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Star Rating - 12/18/2009
Copperas Cove is a great size city. It's a bedroom community of Killeen, Texas, and Ft. Hood Military Base. We have the best of those worlds, most importantly, home town values, but big city amenities. Copperas Cove, Killeen, and Ft. Hood are proud communities in which we work together. Many retired military have decided to remain here, in the area called the,"Central Texas Hill Country", making it a home for a truly diversified population when it comes to age. It runs the range of age from young children, pre-teens and teens, college and university students, and exceptional families, military and civilian, filled with all the above and our middle aged citizens, the parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, doctors, nurses, first responders, city employees, civil servants, work force, clergy, and volunteers.

We have plenty of businesses in Copperas Cove. (We who call it home, call it Cove). Five minutes east on the expressway, is Metroplex Hospital, Central Texas College, and Tarleton University. Adjacent to this area is one of several post entrances for Ft. Hood, with more being a few exits further down the expressway. Killeen just 10-15 minutes from Copperas Cove, has many nationwide chain businesses, large and small businesses, and boosts a large shopping mall, and Restaurants Galore! Copperas Cove and Killeen have any and every type of business you would expect to find in any large city, and plenty of homes and apartments to chose to call home.

Copperas Cove itself is served by many businesses, such as Super Walmart, Grocery chains, pharmacies chains and mom and pop"s, and many food establishments common to any city in America, whether fast food or restaurants. If it's not here (which are few), its just minutes drove away in Killeen. In addition to the vintage theatre mentioned in Copperas Cove in the other post, we are proud to announce we now business opening here and have a huge multi-screen theatre here in Copperas Cove, with an incredible update/ontrend games area. In an expanding area, adjacent to the Cove's theatre, walmart, and hotel there are restaurants and fast food, and some smaller businesses surrounding. By the way we have a great choice of lodging, in Copperas Cove, too. Many with swimming pools, and for you northerners you will find our swimming season arrives sooner and lasts much longer.

Now for the children. I mentioned the wonderful facility above, with multiscreen cinema, laser tag, as well as arcade games. We have the YMCA . We have a city park, neighborhood and school parks, a city pool, library with computers, and you will find all the sports and school interest clubs indicative to a youth centered fun and educational town.

I did notice on our statistics that although it looks as if our community spends less per child, I believe it is because its budgeting and allocation of funds is superior, as well as business and individual sponsorship. We not only have sporting support, but other programs for a wide base of child/youth interests. We also have an abundance of churches which have a multitude of programs for the children and youth in our community.

We have many new, upspringing housing and commercial areas. Want another amendment? We have not been hit hard by the housing crisis. As a matter of fact we recently had our own business rental homes appraised and they have gone UP substantially in their value!

The homes compared to many cities up north, along the Atlantic Coast, the midwest, as well as Las Vegas and the state of California, can't hold a candle to our homes when it comes to value, our price per square foot on new and exhisting homes or rental units, whether a nice four to three bedroom home to an efficiency or one bedroom apartment, can boost the same claim. The selling and buying market is robust, and the area realtors very helpful.

The climate here is hot during the summer months. Usually from June, July, and August, everyone relies on air conditioning (all cars, homes, businesses and work places),are equpped and run air conditioning 24 hours a day. There will be a few days in some other months that you may need a bit of cooling. We do however have a huge window of outdoor watersports that many move to this area to enjoy! When you in the north are donning coats and boots, often we are in shorts! I can count many a warm Christmas day where shorts were in order. Once in while we have cold spells blow in, but they never last long, and we're back to our outdoor sports, such as golf, basketball, football, fishing (no ice shanties needed! Just bring the boat!), soccer, jogging, biking, horseback riding, gardening, and hikeing. Yes, Air Conditioning creates bills to go up three months, but nine months of the year on average, we have very low utility and gas bills.

By the way, within just a half an hour or so, we have Lake Belton and Still House Hollow, another large lake, with camping sites for (RV, Trailor, Tent)and day picnic areas, beaches, and restrooms, fishing, marinas, boat ramps, all over the lakes for ski boats, fishing, and personal watercrafts. Make a day of it, a weekend or a week!

You'll love the Southern Hospitality and Friendliness of Copperas Cove!
Centex | Copperas Cove, TX
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