its ups and downs like anywhere else on a decent level. The weather is the real kicker though- I lived in Copperas Cove for 7 years and then moved to New Mexico (just one state over). I had been in New Mexico for less than a year and then came back in the winter. I had to wear t-shirts and attempt to stick myself in the freezer to keep myself from having a heat stroke! No joke and no exaggeration!! Central Texas is a place that I wouldn't suggest moving to on a whim. You have to make sure that you stay above your regular hydration level and bring all the sunscreen you can find! I didn't find it hard at all to find jobs when I was looking for one. People are very pleasant there, it's just the concept that everyone is always in your life and gossip is the lady's best friend that is hard to cope with. 'Cove' has renovated the old downtown theater from its original state (everyone was afraid of going there because of infestation and bad seating) but now Read More

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