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El Paso, The Sun City - 12/2/2020
El Paso is a great bilingual city, if you are a close minded person who thinks that we should only speak English in the USA, then El Paso is not for you. It sits on the border of Mexico and the USA, so the culture is a merge between the USA and Mexico. Although Juarez is a dangerous town to live in, El Paso is one of the safest cities in the USA. El Paso weather is hot but dry, so it's not too bad. It's a great place to raise kids and retire. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a party scene, there's tons of bars and clubs if that's yout thing. El Paso is also home to three educational institutions. El Paso Community College, Texas Tech, and the University of Texas at El Paso. It's also rich geographically with it's mountains and in history. It has tons of historical buildings, both civilian an military. For many years they were in dissaray, however, they are now being restored. El Paso is also home to one of the largest military installations, Ft. Bliss. Fort Bliss is Read More

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Medio/ Medio is El Paso. - 11/16/2020
El Paso is tough during the lockdowns, but then too is the situation everywhere these days. At least the Winter weather is Read More

a mostly negative place to live - 4/27/2020
don't come here if you are not from the desert. it gets too hot here . unless you have enuf money to live somewhere that has good air conditioning then this is not a good place to go. i have lived here since the middle of March 2011 and now it's almost the end of April 2020. it's not just the heat that is awful .alot of people are mean here .they are clicky/clannish here . it's not easy to make friends here unless your into being like that . there's alot of bars here and they have 2 casinos but not much else other than the tech schools and university . the cops are bad here. here in El Paso then it doesn't matter if you have bruises or not .if someone punched your head multiple times over and over all at once then you should be able to talk to the police and for them to arrest the person..but no the cops here in El Paso will just say that you are on meth even though you are not on meth . the cops are really ignorant here . even when I did have big dark bruises then a cop did Read More

Good for most...but not for me - 3/31/2020
I’ve lived in this desert city for 5 years now. I came from New Mexico so all I know is is desert. I always heard great stuff about the sun city but when I moved hear I was utterly disappointed! The people are not that nice as you may think. The drivers are ridiculous. The climate is boring and offers only sun. There is hardly any greenery which always has bothered me. Nothing exciting happens here. I’d say it’s a town for people who want to settle. It’s a nice family/military town for middle aged adults but for children and younger people...it’s very unsatisfactory. I feel limited here and I wish this town was a little more dynamic. It’s not ideal but is amazing for those who want a nice quiet Read More

El Paso is an awesome place to live in. - 10/20/2019
El Paso is unlike many other cities in the US. Living in El Paso is living in two worlds with its bilingual base. The Mexican cuisine in this city is great and the weather is excellent for outdoors. Downtown is currently in the process of renovating it's historical downtown. El Paso is also home to Ft. Bliss, the largest Army installation in the U.S. El Paso also sits in the border allowing the exchange of ideas and culture with its sister city CD. Juarez. Although CD. Juarez is high on crime, El Paso has been ranked one of the safest cities in Read More

El Paso..................ehhh! - 6/12/2019
Weather wise; El Paso is a great city to live in. Mostly sunny year-round and the temperature is bearable. Spring sort of sucks with the high winds and dust. Unfortunately, there are no jobs in El Paso (unless you work for the government like I do). What scant few jobs that due pop up pay very little. Traffic is bad but the crime rate is extremely low. Overall, the people tend to be a bit rude but there are some great folks here as well. Education is not bad with UTEP and Texas Tech. EPCC is horrible though. Good Read More

It's okay here. - 2/10/2019
Don't live here unless you are military. There is no room for growth, people are comfortable staying where they are even if they are making 9 dollars an hour. There's no room for growth unless you have a degree. It's not a dangerous place, the only thing dangerous about it is the employment opportunities. Read More

Not a welcoming place, bad drivers~ - 6/7/2018
Ill begin with saying, the living expenses are dirt cheap. You can buy a decent home for under 200k maybe even less than 100k. Thing is the pay is also dirt cheap here as well. If you are single and want to live alone, it's almost impossible. That's why there's over a 50% marriage rate here in El Paso. There is a lot of mixed characters here, but people are not friendly. They are very egotistic and pretentious without holding any actual educational value, or anything to uphold them to the imaginary standard they've made for themselves. The educational system here is extremely bad, utep has an acceptance rate of 99.9 at least. Also there is a lot of drivers from mexico so its bad like really bad make sure you have uninsured motorist in your policy. Its cheap to live here, but the people and atmosphere make it unbearable. If you have a choice, don't pick el Read More

ELP - 12/9/2017
Great place to live, work, and Read More

A place to live. - 5/15/2017
Not Read More

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